I'm just writing to clear something up. About the last chapter - nobody got the bit about Snape! I can't believe it! But i suppose it happened a way back in the story, probably a good nine months or so ago.

So, I think it's in the chapter called Back and Burning Black- can't remember what number. Flick through until yolu get to the bit about Snape talking about Harry and the prophecy he has. I'll include the quote here anyway, save you having to go back.

Extract from Back and Burning Black
Behind Emerald Eyes

Severus had spent many long nights trying to figure out that very problem. Why would another Dark Lord be after Harry Potter? Voldemort had had good reason to want him dead and that had been the prophecy. There wasn't another prophecy as far as Severus new, and two prophecies about the same person was just as unlikely as him dressing up in a penguin suit.

Or, in other words, was never going to happen.

So, I'd thought I'd write a piece at the end about this little quote, to lighten the overall mood of the story and finish the tale with some irony - perhaps sarcasm.

You all know how I love sarcasm.

Thanks to those who have reviewed. You're great. And I'l hopefully have those Extra's out soon.


Dana aka QueenWeasel