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Sango sat up in her sleeping bag, her body broke out in a cold sweat. Staring out into the darkness she searched for the noise she had heard a few moments before. Then she saw it: Two amber eyes staring out at her from in between two bushes. Grabbing Hikairotsu she moved forward to the amber eyes. They pulled backwards, and she followed, mesmerized by how beautiful they were. Miroku peeked one eye open from his spot against the tree. He followed Sango into the forest, careful to not make a sound.

"Who are you?" Sango asked the darkness. Suddenly she was in a clearing, and the owner of the amber eyes stood before her. She shivered in her kimono. Why hadn't she worn her fighting suit? Now she couldn't battle properly.

Miroku peered out from behind a giant rock, the moonlight casting an eerie glow on Sango. The bearer of those creepy eyes stood half in the shadows. Suddenly, he recognized him.

Sesshomaru walked forward in front of Sango. He paused slightly and looked at her scared face in the moonlight, hypnotizing her with his eyes. Sango reached for Hikairotsu but Sesshomaru grabbed her wrist, his movement so quick it was untraceable by the human eye.

"Sango…" Miroku whispered her name, trying to move forward but something froze him in place. He felt rooted to the spot, knowing the one he loved was in danger. Grave danger.

Those eyes were so enchanting but Sango knew she had to move. Something had to happen. Why had Sesshomaru lured her to this place? Not Kagome?

"What do you want?" Finally she found her voice. Sesshomaru smirked, making Sango squirm. He reached forward and placed a hand on her collarbone. She froze, fearing he would kill her. Shivering again in the cold night, she tried to move her wrist from his firm grip.

With all his might Miroku tried to move forward. He couldn't let anything happen to his Sango. He felt how rubbery his legs were, how bad his head hurt. Miroku gave his all to move.

"Sesshomaru! Stop!" Miroku lunged forward, catching the demon off-guard. Sesshomaru hissed at him and slowly backed up, taking his hands off Sango. He aimed one hand at Miroku. Sango knew that this was his poison hand from hearing Inuyasha's stories. She flung Hikairotsu in front of Miroku just in time to save him from a spray of poison.

Sango turned to run to Miroku but was grabbed around the waist by Sesshomaru. He carried her off into the sky, her voice screaming Miroku's name as it faded.

Miroku ran as fast as he could back to camp to get Inuyasha's help. He yelled at Inuyasha as loud as he could but the hanyou merely turned his back.

"Inuyasha! Sesshomaru has taken Sango!"

Inuyasha fell from his tree, standing straight up. "My wretched brother stole her?" Miroku nodded and grabbed Inuyasha's wrist, running him to the circle of light. Inuyasha growled and jumped to the tree, searching the sky for the two of them. No sign of them.

"Don't let Kagome know. She'll blame me for not noticing Sango leaving." Miroku nodded sadly. He looked up at the sky, wishing he had just tried to save her before she was taken…

The next morning Kagome woke in a flutter. Inuyasha was by her bag, searching for food and Miroku was against a tree, a terribly sad look on his face. She smiled, supposing he had gotten slapped for another treacherous deed.

"Good morning!" Kagome stood up, stretching and kneeled next to Inuyasha. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye quickly and pulled out a bag of chips. "Where is Sango?"

"Dried potatoes. My favorite!" Inuyasha tried to change the subject, ripping the bag open. Damn him for not being a good liar.

"Where is Sango?" Kagome stood alerted, knowing something was wrong.

Miroku finally spoke. "She went back to her home village for a few days. Do not worry, she'll return." Inuyasha buried his face in the chips to hide his lying eyes.

Kagome sighed and sat down next to Inuyasha, "Oh, she should have told us or something." She reached into her bag and pulled out the chocolate covered sweets. "Pocky anyone?" Shippou lunged for them. Taking the bag in his grubby little paws he proceeded to munch them until Inuyasha placed a firm palm on his head and squished him to the ground. "Close your mouth when you chew."

Squealing, Shippou tried to free himself from Inuyasha. With a last twitch Kagome turned to him, anger in her eyes. "Sit!" POW! Inuyasha fell face first into the dirt.

Miroku smiled slightly at that until his attention turned on female giggling coming from the river. Apparently Inuyasha heard it too. He peered around and rolled his eyes. "Just a few village girls gathering water and roots." Sitting down he finished his chips.

Grinning rather devilishly, Miroku stood up and straightened his robes, moving toward them gracefully introducing him in a seductive manner. "I am Miroku, the monk, and what are you three very beautiful ladies doing down here all alone? Protection should never be far away."

The girls giggled loudly and Miroku's unmistakable laugh was heard next.

"I should have known he'd only miss her for a few seconds." Growling Inuyasha shoved the empty bag back in Kagome's knapsack.

"Oh, Inuyasha. It's his way of coping with her leaving so suddenly and mysteriously."

"Mysterious is just the right word for it."

"Let me go! Let me go! Arggg!" Sango furiously tried to twist in the large demon's arms, her hair caught in his arm too. She couldn't move and she was vulnerable. Hikairotsu had been dropped somewhere behind them because of how heavy it was. Sango gave a loud sigh.

"Stop moving woman." Oh how he sounded so much like Inuyasha.

"If you'd let me down, I wouldn't move!" Sesshomaru let her slip through his arms a small bit. "Ah! No, I didn't mean that way!"

He jerked her up more, pressing her against him as he flew through the air.

"So, where are we going?"

Sesshomaru didn't say anything, just held his look of utmost…blankness and flew through the air. Sango stared at him for a few seconds realizing how much Inuyasha favored him. The same silky silver colored hair, those beautiful crystal amber eyes, and definitely that attitude. She smiled, missing them already.

The demon felt her stare and gave her a shake as he jumped higher. She glared at him, holding onto his muscular arm, her fear of falling. She didn't care that she died, it was Kohaku she was longing to look for, longing to see him smile again. Longing to see him alive.

Without warning, Sesshomaru landed on the ground, throwing Sango down to the Earth. She stared up at him startled; then regained her composure by standing up quickly. Almost seeming to glide over the Earth Sesshomaru walked into a dense cave. Sango, having no choice but to follow him, seeing as how she didn't have a chance in hell of getting off the mountain they were on alive.

"Why did you bring me here?"

Sesshomaru said nothing; he merely leaned against a rock, closing his eyes. Sango sat down next to him, staring at his face. His porcelain complexion and that long, long silky white hair were almost mesmerizing. Staring at his face more intently she noticed the red marks under his eyes, possibly from his tribe.

"Why are you staring at me?"

Caught off guard, Sango fell backwards. She blushed deeply and looked at Sesshomaru, her eyes searching his face to tell if he really spoke to her. "I-I wasn't."

His eyebrows furrowed slightly but he remained silent. Sango stared at him for a few moments more, her eyelids feeling heavier by the second. Then she knew she had to touch him. His face or his hair, she had to touch.

Reaching her hand out slightly Sango brushed one of his long silver locks slightly. It was so silky. She did it again, only this time she ran her fingers all the way through it. Smiling she found she liked the feel of his hair.

Being so busy with his hair she didn't notice he was staring at her. When she did notice, she blushed heavily and moved her hand from his hair. "I'm sorry."

He, again, said nothing just stared at her. Sango blushed deeper and turned her head quickly away from him. Don't stare at me, she thought. I'm not pretty like you. Her heart raced when she felt someone's fingers run through her raven colored hair. If it was possible for her to blush any deeper, she did. Turning her head sideways she saw his fingers moving through hers.

"It's soft."

Sango looked up at his face and said quietly, "So is yours."

Could it be? Sango shook her head mentally, feeling stupid at the though she had just had. Of course Sango, she told herself. That was stupid to think that because Sesshomaru doesn't blush.

The Next Day:

"Inuyasha! Miroku!" Kagome sat up in her sleeping bag, yawning from how early it was. She knew she heard a slight rustling in the bushes, but it must have been those two. Maybe they were going hunting. She lay her head back down and closed her eyes. Hunting, yes.

Inuyasha looked at Miroku, a little bewildered. "I'm surprised she's not catching on."

"So am I." Miroku followed Inuyasha as he darted into the forest. They both ran quickly, Inuyasha lugging Tetsaiga behind him, and Miroku holding the staff.

"There!" Miroku pointed to some tracks over on the other side where he had seen Sesshomaru take Sango just a night before. Inuyasha hopped over to it and sniffed. "That scent reeks, it is definitely my older brother."

Inuyasha leapt high into a tree, staring out at the vast amount of land before them. Where was she? If he didn't get her back soon Kagome would know and he'd be sat harder than any other time. Shivering he thought about being sat. He hated it.

Kirara bounded up the tree after Inuyasha, her kitten form so cute. She jumped onto his shoulder, meowing sadly in his ear to bring back her lost owner.

"Miroku! You go back to camp and talk to Kagome as though nothing happened. Tell her I'm hunting or exterminating a village." With that said, Inuyasha leapt into the sky and hurried forward, jumping from tree to tree.


That's the end of Chapter One. I hoped you liked it! Sesshomaru and Sango can be so sweet. I'm winging this one and making it up as I go so forgive me for any sudden twists.