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As Ginny Weasley waited for Hermione Potter to pay for her purchases in Flourish and Blotts she glanced down with fondness at the strawberry blonde head of her four year old daughter, Angelique, who was holding fast to her Godmothers hand. Still smiling she looked down to where her son was standing just a few seconds ago only to find and empty space. 'Oh gods he's done it to me again', Ginny thought.

Four-year-old Drake was always wandering off somewhere to observe someone doing anything, it didn't matter to the little boy what he was seeing he would just sit or stand and watch for hours, absorbing all that he saw. So different to his twin sister, who constantly made her presence known with her incessant chatter. Ginny's father, Arthur, often said the little boy was like a pensive, quietly storing all that's going on around him, without a fuss and, if the scene he was presented with was boring, he'd move onto the next.

Ginny quickly scanned the cluttered bookstore, eager to spot the platinum blonde head of her son but to no avail. With panic clawing at her stomach, she began walking around the stacks of books calling his name. She hoped that the inquisitive little boy had not ventured outside.

Hermione, having completed her purchase, wandered over, with Angelique still firmly holding her hand. She gave Ginny an amused look and tried not to laugh at the expression on her friend's face as she asked, "Drake's done it again, hasn't he?"

"I take my eye off of him for two seconds and he— he just disappears. If I didn't know better I'd swear that boy could apparate already." Ginny's desperate tone alerted Hermione to the fact that her friend was very close to all out panic.

"Look I'll stay here with Angel — you go and look for Drake, okay?"

"Thanks Mione, I can't believe I lose this child every time we leave the house!"

As Ginny walked away little Angelique started to giggle — Hermione looked at her goddaughter quizzically. "And just what do you have the giggles about this time?"

"Drake is really going to get it when Mummy finds him. She warned him before we left home about wandering, I bet he's going to get the wand!" Angelique responded not trying terribly hard to hid her amusement.

Leaving Hermione to watch Angel, Ginny walked out of the shop and into Diagon Alley. Looking up and down the busy street — not knowing which way to go first — she felt panic beginning to rise again. She paused and took a couple of deep calming breaths, reminding herself that this was not a new situation, Drake wandered off all the time and she should be used of it. 'No I won't ever get used of this,' her mind screamed as she scanned the street again.

Ginny began walking among the throngs of shoppers, trying to look in every direction at once for just a hint of platinum blonde. 'Where would I go if I were a five-year-old boy', she thought. Of course, Quidditch — Harry had taken Drake and Angel flying just the day before, so now both her precious children loved flying, much to her horror. Not that there was anything wrong with flying — Ginny loved flying herself — but these were her precious babies and she considered them far too young to be in the air.

Now with purpose, Ginny strode towards Quality Quidditch Supplies, sure she would find her elusive son.

As Ginny approached the Quidditch store, her eyes immediately began to scan the front windows, where a group of children were gathered admiring the latest in brooms. Getting closer to the crowd of children Ginny finally spotted the familiar platinum head of her son — relief flooded through her.

"Drake Arthur Weasley Malfoy!" Ginny exclaimed — a little louder than really necessary — kneeling down to hold the little boy by the shoulders. "I told you not to wander off! You know I worry when I can't find you!"

"The books were boring Mummy and I want a broomstick," Drake replied petulantly.

"A broomstick! You'll be lucky if I don't take my wand to your bottom when we get home Mister," Ginny yelled. "Now you are going to hold onto my hand until we get home and if you let go, just once, I'll never take you out of the house again. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Mother." Drake rolled his eyes impatiently. He loved his mother more than anyone else but, even at the tender age of four he knew she could over react at times. He just wanted to look at the brooms — with his birthday approaching he needed to know what to ask for.

"Don't you roll your eyes at me Mister or I'll take my wand to your bottom in the middle of the street!" Ginny wasn't letting the little boy get away with slightest infraction.

"Sorry Mother."

"Right let's go find Aunty Mione and Angel," Ginny said rising to her feet and grabbing Drake's hand.

Unknown to Ginny, the entire exchange, between mother and son, had been watched with interest.

Ginny turned in the direction of Flourish and Blotts but hadn't taken one full step before colliding with someone very solid. Not realizing whom she had walked into, Ginny steadied herself with a backward step and prepared to apologize.

"I'm terribly sorry I—" A frightened gasp cut short her apology as she glanced up into the pale gray eyes of the man she had bumped into.

"Well — Miss Weasley, isn't it?" Lucius Malfoy drawled. He gave the fiery red head a perfunctory glance before his eyes rested upon Drake. "Yes, I recognize you — red hair, vacant expression — how comforting to see some things never change. And who might this young wizard be?"

Ginny stood paralyzed for a few seconds before regaining some semblance of composure and upon doing so, attempted to gently coax Drake to stand behind her, out of Lucius' view.

Lucius persisted. "Would I be correct in assuming this is Drake Weasley Malfoy?" He shifted his position slightly, so as to bring the little boy into view again. "That is the name you bellowed at the boy, is it not?"

Ginny realized then that he had overheard her berating Drake for wandering off and all she could do was stand, staring at the blonde man — her children's Grandfather — unable to respond to his questions. Her only thoughts were to get away from him, as soon as possible.

"I— I'm sorry sir, do I know you?" Ginny stammered, feigning ignorance, as she attempted to walk around Lucius with Drake in tow.

His hand shot out and grabbed Ginny's arm tightly. "Foolish girl, do not play games with me! You know exactly who I am".

Before Ginny could respond to his threat, Drake delivered a well-aimed kick to Lucius' shin, bellowing at the same time, "You let my Mummy go!"

The wizard yelped and his grip on Ginny's arm loosened enough for her to pull free. Ginny, taking full advantage of his momentary distraction scooped Drake into her arms and hurried down the street, leaving Lucius seething as he rubbed his already bruising shin. 'Well—' he mused, 'the boy has spirit at least.' He watched the young witch retreat, with her son cradled awkwardly in her arms.

Upon reaching Flourish and Blotts, Ginny found Hermione and Angel waiting for her on the front step of the shop. As Hermione began, "Where was he—" Ginny cut her off, swiftly.

"Got to get out of here now Mione! Lucius Malfoy is here. He's already seen me and he knows!"

"Okay — okay, calm down. We'll go home. Come on, we can floo from the Leaky Cauldron it's closer than Fred and George's shop." Hermione was trying to remain calm, so as not to alarm the children but as they walked hurriedly to the Leaky Cauldron she constantly glanced over her shoulder in the direction from which Ginny had come, for any sign of the dark wizard who had shaken her friend so badly.