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Title: Towards the sky
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ?/Malik
Spoilers: Heh, yea right
Warnings: boy/boy relationships, OOC, attempted suicide

I just freaking love this couple! Seriously its one of my favorites! Anyways this fic is dedicated to my bestest best friend Faye-chan because I just love her to death! [glomps Faye] Sorry this is really OOC but you can blame the lack of sleep I had for that.


Malik stood on top of the tallest building in Domino peering down at all the passerby's. Sadness filled his heart but it didn't matter now. Everything was going to end soon anyway.

"I have no reason to live. Everyone hates me... -He- hates me...," Malik laughed bitterly. He tried so hard to make up for everything he did to hurt those around him, but it always felt to the blonde as if he just made everything worse. Malik climbed over the edge of the building holding onto the rail and let himself lean forward. He continued to peer down at all the activity below. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as if mocking him. Daring him to jump already, just to end it all.

He would be leaving behind the only people who cared for him, his only family. Isis and Rashid. Why they even cared for him he had no clue. He caused those two the most pain of all. He left a note for them telling them good-bye and that he didn't mean to hurt them yet again. By the time they found it he would already be gone... far away from this excuse of a life.

There would be no more pain, regret and heart break. The only thing that awaited him now was the afterlife. Would he burn in the bowls of hell for all eternity? Would he be reincarnated into something huimilating to make up for all the wrong he caused? Malik closed his eyes and let go of the railing. His eyes shot open when something shot out and grabbed his wrist in a death lock.

"You ass! Are you really that crazy?!" It was him... What the hell was he doing saving the Egyptian? Malik was positive that the other teen would want him dead. Want him to suffer the most cruel torture that fate could send his way.

"Joey...?," The violet eyed boy confusedly looked up at the taller teen with eyes that held unshed tears.

"How could you do this to your sister? Huh? She called us hysterical! You stupid ass!," the taller blonde pulled Malik over the edge of the building. "Do you think before you do what ever the hell else you do?"

Malik looked back over the edge of the roof, his hand still tingled from where Joey touched it. "Just let me die..."

"What the hell would Isis do without you? Hm? You're the only thing that she has left, you would break her heart by doing this." The brown eyed duelist grabbed Malik by the shoulders in a strong yet gentle grip forcing the other boy to look him in the eyes. "Do you think that your sister would be the only person to miss you?" Joey leaned forward lightly kissing the tanned teen.

Malik finally broke down and fell against the other, shaking and sobbing violently, "You should have just let me die..."

Joey sighed, he held the sobbing teen against him before picking the other boy up. He held him closer when Malik looked up at him. "Come on...," he whispered. "Lets get you home." He looked back down towards Malik before looking up towards the sky and making his way to the stairs.


[sighs] This really didn't come out the way I wanted it. After the first paragraph it kinda just wrote its self. Sorry its so OOC but it just couldn't be helped. It seemed so much longer in my notebook too... [bangs head against the computer table]
-Yami Sango