After Harry had healed all of Draco's cuts he dressed them both and made sure they looked respectable...well as respectable as they could possibly be before heading down to breakfast.

Draco once again seemed happier to flick his breakfast around the room at other guests rather than eat anything. Harry was astonished when another guest came over and asked to sit with them, he was a tall guy with spiked up brown hair and hazel eyes, it was all Harry could do not to drool over him.

Harry nodded at the request to sit down, as he did this the guy introduced himself as Adrian. He was also staying in the hotel for the weekend as he was passing through.

Baby Draco scowled at Adrian, he didn't like the fact that his Harry's attention wasn't on him, something had to be done about that. With a wave of his hand the empty glass that Adrian was filling with orange juice exploded.

Harry gave Draco a warning look as he stood up acting surprised. He went and picked up the toddler and wiped away the juice that had splattered him across the table.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked, he was trying to ignore all the staring guests, to them it seemed that the glass had smashed for no reason whatsoever.

"Yeah, I'm ok...umm I was wondering whether or not you wanted to come out with me today?" He asked shyly. Draco put his arms around Harry's neck and buried his face into it.

"Umm, ok, but we'll have to go somewhere child friendly." He said smiling, he liked Adrian and he wasn't going to let Draco ruin his chance, he knew it wasn't going to last longer than this weekend but in his opinion he deserved some fun.

"Ok then, I'll just go and get changed and I'll meet you in reception alright."

Harry nodded and he left, he and baby Draco went back to their own respective room and changed themselves.

"That was a horrid thing to do Draco." Harry scolded giving the toddler a stern look.

"Sorwy Harwy." He said giving his best puppy dog eyes, Harry immediately forgave him.

"That's ok baby, don't worry."

They meet up in the reception as planned, Draco in his stroller and they all went off down the high street. As the day went on and the three of them went in and out of shops Draco came to discover that he didn't just dislike Adrian he hated him.

Harry however seemed to sense but tried to ignore it until they sat down in the pizza place for lunch and Adrian excused himself to do to the bathroom.

"Draco honey, what's the matter?"

"Don't like him."

"Oh baby, don't be silly I'm not going to abandon you for him."

"YAY!" The toddler said crawling onto Harry's lap and hugging him just as Adrian returned.

Lunch passed fortunately without incident, they left shortly after. Draco nodding off in his stroller, as they walked towards the park and sat down on a bench, opposite the pond where mothers and children were feeding the ducks.

"I had a really nice time today Harry." He said edging closer, something that Harry noticed.

"I don't know what you expect Adrian but..."

"I don't expect anything...just..." He leant forward as if meaning to kiss Harry however the Gryffindor wasn't happy with that.


"What's wrong, I thought this is where we were going."

"Maybe in time yes, but it's too soon."

"I'm sorry...I...I have to...umm...go."

"Adrian wait...I'm sorry."

"It's ok...I'll be ok."

And with that he dashed off out of sight, Harry sighed. A part of him knew what he had done was the right think to do, Adrian was a muggle and would never understand, and maybe a small part of him was still clinging on to a small hope that perhaps Draco, once returned to his usual self would love him.

They walked around the park a bit more before finally deciding to return to the hotel, Harry prayed that Adrian was no where in sight as he entered and it seemed that he got his wish.

Really tired and with Draco still fast asleep still he put the toddler into the freshly made bed and got into bed himself and feel into a peaceful sleep.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts Dumbledore had figured out what the key was to turning Draco back into his normal self. He trigger was love...if Harry voiced is love and truly meant it then the spell would be broken.

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