The feud between Gryffindor and Slytherin house had become more intense over the year as the war went on.

Harry was somehow not amused by the goings on, he was far to preoccupied with trying desperately not to fall in love, to bicker with the Slytherin's, but this however might have been because he didn't want to fall in love with Draco Malfoy. His school nemesis.

It was as he, Ron and Hermione were walking to charms that the red head noticed Draco, Blaise and Pansy walking in the opposite direction and shouted. "Hey Malfoy, you slut."

Draco, was part of a rumour that basically said he slept around a lot. Ron had taken unnatural pleasure in taunting him about it this year. Harry had been bothered in a different way, he wanted to be the one Draco slept with.

Blaise turned around immediately to face the Gryffindor's and defend Draco's honour. "He's not a slut." Malfoy tried to pull Zambini back but he fired a spell in the direction of Harry.

Ron in order to protect the boy-who-lived pushed the nearest person (who happened to be Draco) into the path of the on coming spell.

As he fell Draco seemed to be shrinking until he hit the ground a three year old toddler. He sat up gazing around with his adorably huge silver eyes. His robes had shrunk with him so he wore miniature Slytherin robes.

The girls around all 'awed' as he burst into noisy tears. Nobody knew quite what to do with the screaming toddler as they were all still in shock.

Harry in an split decision rushed forward and picked him up gently rocking him back and forth calming baby Draco.

The baby almost immediately stopped crying and clung to his enemy as professor Magonigal came out of her classroom to see what all the fuss was about.

She recognized what had happened instantly; she tried to take the child off of Harry but he began to whimper reaching out for the Gryffindor.

"Who is responsible?" she questioned as Draco burst into tears again. The transfiguration teacher past him to Blaise who did exactly the same as Harry had done to no avail as he explained.

Once he had finished telling the Gryffindor head of house everything over the screams of the toddler. Magonigal nodded but before she cold say anything Harry stepped forward.

"May I professor?" He said pointing at Draco.

She nodded. "Anything to make him quite."

Blaise reluctantly handed him over and after a few more sob's Draco snuggled into Harry's chest sucking his thumb silently.

"Right, I will have fifty points from Ron, Harry, Blaise and Draco. Ron for provoking Blaise and Blaise for firing the spell you will serve a month detention together, see if that won't help you understand each other a little better. Harry as it seems Draco has taken a liking to you, you will be the one to look after him until we can reverse it."

All the teens apart from Harry looked horror struck at her decision. "But Professor, wouldn't Draco be better of with his own house?" Blaise protested.

"I don't see why that is the case, Draco seems very happy with Harry, now I will have no more arguments on the subject." With those final dismissive words she stalked off to inform the headmaster.

As Harry carried Draco up to Gryffindor common with Ron and Hermione by his side the red head broke the silence by stating. "Yes, we can finally get Malfoy, he won't he able to defend himself."

"No you won't." Harry said, protectively wrapping his arms tighter around the child. "Any way he's kind of cute this way."

"Yeah." Hermione giggled as Draco smiled at her.

"You're both insane." Ron muttered angrily as they entered the tower.

"And quite a few people agree with you in my case." Harry said as he headed up stairs into the boy's dormitory. Ron looked startled, he hadn't meant for Harry to hear him.

Harry placed Draco on his bed and took out his wand; he transfigured his bedside table into a small bed, just the right size for the blonde. Draco sat watching him contently not moving or saying a word.

Even as Harry conjured up a pair of white satin pyjamas for the toddler to wear the miniature Draco yawned widely. Harry couldn't help but think how cute he looked.

"Right Draco, I know this is weird but I need to change you alright."

The small child nodded and smiled. "Okay Harwy." He said sweetly.

Once changed and in bed Harry went over to his trunk, opened it and rummaged about before bringing out a small golden brown teddy. This he gave to Draco who took it gratefully and hugged it.

As Harry made sure Draco was comfortable and was going to be warm enough he felt the blonde kiss his cheek goodnight.

"Goodnight Draco." He whispered as those huge adorable silver eyes closed and he fell asleep.

Harry watched just in case he hadn't actually gone to sleep. He stroked the blonde hair lovingly. One thumb was in his mouth and the other hand clutched the teddy. The Gryffindor was just about to kiss the toddler's forehead when the rest of the boy's that Harry shared the room with came noisily up to bed.

"How's the royal pain in your arse Malfoy?" Ron asked in a mocking tone.

"Shhhh, I just got him to sleep so will lot be quite." Harry scowled at the others, he didn't want the beautiful angel to wake up and cry.

Dean, Neville and Seamus looked at him as if he were an escaped mental patient but they obeyed his wishes.

The following morning the toddler woke before anybody else, all the curtains were drawn around the beds and Draco could not find Harry. Taking his teddy that he had named Baba went down the stairs into Gryffindor common room calling out. "Harwy."

This brought Hermione down, dressed and wide awake. She knelt down next to the whimpering boy ad put a comforting arm around him.

"Oh don't cry, do you want Harry?" The child nodded holding his teddy close as if she would take him from him. "I will take you to him ok."

She took the blondes hand and led him back upstairs and knocked upon the door to the boy's room. However when she went inside she noticed that they were all still half asleep and stumbling out of bed.

"Here you go." She said picking the boy up and placing him on Harry's bed.

"Harwy." Draco cried and hugged the boy who had only just on his glasses on and was a bit shocked at the baby clinging to him so tightly.

"Oh hi Mione, did he cause any trouble?"

""No, he was just looking for you."

"Ok, I'll see you at breakfast then."

She left the boy's to get ready. Harry put Draco into his bed covers while he dressed so the blonde would not get cold. He then conjured up a pair of light blue dungarees and a red t-shirt.

"You hungry Draco?" Harry asked as he brushed the toddler's silky blonde hair.

"Yes pleas Harwy."

Ron and Hermione had waited for the two of them in the common room. Draco was still clutching his teddy but nobody said anything against this as it was so cute.

Once they entered the great hall, which was almost empty as they were running late. Harry supplied Draco with a bowl of cornflakes and a spoon before serving himself to bacon and egg.

However the Slytherin seemed happier to just flick his cornflakes at Ron who was unfortunately sitting opposite him. When caught Draco looked up at Harry pouting and the Gryffindor let him get away with it.

"But Harry..." Ron complained removing a cornflake from his hair.

"Oh Ron, he's only a baby." Harry said stifling a laugh at the sight of his best friend.

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