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Chapter Eighteen

Raindrops pattered on the hard floor of the balcony and Legolas watched in silence, letting all the beauty of Imladris sink in.

The small droplets hit the surface of his lukewarm bath water and he smiled as the sensation of rain hitting skin make his body tingle.

He hardly ever went in the rain anymore, he felt a pang of fear every time the snow came forth.

Sixty-seven years had passed, and this was his first trip to Rivendell since he had left Aragorn to die on that cold November night.

And although it was October, and although it was only rain. The memories hit him like a punch to the gut. He was breathless and he felt himself drowning in a pool of sorrow.

No one had spoken of Estel's death when he had come. In fact, no one had spoken of the boy at all. They mostly kept to themselves and gave Legolas and his companions what they needed before sending them off to their guest quarters.

He took this as a sign that Aragorn did not travel the fair halls any longer. And he left it to that.

The prince did not want to start another time of mourning, not when he had so much to share of Mirkwood and his father.

"Legolas! Hurry up! Our guide is here!"

He turned at the sound of Adahelka's smooth voice. He winced as rough memories clouded around him.

"One moment." he coughed, trying not to choke on the lump that had formed in his throat.

Taking one last look at the rain, he climbed out of the deep set, marble bathing tub and dried his blonde hair.

He picked up his brush and gently began to attack the mass of pale tresses.

Once this was completed and all his hair was straight, he began to braid the sides.

He bit his lip and dropped his head a little as he continued to twist the strands of blonde hair into the intricate elven braid that signified not only his position of royalty, but also his command in the Army of Mirkwood.

Silently, Legolas slipped his green leggings and slid the silver and white tunic over his pale head.

Then, grabbing his white sash, he tied it around his slim waist and turned to look at the mirror.

He was surprised at what he saw. A slim elven figure stood in the reflection, not as small as he had been, but tall and filled out.

His blonde hair shimmered as the sun began to shine through the rain and clouds. But he noticed one thing, the dark circles beneath his eyes.

Though it was true an elf did not need much sleep. Legolas had not slept much over the past sixty-seven years.


Shooting a glare at the cream door, the prince growled.

He reached out for the knob and his slender hand grabbed it. He opened his mouth to shout at the elves before him as he opened the door, but his breath caught in his throat and his eyes widened.

He looked past the four elves that stood facing him, his blue gaze traveled a ways behind them to the noiselessly standing being cloaked in red and gold.

He was a tall man, not shorter than most of the Mirkwood elves present, but his form was a bit slouched and his glassy eyes were almost pure grey. He held in one hand a cherry-wood walking stick and his hair was combed back and braided in intricate design.

A scruffy beard ordained his face and he did not look at the elves but rather let his clouded eyes wander. He sighed and leaned so that the majority of his weight was on his right leg.

"Are we ready to go on?."

The prince felt a hand lightly grab his arm, but he hardly noticed until he was being pulled along with the other elves, his eyes did not leave the human, who was slowly turning as one of the other Mirkwood elves answered.

"Aye, lead on surie pen!"

The prince did not notice the name that his companions seemed to laugh and snicker at. All his attention was on the man straight in front of him.

He felt his heart thump and his feet go numb. 'Oh Eru! Is this true?' he prayed inside his mind, but no answer came and he was left to stare.

"Estel?" Legolas uttered the name, hardly able to believe his own elven eyes.

He watched as a few of the elves snuck up on the human and kicked his walking stick, trying to trip him.

The prince felt his blood rise and he waited patiently for Aragorn to take care of it himself. But the man did nothing. He let the elves continue to taunt him and speak rudely behind his back.

And the sad part was that Legolas knew Estel could hear every word they said.

"Hey guys, think it's safe, letting a blind man lead us?" one joked quietly, pointing at the heavily limping human before them.

"No, he'll probably run straight into that pillar there." another laughed softly.

They whispered, barely able to be heard by human ears, but Aragorn had much more than human ears, his ears might even be as good as an elf's, but the four other elves did not take the time to think on this.

"Guy's, leave him alone." the prince whispered, walking a little closer to the others and trying to get there attention.

He did, but they hardly listened.

"Oh, come one Legolas. We are just having a bit of fun." As if to try and prove his point, one of the younger elves ran in front of the human and waved his hand in front of the man's face.

The prince watched with tearful eyes as Aragorn just kept walking, he did not flinch, he did not eve seem to notice the hand in front of him.

Moving his hand away, the young dark haired elf spun around and placed his foot in Aragorn's path.

Legolas was already moving forward, but he was too late.

Estel did not notice the limb until his left leg had made contact with it, a surprised look etched on his features he let go of his stick and fell forward onto the marble floor.

"Oooo. I am sorry." the elf hissed, acting as if he really was apologizing. But Legolas saw the uncaring glint in his eyes.

Jumping forward, the prince slapped the other elf's hand away. He would take no more of this.

He looked to Aragorn who was still on the floor, a look of pure agony on his features. His teeth were clenched together so tight that the prince thought they might break.

Turning his silver-blue eyes up, he starred with confusion and pain on his own face.

"I can not believe what I am seeing!" he growled, low and menacing and all the warriors bowed their heads and backed away. "I chose you four to travel with me because I believed that you were merciful and caring. Not immature and foolish!" He watched as their head bent lower and they bit their lips. "Get out of my sight! Go on!"

They began to leave but Legolas's last words stopped them. "Oh! And I would apologize to Lord Elrond for causing his son so much grief and pain!"

A few turned to look at the human on the floor, and their faces paled further. They turned and continued on to the dining hall, following the other elves, men, and dwarves that were rushing to get there.

After he was sure they were gone, the prince kneeled down, placing hand on Aragorn's right leg, so not to cause more hurt to his left.

"I'm sorry." he whispered, looking at the human with sorrowful eyes.

But Estel just scooted away from him and bowed his head, he did not even show recognition in his face.

"Estel, it's me. It's Legolas."

The man turned his head away. "I know." he ground out, continuing to rub his hurting leg. Legolas watched as tears feel down the rough cheeks and fell onto the hard floor. "You can go, you know where the dining hall is."

"What?" the prince shook his head and crawled closer to Aragorn, he starred at the man. "But, I don't want to go without you."

"Sure you do. Go with your friends, maybe they saved you a-"

"Shut up, Estel!" Looking up, the man felt Legolas's eyes starring at him, and the burning in the gaze was not to be trifled with. "I thought you were dead! For over twenty years I waited for a letter to come! I waited for you to write and tell me you were alive! But, I never got that letter! And you know what?! I thought you had died, so I gave up! I let phony friends take over my life and rule me, even though I am the prince. I miss you, Aragorn! I-" the tears began to cascade down his pale cheeks and he felt his words all get caught in a lump. "I thought I had lost you, and for a while. I wanted to die too!"

"No," Aragorn spoke, disbelief in his voice. "I sent the letter. I wrote it and then, I set it on my desk because 'Dan and 'Ro called me outside. I decided to leave the letter there and bring it out later." he gulped and rubbed his neck. "But when I came back, it was gone. I thought Ada had taken it and sent it off already. So I waited, and I waited, and I waited until I thought I was going to go mad with worry." The man shook his head. "But nothing ever came back, I thought you had decided you did not want to be friends because of Arwen."

Legolas looked up to see the tears that fell from Aragorn's sightless eyes. He sighed and started to chuckle.

"What on earth are you laughing about?"

The prince laughed so hard that tears began to trickle down the sides of his face and he had to wipe them away so he could see.

"You, know." he said as he finally gained composure. "This is all our fathers' fault. None of this would have happened had Elrond just let me and my father stay."

Aragorn chortled, "Well, you would have had to wait a week anyway. Ada said my coma lasted awhile after you left."

At the mention of that memory, Legolas quieted and he thought back to that night, long ago, when he had saved Aragorn's dying body from the wolves. Then to the night when he had said goodbye and thought it to be the last time he would ever speak to the man.

He looked up and felt a hand on his shoulder. "I am alive, Legolas. There is no need to go back and visit unpleasant times."

Leaping forward the prince clasped his arms around the ranger's neck and hugged him tight.

"I can't help it." he sobbed. "I thought I had lost my best friend! OH, Estel! I wanted to die!"

"Well, now. don't go doing that!" The now eighty-seven year old man laughed. "I don't want to go through what you did. I've already been through death and back."

"What was it like?"

"Hmmm.." he felt the prince pull away and stare at him.

"Death, what was it like?"

"I was talking more about my long sleep. If you really want to know about death, ask Glorfindel. He's more appt to know about that sort of thing."

Legolas laughed a bit, then he looked down the hall where he saw two hobbits walking for the dining hall.

He had never seen one of small beings before, he was amazed.

"What are those?"

"If you are talking about the little men, they are called hobbits." he turned his head and nodded towards them. "The raven haired one is Frodo. He is the halfling who was stabbed a week ago."

"And he still lives?"

Aragorn rolled his eyes. "As I sit before you." he grinned as the prince shoved his shoulder.

"Should we go, to the dining hall?"

Estel carefully, tried to stand, but his left leg collapsed. He was falling but he felt a strong arm wrap around his waist and hoist him up.

"Careful." he chided as Aragorn took his cane from the prince who had grabbed it up.

"I can take care of myself." the man said, trying to wriggle out of the elven prince's grip.

Legolas smiled and let go. "Alright."

Once the blonde elf's hand was gone, Estel felt his left leg shoot with fiery tendrils of pain.

He turned his sightless eyes up to the retreating form of his friend. "Wait, Legolas!" he tried to walk, but his leg buckled and he leaned heavily against the thin stick. "Legolas?! I know you are there! I can smell you!"

The prince could not help but laugh. "Oh, and what do I smell like?" he walked over softly to his struggling friend and let Aragorn wrap his arm over the elf's shoulder.

"You smell like-" he stopped and sniffed. "Lembas, wine, and a piece of... cheese?"

"Well, the lembas was from the trip, the wine I got today when I arrived."

"And the cheese?" Estel grinned as they continued down the hall.

"Well, I taste-tested the cook's food, without his consent." he hurried along, half forgetting that Aragorn was hanging on to him.

"Well, this should be an enjoyable time. No doubt about that." Aragorn snickered and Legolas knocked the human upside the head.



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If I Fade Tonight-


Summary: After being struck by a orc blade in Rohan, Aragorn becomes extremely ill and with little medications that will help he is left to suffer until the worst comes. But Legolas notices that along with his decline, each minute, the human's skin seems to become paler than before.


Something was wrong- he could feel it. Even inside his numb almost emotionless thoughts something screamed danger and made his heart pound.

Voices. Low voices.

As his mind edged nearer he moved a little and was deeply surprised when something covered his nostrils and mouth.

He started and writhed as the air in his lungs grew stale and seeped from his nose. He tried to kick the being away from him, but it held on tight with an almost vice-like grip.

The voices were clearer now, easier to hear and tell one apart from another.

"Restrain him." one hissed as he wriggled and poured all his strength into getting away from the sufficating chemicals that were now entering his nose.

"He's strong." the other snarled; this voice was not as edjucated as the other. He felt the blackness pull at him again and he knew instantly what was going on.

Forcing his lids open, he stared into the two faces. One was old and narled, while another, though human, was sot and young. The one holding him had more strength than Aragorn did at the moment.

"But I thought the poison should-"

"I know! I know! But I can almost feel it, there is somehting about this one!"

A moment of silence passed between both and they could only hear the snorting of their captive as he tried to escpae their clawing grasp.

"Well," the other, wrinkled man, "Hurry, I'll bind him- you keep him still."

The younger man fought with Aragorn for a few more agonizing moments before the drugs in the cloth started to take over. Strider tried to move away, but his power over the man was quickly waning and he could feel his mind going cold. His body began to numb and his breaths came out in short gasps.

His eyes, eventually, rolled back and his entire form went slack as his mind wandered off, once more, into the blackness.

Blind Trust


Summary: It's hard enough to follow hobbits who do not want to be tracked, but it's all the harder to get them to trust you. Can Strider got the four hobbits to trust the notions of a sightless man before it is to late?


With a steely glower towards the other man, Barliman pursed his lip.

"No use using glares on me, innkeeper." the ranger growled as he heard the man step outside.

The door shut and everyone in the room was quiet for a few more moments.

Aragorn, taking this silence as a thought that Frodo was reading the letter hobbled over to his chair in the corner and sat down while pulling his pipe from his old ranger clothes.

He smiled wearily as he stuffed the pipe and lit it quietly.

"What is you name?"

The human, out of reflex looked up, but then seeing only blackness still, turned his eyes back down to his pipe.

"Which one do you want?" Strider grinned and sucked in a puff of smoke.

"You true name, our birth name?" the hobbit responded with a befuddle glance.

The ranger chuckled but then, his face became serious. "I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. Heir of Isildur." he retorted nonchalantly and blew a puff of gray smoke from his mouth.

The hobbit tried to catch the ranger's glinting eyes, but he could not.

"Will you not show your whole self?" the hobbit asked as he took a brave step forward.

"Not until you have decided-"

"Decided what?!"

"I would like to be your guide, and see you safely to Rivendell-"

"Are you mad?! No! I am keep Mr. Underhill safe and I ain't gonna let no ranger lead us into some oily trap where we can't get out! I swear sir! He's gonna chase us into some land where-"

At these words, a mad grin broke over the strange man's face and his sightless eyes shut mirthlessly beneath his hood. He began to chuckle and soon after it was a loud chortle that was breaching the fire lit room.

The three on looking halflings stared at each other than turned back to look at the ranger.

"Why do you laugh, ranger?" the youngest hobbit of the three asked.

"Have you not read the entire letter?" he asked through breaths.

Frodo shook his head and turned his eyes to look back at the last bit of writing. Sam and Pippin watched as his face became an unsure frown.

The dark haired hobbit turned his stark, blue gaze up to face that of the sitting, hooded man.

"Is this true," Frodo asked quietly holding the letter up and starring deeply into the hooded face.

"As true as I sit before you."

The dark haired hobbit bit his lip and walked forward slowly, staring at the ranger the entire time. "How are you to lead us if you-"

"I know these woods- I know them better than most men. Trust me."

Honor Thy Father


Summary:: It's hard being king, that much is true. But for Aragorn's son, Eldarion, being prince is a horror. And being related to King Elessar is even worse! Can the child to respect his father, or will he loose him before he can even truly love him?


"Elessar? How dare you stay out so late!" Arwen's malice pounded inside his head and Aragorn slowly slipped into the light so that he could be better seen.

"You are just getting over pneumonia! How can you go out into the January wind so soon."

"Did Eldarion speak with you about his hunting trip?"

"Don't you change the subject! Yes, he did. He said something about you not wanting him to go at all. Saying it was too dangerous or something of that sort."

Aragorn slowly walked down the hallway and a groan escaped his lips. "I said nothing of the kind!"

Arwen hurried after him, he eyes carefully watching for any signs that the healer had told her of. Signs of weakness or sings that Elessar may have a relapse.

"I merely said that he should come talk to you. Ileana'a birthday is coming up. It is her tenth. I don't want Eldarion to be absent from all her parties. He is after all the prince."

The queen trotted forward and grabbed her husband's arm and began to rub it soothingly.

He slowed and turned to look her in the eyes, she smiled sweetly and brushed his gray and black beard with an almost cautious hand.

"Maybe, he just needs some space darling? He does have much responsibility on his shoulders after all?"

"But, he disrespects me, Arwen." the man murmured sleepily as her fingers trailed up and through his clean hair.

She looked into the dark silver orbs and sighed. "I love you, Estel. And I know Eldarion loves you too. Just give him some time. He's in those awful teen years. You remember Ada talking about them." she chuckled. "He said you were especially bad."

Elessar grinned and brought Arwen's face closer to his own, both shared a comforting and special kiss in the moonlight that shone through the draperies in the hallway.

Blessed Be the Children


Summary: While on a hunt near Rivendell, Elladan, Elrohir, and Glorfindel meet a young boy that captures their hearts. But little do they know of his slavery and torment, not days away from Imladris. Can they save this child from his labors and give him peace, or will he be doomed to a life of slavery forever?


Glorfindel held the reins tightly and leaned forward on his magnificent elven animal. Celeblin tossed her black head and picked up the pace when she saw Strider move ahead.

"Noro lim! Noro lim, Celeblin! Noro lim!!!!!"

The black horse put all her strength into her back legs as she made to jump over the obstacle.

Strider did exactly the same thing, though Elrohir was not sure he would make it; he looked too short.

Both horses leapt high over the jump and landed magnificently and the twin was in awe at Strider's capabilities. He seemed able to do anything. And for being so small and skinny, the child seemed able to handle everything that Strider could do!

Neck and neck, hoof in hoof, they came galloping down the stretch.

"It's Strider and Bo- no, wait! It's Celeblin and Glorfindel! No, it's Bo!"

Elrohir's mind paused for a moment. 'Bo?' that did not sound any particular language to him. And he knew A LOT of languages. A small voice inside him laughed as he looked at the boy. 'Humans pick odd names.'

He shrugged inwardly as he saw the two horses dash for the finish line. Both beasts were soaked with sweat and their bodies were heaving with each breath.

Both riders took a last look at each other, and from Glorfindel's seat, the blonde elf saw the child's terrified eyes starring at him.

Glorfindel saw hurt in their depths, pain, sorrow. Things he never had thought to see in eyes so young and full of innocence.

He steeled his jaw and turned his blue eyes back to the finish line that had been drawn in the dirt.

"Noro lim! Noro lim!" he cried at the elven horse, she tossed her large head and pressured her powerful legs to run faster. They did.

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