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Now, stats. This… well, it's from a pokemon's point of view. An Absol's to be specific. -

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Price for Freedom

Chapter One


The sun was setting, its glorious oranges, reds, and yellows streaming over my forest in the sky. Pidgey and Butterfree soared into the sky, their shapes becoming dots to my eyes as they flew further and further away. The forest was coming alive and winding down at the same time; nocturnal and day-loving pokemon waking up and falling asleep simultaneously.

Needless to say, it was boring as hell.

I licked my chops in irritation. Why was dusk always the most boring part of the day? I guessed my boredom was because of the fact that I probably had A.D.D. as my old trainer used to say… but…

I growled at the memory of my old trainer. Stupid little punk-ass jerk. He trained me until I was going to collapse, and when he finally likes me enough to where he'd use me in trainer-battles, he dumps me for a Pidgeot! A PIDGEOT!! Damn him…

Great. Now I was pissed off. I rolled onto my back, liking the feel of the cool stone boulder beneath me. It was an old habit, rolling over when I was pissed. Somehow, the feeling of my feet dangling in the air soothed me. I sighed and let the memories roll past me. Besides, I had things to do tonight. Like scare some trainers, beat some trainees up (pokemon that have been captured) and…eat breakfast.

I picked myself off of the boulder and stretched out my black and white body. Hunting time was about to come. I gave one last glance to the setting sun and looked for a good place to start. As soon as I spotted a favorite trail, I hopped off of my boulder.

I shook myself and looked out upon the rich, green forest. My kind, Absol, were not usually found in forests, but I preferred the safety of trees rather than tall grass. Grass was just too… exposing, I guess.

Anyway, I bounded off into the depths of the sweet-smelling forest. My claws made little sound as I trotted through the trees and my ears paying close attention to anything my acute senses picked up. A rattata breathing, a pidgey singing its nightly song, a tauros stamping its foot about to charge…

Wait a minute…

I looked to where the sound was coming from, and sure enough, a big, bad tauros was about to skewer me. I sighed, and recognized this particular tauros as one that I had liked to "torment" (as he likes to put it) when I first got to the forest. He doesn't like me much...

"Not you again…," I mumbled. He didn't take too kindly to that.


A vein popped in my head. Muscles tensed. Hackles raised. I growled.

Now, if I had been in my right mind, I wouldn't have stopped dead in my tracks. Neither would I have turned around and started to charge at the tauros who weighed 82 pounds more than I did, or began to attack him with all my vigor while simultaneously insulting him.

I jumped and landed directly on the tauros's back, surprising him quite well.

"You stupid bull!" I roared as my dug my fangs deep into his ears and neck, "You think that just because you're a friggen' NORMIE that you can go and insult me like that?? KEEP IN MIND THAT I AM FAR STRONGER THAN YOU, HOOFER!" At that, I pushed off with my clawed feet and landed neatly a few feet away, while the tauros was sent sprawling.

"Yeah, yeah, you like that?" I yelled as the tauros struggled to its feet. He looked up at me fearfully and said apologetically, "I-I'm s-s-sorry… I…"

"Yeah, just get out of here," I growled, turning back to the way I had come from. I was now even more tense and pissed off, so every creature made it their goal for the night to stay out of my way. I found a berry bush and began to munch angrily on it when a familiar canine laugh sounded to my right.

"Man, you are really ticked off tonight aren't you?" the mighyena chortled as he made his way to my bush. "That time of the month?"

I snarled at him. "NO, it isn't Hicha. Why is it, whenever a girl is pissed off, you men always assume that it's THAT time of the month?"

He laughed, which didn't do much to lighten my mood. "Because we have no other option to consider." I shrugged, seeing as how he had made a good point and had no snide remark to go after it. He laid down beside me and asked, "So why are you so mad?"

I picked another pecha berry from its branch with my teeth. "That stupid tauros told me to go back to my stupid trainer who stupid abandoned me."

Hicha's eyes went wide. He knew of my wrath when "the-trainer-that-shall-not-be-named" was mentioned, though he had never been subject to it. "What did you do…?" he asked softly.

I rolled my eyes as if the answer was obvious. "I beat the shit out of him! What do you expect?" I picked another berry from its vine and chewed on it while I let the mightyena think that one over. He knew that my level was extremely high, and I had a few… unorthodox attacks in my brain. But, after a few minutes he just shook his head.

"You should just get over that, you know," he said sagely, crossing his sleek black paws in the process. Great. Now he was being my mother? …Er… Father? "All that'll happen is you getting hurt more and more if you hang onto those memories. One of these days, when you go trainer-scaring, you're going to run into one that'll capture you, and you won't be able to do anything about it."

I scoffed. "I'll get over it when you quit sniffing other people's butts."

He looked offended, and defended himself with, "That is merely my way of saying hello!"

"To all of the women but never any men? Seems sexist to me."

He put his muzzle in the air. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Uh-huh." Under my breath I added, "Stupid perverted canine…"

"What was that?"

"Nothing!" I replied all too cheerfully not to be suspicious of. "Now, come on. I want to go scarin' tonight." With all 42 of my pearly teeth exposed in an evil grin, I began to trot over to the trail.

Hicha eyed me warily at first, but then he shrugged it off and followed. Besides, what darkling doesn't like to have fun once in a while?


"My butt hurts."

"I'm sure it does."

"My legs are cramping."

I rolled my eyes. "Then stretch!"

"And risk being seen? I think not," Hicha answered haughtily.

"Then quit whimpering!" I whispered harshly, having to look over my shoulder in order to look at him full in the face.

"I am not whimpering!"

I cocked an eyebrow.

He shuffled uncomfortably behind me. "I'm just… making sure that you have a distraction from your own pain. I'm sure you're very uncomfortable, would you like to find some berries with me?"

I didn't really feel like dignifying his stupid question with an oral response, so I merely slapped my tail against his furry cheek. Suddenly, a rustle in the bushes alerted my attention back to the trail, and Hicha followed my gaze. I smiled at the sight.

There was a trainer, looking rather lost and a little scared. Her long brown, almost black hair was shining in the moonlight, the hair cascading over her shoulders. She was about 5'9" and had a slightly pale complection, as if she had been in the sun for quite a while. A rather large, strong jolteon was walking beside her, his energy sparking as though he had too much to control. But I knew it was battle lust.

This jolteon wanted to fight.

I shifted out of my crouch and prepared myself to jump when Hicha grabbed my tail via his jaws.

"Shiz… what're you doing, Hicha?" I asked perturbed; I had finally found a pokemon worthy of me!

Hicha growled through his teeth and my tail. "I don't like it, girl. That jolteon down there is giving me the creeps. I'm not sure you can beat him…"

Letting my ego get the better of me, I furiously slapped his jaws away from my tail and jumped down onto the trail, growling. The girl stopped short, and smiled.

"Aww, snap, Tai! We got ourselves an Absol! A strong one too!" the trainer proclaimed. She shifted into what looked like a practiced battle stance, and the jolteon called Tai ran out in front of her, looking as eager as she did. I scoffed, but my eyes widened as they fell to look on her jacket, which was proudly displaying her won badges.

The first eight were from Kanto. The next set of eight was from Johto. And… shit… there were six more from my own region of Hoenn. Tai apparently knew what I was staring at and said, "You see all them badges? I helped win every one of them." His snarl/smirk widened, revealing his white teeth. "You're mine, wench."

I tore my gaze away from the unsettling sight of the 22 badges to my sneering opponent. "You have it wrong," I replied, and rushed forward with an extremespeed attack.

The girl somehow must have seen that coming, because right at that moment, she called, "Tai! Dodge it! Thunder!!"

The jolteon moved out of my way so fast, I almost ran into the trainer herself. I whirled around only to see the jolteon's body light up with his electricity, and then I felt nothing but extreme pain.

I screamed without realizing it. How could this guy's voltage be so high? When the thunder stopped, I fell to the ground, my blackened body not being able to hold me up. I heard the girl's voice from behind me.

"Ultra ball! Go!"

NO!! I jumped up out of the way of the capturing device, and turned back to the jolteon, who was quite surprised to see me up after his ultimate attack. The trainer behind me gave a confused "huh" and settled into her battle stance again.

"Okay, Tai. Looks like she still has a bit of spunk left in her! Use pin missile! Not too much, though!"

I growled. I refuse to be captured again. Not again. I will NOT be another slave to another human! I REFUSE! With my declaration clear in my mind, I jumped high into the air, and performed an attack that would render dear Tai quite useless.

"EARTHQUAKE!!" I screamed, a giant fissure forming from underneath my feet.

"The hell??!?" Tai screamed, and was then silenced by my attack. After the earth righted itself, he tried to get up, but ended up falling back down.

Despite my labored panting, I smiled. "That's what you get, trainer's pet," I said in disdain. Tai merely glared at me, and then allowed himself to be withdrawn into his poke ball. I turned back to the girl, listening to her talk to herself.

"Damn," she said in a low voice, "That thing's strong… Hmm.. Then I'll need…"

"Girl!" I heard from my side, coming from the bushes. I turned and saw Hicha, the most panicked I had ever seen him, frantically shifting from one foot to the other. His level was way below these pokemon, and he knew that if he jumped in to save my hide, I would only shove him back. "Hurry! While the trainer's distracted!"

I hardly had time to say "hell no" before the trainer yelled out, "Amburna! GO!!"

I looked up and before me materialized a sparkling, beautiful dragonair. Where was this trainer-girl getting all of these pokemon?? The dragonair looked at me with something a kin to pity as the trainer girl exclaimed, "Amburna! Dragon rage!!"

I hardly had time to blink before a giant, swirling mass of power was thrown at me. I skidded against the road, unable to do much else. I groaned softly in pain. Poke gods, were these guys tough! I was vaguely aware of the trainer girl calling out the ultra ball, when she abruptly stopped in mid sentence and said nothing else. Had she internally combusted?

In hope, I strained a weary eye open to see Hicha standing in front of me, growling. He was shaking like a leaf caught in a gale, but he was defending me nonetheless. The dragonair was not phased, she still had that look of pity upon her, and readied herself for an attack to get rid of my friend.

"Amburna!" the trainer-girl called, "This mightyena isn't a part of this! Lure him away!"

I saw the glistening dragonair nod her head once and then flew over Hicha's head, cupping her blue tail against Hicha's stomach, flinging him about twenty feet away from me. I turned my already fading vision to the trainer girl, who had another ultra ball in her hand.



Not again…


I heard Hicha screaming my nickname behind me as the ball gently collided against my sore side. I saw a flash of red, and then felt nothing.

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