"Oh Damn." TK said to himself when he saw his love place her lips on someone else's. He closed his eyes in agony and turned away from the window. He looked around and noticed no one was watching him, so he took that opportunity to leave without questioning. Shortly after he left, Kari walked out of the room and looked around for Tai until she found him talking to Matt.

"Hey Kari." Matt said as she walked up to the side of Tai. Tai turned to see who he was talking to and found his sister standing there.

"How is he?" Tai asked quietly.

"He's ok." Kari sighed in relief. Tai made a small smile and wrapped his arm around his sister's shoulder.

"I'm going to go say hi to Davis, and then I'm thinking we should leave. What do you think?" Tai asked his sister.

"That sounds good." Kari replied. Tai nodded and left his sister and best friend alone to go see Davis.

"So...Where's TK." Kari asked uncomfortably.

"He should be around here somewhere." Matt replied as he glanced around, curious to where TK was.

"Oh." Kari said quietly.

"Listen, Kari..." Matt started with a sigh, "I know TK hurt you, but I think you should talk to him. I think he's taking it even harder than you are. It's not easy to figure out why you would hit your best friend."

"I...I just can't Matt." Kari sighed. She looked into Matt's eyes, and knew there was nothing she could do. She hurt Matt by hurting TK. "I'm sorry Matt." She turned to walk away, but Matt took her by the arm.

"No, Kari, I'm sorry. I didn't think about how this affected you. I'm sorry." He said sincerely. Kari gave him a small smile, and in return Matt held his arms out which Kari took graciously. When she released Matt's hug, Tai was there waiting for her.

"Davis is in pretty good shape, considering he was just in a coma." He joked.

"Yeah." Kari chuckled lightly.

"So...Ready to go?" Tai asked as he wrapped his arms around his sister and rested his head on her shoulder.

"Yeah." She sighed. "Let's go home."


After TK left the hospital he returned home. He didn't really have anywhere to go to, and if he stayed at the hospital he would've gone insane. So he went home. He opened his door to find all but one light off.

'Hmm...That's weird, I thought I shut them all off.' He thought. He walked into the room that the light was on, and found an unsuspecting guest sitting on the couch.

"Who's there?" TK asked cautiously. He walked slowly to the couch until he heard a reply.

"I was waiting for you." Mindy's voice said from behind the couch. TK let out a relieving sigh and walked to the front of the couch.

"Mindy, what are you doing here?" TK sighed.

"I came to tell you that I want out." Mindy said sharply.

"Out? Out of what?" TK asked.

"TK, I want out of our relationship." Mindy sighed.

"What? Why?" TK asked, puzzled.

"You should know why! You and that Kamiya girl! I see the way you look at her, the way you smile when she laughs; it's obvious that you love that girl! And I'm not going to stand around here and watch my boyfriend drool over someone else! Goodbye!" Mindy said with huff. She walked away from TK and stopped at the front door and turned around to look at TK.

"And by the way, Kisho was a way better lover than you were." She snapped. And with that she turned on her heel and left. TK just stood there, still absorbing what just happened.

"She cheated on me?" TK said to himself out loud. He turned away from the door and fell onto the couch, his eyes still wide from shock.

"How did this happen?" He whispered to himself.


Davis stayed at the hospital for three more days until they let him go home. He was restricted from doing any physical activity, so he was pretty much put on house arrest. Someone always came over every day to see how he was doing, or to give a lecture on the effects of drugs. Surprisingly though, he received some good welcome home gifts to put him back in a good mood. When he first left the hospital he was in a deep depression, and seeing how much his friends cared about him made him feel a whole lot better.

Kari was contemplating on whether she should go visit Davis or not, considering the last time she saw him she wound up kissing him. Kari was cleaning the kitchen and arguing with herself when Tai walked in.

"Uh, Kari, what are you doing?" Tai chuckled as he let his eyes follow his sister back in forth through the kitchen.

"Huh? What?" Kari said as she stopped and noticed Tai's presence.

"You were pacing back and forth and talking to yourself." Tai explained.

"What? Oh, yeah." Kari said. She ran her hand through her hair and groaned. "Tai, should I go see Davis?" She asked him.

"Why not?" Tai asked as he reached into the fruit bowl and pulled out an apple.

"Well...If I tell you something you have to promise you won't tell anyone, ok?" Kari sighed. Tai nodded in agreement, because he couldn't talk with a mouth full of fruit.

"Ok. I kissed Davis." She sighed.

"You what?!" Tai said as he spit out the apple in his mouth.

"I know, I know. I don't even know why. He was just so...Beautiful and gentle and kind and I...I just couldn't stop myself."

"Kari..." Tai sighed. "Wait, first hand me a cloth." He said after he noticed the mess he made. Kari handed him a cloth and he wiped his mouth first, and then started to clean off the counter.

"Ok, as I was saying...I think you should see him. He's probably just as confused as you are, only...More." Tai said in confusion of his own words.

"Maybe you're right." Kari sighed. "I'm going to go see him now. I'll be back later." She said as she pulled her apron off.

"Goo wuck." Tai said with a mouth full of apple. "Oh, an' couwld you pick wup a pack of cigs fowr me?"

"Sure Twai." Kari joked. She grabbed her keys and left the apartment. As she drove away from her apartment, TK drove towards it. He parked his car in the front of the building and headed up the stairs towards Kari's apartment. He stood in front of door, took a heavy sigh, and knocked. As it opened he started to talk frantically, not even bothering to see who was there.

"Look Kari I know I hurt you and I'm sorry you have to forgive I didn't mean to hurt you I was just mad and-"

"Whoa, whoa. Hold it right there partner. Kari's not here." Tai said.

"What?" TK said, puzzled when he heard Tai's voice. "Oh, sorry Tai." he sighed.

"It's ok. C'mon in. Kari just left for Davis's place, and I don't know when she'll be back, but I want to talk to you. It's time I gave you a little lesson about physical contact." Tai said with an evil grin as he closed the door.


"Hey Kari, C'mon in." Jun said when she opened the door. Kari followed her in and Jun motioned for Kari to put her coat on the rack. Kari did so, and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs while she watched Jun look for her missing shoe.

"Um, Jun, is Davis home?" Kari asked.

"Yeah, he's in his room." Jun said from under a couch cushion. She pulled her head out and sighed. "Oh, but knock first, 'cause he might not be dressed."

"Ok." Kari said as she blushed from Jun's warning. She walked towards Davis's room and knocked on his door.

"Yeah?" Davis's voice said through the closed door that was covered from top to bottom with caution signs. Kari chuckled to herself as she noticed that the signs really meant what they said. Davis's room was known to be quite messy at times.

"Davis, it's me. Kari. Can I come in?" She asked through the door.

"Yeah, c'mon in." Davis said. Kari opened the door to find a surprisingly clean room. Her eyes went wide as she noticed that he really DID have carpet in here.

"Quite a catch isn't it." Davis chuckled when he noticed Kari's eyes when she saw his clean room.

"What? Oh, I guess." Kari said as she came back to the living. She turned around to find Davis sitting on his bed in khaki cargos and nothing else. Kari blushed at the sight of a bare-chested Davis.

"I'm glad you came." Davis said quietly. "I was worried that you were mad at me."

"Why would I be mad at you?" Kari asked.

"Well, for starters, I'm almost killed myself because of drugs."

"I'm not mad at you because of that." Kari sighed kindly. She sat down next to Davis on the bed and tried to look into his eyes, but he turned away.

"So you are mad at me." Davis said quietly.

"What? No, no, I'm not mad at you at all." Kari said. She put a hand on Davis' shoulder and he turned back around and looked at Kari's face.

"Then why were you avoiding to see me?" He asked quietly.

"I was worried about what you thought of what happened at the hospital." Kari replied.

"Yeah, I was wondering about that. What was it about, anyway?"

"I'm not exactly sure. I guess I just felt..." Kari started. She sighed and looked Davis in the eyes. "I think I'm in love with you."

"Whoa, whoa. That's a strong word, there." Davis said uncomfortably.

"I know, but I think it's what I feel. I really do." Kari said.

"Kari..." Davis sighed. He took Kari's hands in his and looked at her. "You don't love me, and you know it."


"Kari, you know you don't love me. Why would you think you did?" Davis asked.

"But I do love-"

"Kari..." Davis said exasperatingly. Kari sighed in defeat.

"Ok, ok. I'm listening."

"Thank you." Davis sighed in relief. "You know you don't love me. I know you don't love me. I know who you love, and I know that you know it too." Kari looked away when Davis made that comment. Davis put his hand on Kari's shoulder for comfort.

"You need to forgive him." Davis whispered.

"I can't, Davis. I can't." Kari croaked as her tears started to fall.

"Yes you can." Davis reassured.

"How? How do you forgive someone for doing what he did to me?" Kari cried.

"You just do, Kari. You have to let it go. Take a deep breath, and when you let it all out, try to get out your anger." Davis instructed.

"You sound like a yoga teacher." Kari chuckled.

"Well, I try." Davis joked. Kari laughed, and took a deep sigh.

"I guess you're right." She sniffed.

"Atta girl." Davis cheered lightly. He wiped Kari's tears away and kissed her forehead.

"Now, I think you've someplace to be." He said.

"Yeah. Oh, but I have to bring something to Tai first. But don't worry, I promise I'll see him today." Kari reassured.

"Ok. Thanks for coming over Kari." Davis said.

"No problem Davis." Kari said with a smile. Davis got up off the bed and helped Kari up, and showed her to the door.

"Remember, just breath." Davis said.

"Don't worry," Kari chuckled. "I won't." Davis gave her a goodbye hug and Kari left his place. She stopped by the drug store and picked up that pack of cigarettes for Tai and continued home. After she parked her car, she took the stairs up to her apartment. The door was locked, so she shuffled around in her purse for keys and finally found them. She unlocked the door and entered her apartment to find lights shut off and candles lit all over the place.

"Tai?" Kari asked as she hung her purse up and put her keys down on the table next to the door. She walked into the living room and looked around for Tai, but found someone else instead.

"TK..." Kari whispered in fear. She started to back away from him.

"Kari, please. Let me explain myself." TK pleaded.

"Go away." Kari cried. She walked towards the door and looked out. It seemed like every time her and TK got together it rained.

"Kari...I'm so sorry." TK whispered.

"Why couldn't you just leave alone?! Why'd you have to come here?!" Kari yelled. She held her head in agony and fell to her knees in tears.

"I'm sorry Kari. I'm so sorry." TK sobbed. He wrapped her arms around Kari to comfort her, and surprisingly, she accepted his offer graciously.

"How did this happen, TK?" Kari whimpered.

"I don't know." He answered quietly. "I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't mean-"

"Shh. Don't ruin it." Kari whispered. TK just nodded in reply and held her for a while.

"Takeru?" Kari said as she broke the silence, or would be if there hadn't been any lightning.

"Yeah?" TK said as he looked down at her in his arms.

"I really do love you." She told him. He mouthed 'I love you too' to her, and gave brought his lips to hers. Kari moaned in pleasure and relief as she felt his warmth set onto her lips. She wrapped one arm around his neck, followed slowly by the other, while TK continued to hold her gently as if he let her go, she would break into thousands of pieces.

"Mmm...TK..." Kari sighed as she broke away from his kiss.

"What." TK asked quietly as he kissed her neck.

"What now?"

"Mmm...What do you mean?" TK asked as his lips left Kari's neck.

"About us. What's going to happen with us."

"I didn't think about it." TK answered quietly. "Do you want us to be together?"

"Man, you're slow." Kari joked.

"So-rry." TK said dramatically. Kari giggled at his tone and kissed him again.

"Well, it's nice to see you kids are doing well." Tai said swiftly as he opened up the fridge.

"Hi Tai." Kari sighed. She stood up and helped pull TK up with her.

"Sorry, didn't mean to ruin the moment." Tai said with his hands in the air.

"It's ok, Tai." Kari chuckled. She led TK over to the couch and sat him down and laid her head on top of his lap. TK just stroked her hair in silence until Kari sprung up off the couch and put on a look of curiosity.

"TK, what happened to Mindy?" Kari asked accusingly.

"She, um...She broke up with me." TK answered quietly.

"What? Why?" Kari asked in a surprised tone.

"She...She broke up with me because she knew I loved you." TK answered sincerely. He looked into Kari's eyes with passion and saw tears in her eyes.

"Kari, what's wrong?" TK asked worriedly as he got up off the couch and wrapped his arms around Kari.

"I just don't understand. How could she see that you loved me and I couldn't?" Kari whimpered.

"I don't know, maybe you weren't looking to see if I loved you." TK joked. He started to kiss her neck when she nudged away.

"Doesn't that make you wonder? I mean, I loved you and I knew it, so why wouldn't I look in your eyes to see you feel the same unless..."

"Kari, don't beat yourself up because you doubted me. I doubted you too, that's why I went out with Mindy. I didn't think I'd ever go out with you."


"Shh." TK said as he placed a finger on Kari's lips. "Just forget about it, ok?"

"Oh TK." Kari sighed. She slumped onto the couch and looked out into the rain. "Our relationship isn't going to be the same, you know. I...It's going to be hard to trust you, because you-" Kari started.

"Because I hit you..." TK finished quietly. He wrapped his arms around Kari and she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close to her. He sighed in slight frustration.

"I'm willing to sacrifice a couple of chances at trust if you are."

"I am. I really do want to be with you, I just worry that-"

"Kari, don't worry about today. Don't worry about tomorrow or yesterday, either. These are our teenage days, and these are the days we go at, head on." Kari nodded in agreement, and rested her head on his shoulder as they both fell asleep to the sounds of the rain.