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One year later:

Sesshomaru stood in the corner, his face paler than usual and trickles of cold sweat falling down his face. He was frozen in place, shunned to the corner of Kagome and Inuyasha's hut.

"Oh my gods! Ah!!" Sango screamed, grabbing onto Inuyasha's arm. He winced in pain but let her hold onto it tightly.

Breathing heavily she lay her head back down on the mat. Kagome sat at the end of her, holding a towel and urging Sango to push harder.

"I can't!! I can't!" She screamed, tears rolling down her face.

Sesshomaru couldn't help it; he was at her side in a second his hand gripped onto her hand tightly.

"Breathe Sango, breathe," He said, comfortingly stroking a hand over the top of her head.

She gave him a warm smile before wincing in pain again and giving it her all. "Ah!!!!!" She threw her head back and pushed harder.

"I see it! Keep going Sango, you're doing good!" Kagome cried, watching as the baby pushed it's way through.

Sesshomaru's face flushed when he saw the baby come out.

"Oh, Sango! It's a boy!" Kagome cried, picking up the baby and holding it. She froze and over examined it again. "It has little ears!"

Kagome put the baby into Sango's arms and started to repair Sango's womb before Sango lurched back in pain, handing the baby over to Inuyasha, grabbing Sesshomaru's hand as she did it.

"What is it Kagome…. aye, ah!!" Sango braced herself again, squeezing tighter to Sesshomaru's hand.

"Twins…wait…Triplets!" Kagome cried, laughing happily.

"What?" Sango screamed looking up at Sesshomaru who was casually looking the other way. She narrowed her eyes but was forced to shut them when she felt another contraction.

"Oh gods!" The second baby pushed its ways through into Kagome's awaiting hands.

"How sweet?" She said, looking down at the baby. "Sango, it's furry…" She pushed the baby into Sango's arms.

Sango looked down at the little demon in her arms. It has fur along its neck and spine, but a long hairy tail poking out. The face was human with longer ears than it's brother.

"Oh, it's so cute…Oh my!" Sango thrust the second baby into the startled Inuyasha's arms. Sango grabbed the hands of Sesshomaru, looking into his eyes for a second. She smiled until she felt the contraction of the baby pushing through. She put her forehead to his knees since he was kneeling.

"Ohh!" Sango cried, gripping tighter. "How many more?"

"I think this is it!" Kagome said, pulling out the final baby. She rubbed it quickly and handed it to Sango who stared at it lovingly. The baby has silver hair, but bright brown eyes and a long fluffy tail. No ears though.

"It's beautiful," Sango said, smiling at the baby.

"That's all of them," Sesshomaru said sighing. He caught onto what he had just said, trying to back away quickly. Growling Sango turned on him, thrusting the third baby into Inuyasha's arms. His ears twitched but he held it still.

"You knew there were going to be three?" Sango cried.

"Of course, we can hear the heartbeat." Inuyasha said.

"Stay out of it!!"

"Man, she is scary," Inuyasha said, then looked down at the babies, cooing to them.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She screamed, wincing as she sat up on her elbow. "Why?"

"Well, I didn't think you'd want to know, you might get angry with me," her husband replied quickly, shooting out the words before his mouth wouldn't let him.

Lying back on the mat, Sango closed her eyes. Kagome sealed the wound with gauze and bandaged Sango up, trying to stop the bleeding. That's when she noticed something weird.

"Sango…" Kagome began.

"Never mind Kagome." Sango replied, her eyes still closed.

"You're right," Kagome stood up and kneeled beside Inuyasha, helping to sit Sango up against a few wrapped blankets. She handed her two babies, leaving the sleeping dog demon baby in Sesshomaru's arms.

"Come on Inuyasha," Kagome said, kissing his cheek.

"Congratulations, Sango." Kagome said before walking out of the door with her husband.

"They're amazing aren't they?" Sango said quietly, upset at herself for being so bad with him.

Sesshomaru said nothing. He merely looked down at the baby in his arms, stroking its forehead with his finger. "It's so cute. I can't believe we made these. Us."

"Yeah," Sango said, putting a hand on his arm and leaning against it.

Sango lay in her bed, holding her demon baby and silver haired hanyou against her chest, feeding them.

"Hey," Sango said when Sesshomaru entered the room, smiling at her. He came to the bed and lay next to her trying not to watch was she was doing.

Sango leaned her head up against his shoulder, as he kissed her forehead tenderly.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Sesshomaru sniffed the air, leaning forward and looking at her.

"What?" Sango said, blushing.

"Is there something I need to know?" He asked, his eyebrows knotted together in worry.

Sighing to herself, Sango put the sleepy babies into the little "crib" and turned to Sesshomaru, kneeling on her knees on their bed. She took both of his hands in hers.

"Sesshomaru, I have to tell you about what Kaede and I found," she said, noting the look of worry in his eyes.

Reaching forward she took his knife and held it to her wrist. Sesshomaru's eyes widened and he quickly reached forward to grab it but she pressed it against her wrist, cutting through. The pain was sharp and pounding.

"Watch," she quietly said, looking down at her wrist. After twenty seconds it began to heal itself slowly, the blood disappearing and the wound coming together in one whole again.

"How did…" He began, looking into her eyes.

"I found a…a concoction I suppose, of things needed to extend the human life into the lifespan of a demons, and well…here I am." She blushed, smiling and looking up into his eyes.

She barely had time to recognize the happiness before he threw his arms around her, pulling her close to him, nestling his head in her neck. "Sango, this is the most wonderful gift you can give."

"We can grow old together, Sesshomaru. And our children," She motioned toward the sleeping babies, "Will be with us forever and ever." She smiled and leaned into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down to the bed.

They lay there for a moment, staring into each other's eyes.

"Our children are beautiful." She said, noting how weird it felt to say 'our children.'

"They look like their mother," he replied.

Sango nestled into him, smiling contently. For the first time in her life she felt pleased with everything that had happened and she knew Sesshomaru did too. It was just that bond they had, and now that they could live forever, and be together…the road that led to the future almost seemed, easy to travel along…

The End -

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