A Gift of Song

Summary: From beginning to end in song. Mac and Harm's past, present and future accompanied by various artists.

Pairing: Um… duh! Mac/Harm

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Rating: PG-13 mostly because of abuse, violence, etc.

Disclaimer: I swear I don't own the people you recognize. I only like to play around with them and make things go my way. DPB owns them along with Paramount and CBS.

Spoilers: Just about everything basically. Some of the cases won't be covered, of course but a lot of the major moments in the lives of Mac and Harm will be.

Author's Note: I'm doing my research for this one but there's no guarantee that I'll get everything right. Please correct me if I make a mistake. Thanks!


Chapter 1
Black Eyes, Blue Tears




Sarah hurt all over. It was another late night in Yuma, another night of abuse, another night of pain. She wouldn't go to the hospital, no, just Tylenol and an ice pack for her likely bruised arm. She sighed as she shifted on her bed, trying to find a position that was most comfortable for her bruises and cuts. The ice pack rested on her elbow, which in turn rested on her side.

Black eyes, I don't need 'em

Blue tears gimmie freedom

She could hear her father breaking glass or China downstairs. With a monumental huff of effort she dragged herself from her bed, flipping over her soaked pillow for when she couldn't keep her eyes open, and padded to the tiny desk in one corner of her bedroom. There she sat, leafing through the pages in her bottom drawer until she found the locked book. Pulling it out she flipped to a blank page and wrote.

Black eyes, all behind me

Blue tears never find me

Find your self-esteem

And be forever free to dream

Her decision was made by the time she finished writing. She would leave. She didn't have to deal with this, not really. True, it was her father and that would leave him here all by himself…

Yeah, him and his sorry alcoholic ass.

She knew he drank too much – mind you, would never admit to herself the same thing – and she was a young woman! She could do what she wanted if she wanted to!

It was settled, she'd run away.


I know, short and not very detailed and I know I didn't write out the whole song but I only wanted part of it. The song is Black Eyes, Blue Tears by Shania Twain. Thanks so much for reading!

Kavi Leighanna