"Yes! Go TK, run like hell!" Kari yelled from bleacher seats reserved for the Odaiba High dance team. TK dribbled the ball while running wildly from one end of the court to the other. The apposing team stole the ball from TK and ran back the same way TK just ran from. One of TK's teammates grabbed the ball and passed it to TK. There was five seconds left, and it was way too much of a risk to attempt to get down the court in time. TK took a deep breath, and all of the chatter and screaming and stomping disappeared. Nobody was there, except him. He jumped up, as light as air, lifted his arms gracefully and released the ball from his hands, and watched it travel from one end of the court to other, straight through the hoop. The excitement of the win only came at the moment that his teammate dumped a bucket of ice-cold water on him, as well as his coach.

"Way to go, man! You kicked their asses!" Davis said as he did his little handshake thing that no one could explain.

"Yeah, you did great! I'm so proud of you." Kari said with a smile as she walked up from behind Davis. He just gave her a huge grin of embarrassment before he was pulled into a noogie from his elder brother.

"That was awesome, man! You gotta teach Davis how to do that some time." Matt joked.

"Ha ha." Davis sneered.

"Chill man." TK chuckled. He pulled Matt's arm off and ruffled his hair.

"Anyway, I gotta go. Babysitting for the neighbor. Always need that dope money, ya know. I'll see y'all later." Davis said. Everybody chuckled at his comment and said goodbye to him.

"What do you say we go out to celebrate?" Mimi said after Davis left. "There's this little club on 14th that I could get us all into." Mimi said with a sly grin.

"Uh, sure. Sounds...Great." Kari said, uninterested.

"Oh c'mon, Kari. It's time you got out and experienced the real world." Sora nudged.

"I don't know. I just..." She started, but gave up knowing that Mimi and Sora weren't going to stop until she gave in. She sighed heavily. "Sure. Let's do it." Kari said with a plastered smile.

"Great. I'll drive!" Mimi said cheerfully. They all started to leave, but TK took Kari's hand and brought her back a bit so no one else could here them.

"Kari, what are you thinking? You've never had a drink before." TK said worriedly. He grabbed his gym bag and followed the rest of gang out of the gymnasium.

"Well...Maybe it's about time that I did." Kari said. Her voice sounded unsure of what she was about to do, but nevertheless do it.

"This just isn't you, Kar." TK sighed.

"Don't worry; I'll be fine, ok?" Kari said.

"Ok...But if something happens, don't expect me to hold your hand while you throw up." TK chuckled.

"Don't worry." Kari said with a real, reassuring smile.

"Hey, you two! Hurry it up!" Tai yelled from his car.


"Hey Jason." Mimi sweet-talked the bouncer.

"Oh boy." TK said as he rolled his eyes. Mimi gave him stern glare, but turned back to the bouncer with calm, seductive eyes.

"Listen, I have a couple of friends who forgot their I.D.s at home, do you think you could let them in?" She asked so sweetly it could hurt someone's tooth.

"I dunno, Mimi. What do I get outa it?" Jason asked loosely. Mimi sighed and pulled out a $20. "Alright. C'mon right in." Jason said as he held his arm out towards the door. Mimi led the way followed by Matt who wrapped his arm around her waist, then Tai with his hand on Sora's ass which made TK and Kari almost laugh uncontrollably if they hadn't stopped themselves. They walked into a huge room that had music blaring, and the only lights you could see came from the bar or the UV glow lights. Mimi led everybody to one of the tables and ordered everybody a round of drinks.

"So, what do you guys think?" Mimi said as she leaned on Matt's shoulder.

"It's very loud." Kari said loudly, trying to talk over the blaring music.

"Yeah, isn't it great?" Mimi chuckled. "Oh, here are our drinks." She said as the waiter brought a tray of glasses to the table.

"Uh, Mimi, what exactly is this?" TK asked after he took a whiff of the strong liquor.

"It's called Chartreuse."

"And what's mine?" Kari asked after she made a sour face from the taste.

"Yours is called Illusion."

"I'm sure it'll cause some." Kari chuckled. TK chuckled with her. Mimi sighed.

"Here Kari, gimme your drink." Mimi instructed. Kari gave her the drink, and Mimi pulled out a shot glass from her purse.

"You've got to be kidding. You carry one of those around with you?" TK asked, wide-eyed.

"Yeah, of course." Mimi said mischievously. She poured Kari's drink into the glass and handed it back to her. "Take this, and drink it all at once."

"Mimi, I know what a shot glass is."

"Good, then you won't have any problems chugging it." Mimi said. Kari sighed and looked at TK, who just shrugged. Kari gulped, took the glass to her mouth, and swallowed it. She shut her eyes, and when she opened them they were red.

"Way to go Kar!" Sora cheered playfully.

"How was it?" TK asked.

"It was...Actually, kind of good." Kari answered while she blinked away the surprising taste. "Here, try it." She poured more into the shot glass and handed it to TK. He took it gracefully, and laughed.

"That's some good shit, right there." He chuckled. He took another swig of his Chartreuse, and reached into his pocket and pulled a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. Matt sighed. He wasn't exactly happy with TK drinking or smoking, but he knew there was nothing he could do to stop him from doing it, so he just let it be. Kari sighed lightly as well when TK pulled out the pack. She was worried about him. Not to mention his girlfriend Mindy and her friends weren't the best influences. Kari didn't like her, not only because she was bad influence, and she flirted with the whole school while dating TK, but because she didn't like TK dating. TK was her guy, not some tramp's. She deserved him.

"Hey Tai, come with me for a minute, would you?" Sora asked with a mysterious twinkle in her eye. Tai nodded and Sora led Tai down a hallway.

"You know where those two are going." Matt winked. Kari made a disgusted face and asked TK to dance. He accepted, and so, after taking one more shot each, they went off dancing.

"Matt, you think you could spend the night tonight?" Mimi asked with a naughty look after the two minors left. Matt leaned in and gave Mimi a long, deep kiss.

"I'd like that." Matt said. "I'm sure Tai won't mind. In fact, he'll probably be happy if I switched apartments with Sora." He winked. Mimi chuckled and kissed Matt back.

"Sounds good." She said. "And...I'm sure TK wouldn't mind if Kari stayed with him." Mimi winked back. Matt looked at Mimi with a serious face.

"Mimi, please don't try to get them together that way. There only kids."

"Matt, they're 17. They probably know more about sleeping around then we do." Mimi pointed out. Matt sighed.

"Yeah, I know. It's just...He's still my little brother."

"You've got to let him go some time. He's not going to stay a virgin forever...Especially with that Mindy girl." Matt scoffed at the idea, but knew in the back of his mind Mimi was right.

The gang stayed there a little while longer talking about school, parties, rumors, television, and finished drinking. When they finally left, Kari and TK were clearly drunk, Mimi was a little tipsy, and Tai, Sora, and Matt were on the brink of becoming tipsy. Fortunately, Matt was clear-headed enough to control a car. He drove to Mimi and Sora's apartment first.

"I'd best stay with TK tonight, Mimi, seeing that he's drunk and all. Maybe tomorrow?" he asked as he walked Mimi up to the elevator outside of the apartment building. Tai and Sora weren't far behind.

"Yeah, ok." Mimi said, sounding disappointed.

"Love you." He said as he kissed her.

"Love you too." Mimi said. She waited at the elevator for Sora while Matt walked back to the car. Tai said goodbye to Sora and walked back to the car as well. Matt turned it on and started down the street.

"So...How's Mindy?" Kari asked, clearly drunk.

"She's good. Why...?" TK asked.

"Just wonderin'." She said. She lowered her voice and said to herself, "Makin' sure that bitch is alright." She sighed sharply and stared out the window. TK heard her sigh and looked over at her, and she looked so beautiful at that moment, he had to shut his eyes to keep from jamming his tongue down her throat. He turned away and stared out his own window, and slowly fell asleep followed by Kari falling asleep.


"Agh..." TK groaned as he woke up.

"Nice to see you're awake." Matt said as he walked by TK's room.

"Oh man...What happened?" TK asked as he sat up and held his head.

"Dude, that's what us teenagers like to call a hangover." Matt said walking back into TK's room. "Here." Matt said as he held out some Aspirin and a cup of water. "It'll help get rid of it. Or at least cope with it." TK took the Aspirin and drank the whole cup of water.

"Listen, I'm going over to Mimi's, and I might be gone for a while. Call me if you need me. Ok?"

"Yeah, whatever." TK groaned.

"Alright. Later." And with that, Matt left the room, grabbed his coat, and left for Mimi's place.

"Geez." TK groaned as he got out of bed. He headed towards the bathroom and grabbed his towel on the way.

'Damn. I look like shit.' TK thought to himself when he looked in the mirror. His hair was plastered all of his face and his eyes were bloodshot. His face was as pale as a light bulb that was never hooked up. He sighed at his sight, and finally stopped looking at himself when he remembered he had the water in the shower running. He undressed, took a cold shower, dried himself up, and changed into clean clothes. He left his dirty clothes lying around the floor of his bedroom as he walked into the kitchen and opened up the fridge.

'Man, we need food. Maybe I'll go out today and take care of it with Kari.' He thought out loud. He closed the fridgerator door and glanced at the phone. He picked it up and called Kari's number.

"Hello?" Tai's voice said.

"Hey, it's TK. Is Kari there?" TK asked as he sat down on the couch and picked up the remote.

"Yeah, she is. Lemme get her. Oh, by the way, how's the hangover?" Tai chuckled.

"Oh, it's just great." TK said sarcastically.

"We're proud of you, man. How many hangovers has it been? 20? 30?" Tai joked.

"Just get Kari, Tai." TK said as he glanced over at his calendar. He noticed something written for today, and got up to see what it said. He groaned at the remembrance of what it was. "Damn it..."

"TK?" Kari's voice asked.

"Oh, hey Kari. How's your head?" He asked as he looked around the apartment for his keys.

"Pretty good. I took some Aspirin last night and chugged a cup of that pink crap. You?"

"I'm horrible. Listen, I called to ask if you wanted to go to the store with me. The house has no food in it, and Mindy's coming over, so..."

"Oh, I don't know TK." Kari said at the thought of helping him shop for Mindy. "Maybe another time..."

"Please, Kari? I can't go alone, not with this headache."

"Fine." Kari sighed. "Just this once."

"Great! I'll pick you up in about fifteen minutes. Ok?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Bye." He said. He hung up the phone and continued looking for his keys, and finally found them in his room. He put his grey hoodie on and walked out the door.


"So, you're saying that she just left him there?" Kari said between breaths from laughing so hard as she walked into TK's apartment.

"Yes, she did! It was so funny the way he looked. His reputation is going to be ruined for ions." TK said while he put the bags of groceries onto the counter.

"Oh man. That's great." Kari laughed as she fell onto TK's couch.

"Yeah. This has been great, Kari. Thanks for coming. I've almost completely forgotten about my headache." He said as he fell onto the couch next to Kari.

"So...What time is Mindy coming?" Kari asked quietly after a few minutes of silence.

"Um, around 7. Why?"

"Just wondering." Kari said. She stopped talking for a while and took a good glance around TK's apartment. It was pretty clean, for two teenage boys who are never home.

"Kari...Can I ask you a question?" TK said as he broke the continuous silence. "And I want you to be honest."

"Sure TK. Shoot." Kari said.

"Um, what do you think of Mindy?" He asked.

"I..." Kari started. She sighed as stood up from the couch and walked over to the wall, which was actually more of a window, seeing it was entirely of glass. "I don't think she's good news, TK."

"Why would you say that?" TK asked. He got up from the couch and walked up to Kari.

"Because she's just not the greatest person to be with." Kari said, avoiding TK's face by looking out the window. She sighed, and turned to face him. "She flirts with other guys, she smokes pot, she throws her body around like it's a beach ball, TK. She's not the kind of person you want to be with."

"Kari, all of those things are rumors. I'm actually surprised that you'd believe them." TK said, sounding irritated.

"Look, I've seen her flirt with these guys at school. You think I don't notice my own sex when they're flirting?" Kari pointed out, getting aggravated at TK's oblivion.

"No, you look. You don't have the right to tell me who you think my girlfriend is. Got it? Look, if you didn't like her, that's all you have to say. Although, I can't understand why you wouldn't like her. She's the greatest woman I've ever met, and you don't have any right talking about her! Don't you dare say anything like that again! Got it?" TK said while his voice started to get louder.

"Don't you dare order me around, Takeru! You're not with her all the time. You don't hear the gossip she spreads in the lockers, do you? You don't have her in almost every class, do you?" Kari spat right back at him.

"You know what Kari? Why don't you just leave. I don't need you around here when Mindy gets here. Ok? So just get out of here." TK yelled. He walked towards the door and grabbed the doorknob firmly and jerked the door open.

"You know what? Fine, I'll leave. But don't come crying to me when your little girlfriend screws you over." Kari sneered. She left the apartment and went downstairs and got a cab home. TK slammed the door shut and went outside on the balcony of the apartment. He exhaled slowly, trying to get rid of some of his anger. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. After a while of sitting outside and getting time to relax, he calmed down. He had his eyes closed when he heard a knock at his door. He got up and went back inside and opened the door.

"Hey baby!" Mindy squealed. She wrapped her arms around TK's neck and gave him an intense kiss, plenty of tongue involved.

"Hey. Um, c'mon in." TK said tiredly as he opened the door more to let her in.

"What's wrong, baby?" Mindy said in a sweet, yet almost innocent worried voice.

"Nothing. Just...Fell asleep, that's all." He yawned while running a hand through his hair.

"Oh...Ok! Um, so, where's Matt?" Mindy asked after glancing around the room.

"He's staying at his girlfriends' place for the night, which means we have the place all to ourselves." He said with a sly grin on his face as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Sounds delicious." Mindy said seductively. She kissed TK again, only this time it lasted a little longer.

"Mm...Wait." TK said in the middle of the kiss. He picked Mindy up and carried her into his room and set her down on his bed. "There." He said. "Much better." Mindy giggled which made TK chuckle. He sighed, and leaned in and kissed her again. He wrapped his arm around her waist while his other hand ran through her hair. Mindy slowly unbuttoned TK's shirt, which was an invitation for him to do the same to her. He started to unbutton her shirt, but stopped and pulled away from her when she ran her hand down to his belt.

"Wait." He said. He sat up and exhaled sharply. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

"What is it this time?" Mindy asked, quite aggravated. "It's that Kamiya girl, isn't it? I'm sick of this, TK! I'm sick of it. Every time we're about to get it on, you stop and come up with some lame excuse! You think I don't see the way you look at her? I'm just tired of this. I'm out of here." Mindy sneered. She got up off of TK's bed, buttoned her shirt back up, and left.

"God dammit." TK cursed to himself. He got up out of his bed and buttoned his shirt up. He looked over at the mirror and sighed, but then his anger started to build up again. He looked around the floor for his keys that he left in his jacket and found them on the floor next to his bed. He picked them up and stormed out of his apartment, got into his car, and left.


Kari was writing in her poetry book when she heard a knock at the door. She got up from the chair and opened the door that led out into the hallway of her apartment building. There, standing in front of her with an angry face, was Takeru Takaishi.

"Kari, what the hell did you say to Mindy?" TK yelled.

"What are you talking about, TK." Kari asked, sounding exhausted. She turned away from him as though she felt it wasn't a big deal and walked back into the apartment.

"I'm talking about why Mindy thinks you have some involvement in our relationship!" TK yelled as he walked into the apartment, slamming the door from behind him.

"TK, I didn't tell her anything. But it could be a way to get you to not believe me when I say she's a bitch!" Kari snapped.

"Who the hell do you think you are calling her that! You're more of bitch than her if you're talking about her the way you do! I've never heard more pitiful rumors in my life!"

"I'm not lying, TK! Ask Yolei! Ask Jimmy! Didn't he date her last year? Ask him! He'll tell you exactly what kind of screwed-up person you've gotten yourself involved with!"

The next five minutes came by as though they were centuries long. TK grinded his teeth in anger, and stopped being rational. His hands balled into fists and with them he swung at Kari's face, definitely NOT missing. He hit the right side of her face, and her head snapped to the left. He brought his fist back, and before he noticed what had just happened, it was too late. Kari dropped her book, and there was no sound coming to TK's mind except for the sound of his breathing and dropping of her book. She closed her eyes and raised her hand to her mouth. When she pulled it away, she opened her eyes and looked at her hand, to find blood. TK's eye went wide and he started to panic.

"Kari...Oh my god...I'm so sorry... I didn't mean..." He started frantically, but stopped when Kari turned her head and looked into his eyes. He looked into her eyes, and saw nothing. Not hate, not anger, not love, not depression, he saw nothing. It was like a black hole. There was nothing in her eyes.

"Kari..." He croaked as his eyes started to fill with tears. He extended his hand out and tried to touch her arm, but she pulled away and her eyes filled back up with something he wasn't expecting. Her eyes were full of fear.

"Don't touch me..." She said uneasily as she backed away from him.

"Kari, please, just let me-" TK cried.

"No, get away from me! Leave me alone!" She cried. She fell to her knees and held herself as she rocked back in forth in agony. Her tears started to flow freely, as well as a line of blood from her mouth.

"Kari..." TK tried to say as a lump started to form in the back of his throat.

"Just go away, Takeru. Just go away..." Kari cried as she covered her ears with her hands. TK just backed away from her, turned, and ran out the door.