Richie POV

How could this happen? We had faced him loads of times and together we defeated him. But... this time you were the one defeated, was it because we were arogant? No! I run the battle over and over again in my head. The smell of the fires around us, the sounds of your attacks, Backpack watching my back as we fought together and I see you getting swallowed by the shadoes and being thrown out and what I first thought was just unconsiousness but you weren't... I wish you were here!! It is hard to carry on without you. It is hard to see Sharon and Mr Hawkins trying to cope, at school it is hard for me, Daisy and Frieda to cope and being Gear is not right anymore, not without you.

After the fight against Ebon and Hotstreak I was in pure shock... I still am but one thought was going through my head over and over again, why not me? why not me? I was the annoying sidekick, what all the villians pick on in the comic books so it should be me not Static!! Why did this have to happen! We had so much planned, finish high school then I would get a job to earn us lots of money and then we would be able to be superheros full time without worrying over money and school work! But two of the most powerful metahumans had to try and break into that warehouse and being heros we had to stop them!

Going back to your family, I told them that you were Static... it had to be done bro. They had to know how you died and their reactions to the night I brought your body from the warehouse to your home... it was a shock for them to see Gear, a sidekick stuggling to carry his partner to their house. The funeral was a very big turn out, because nearly everyone in Dakota owes Static something. Your death was quick to spread and now there is a statue... don't laugh! There is a statue in the park dedicated to you bro, I wish you could see it.

I better go now, Rubberband Man is waiting for me so we can continue the good fight against evil. Oh I almost forgot, Hotstreak and Ebon have their very own jail! and I don't think that they will be able to escape from it as Batman did build it. Their jail is in space, right near the Justice League watch tower, impressed? I knew you would be! See you soon bro!

Richie got up from the grave in front of him and placed his visor down, taking one last look at the grave for the day he walked over and joined Rubberband Man at the entrance of the graveyard. "Better get the patrol out of the way!" Richie said, the childhood joy missing ever since his best friend's death. "I am sure that Static is proud of you Gear... come on! We want to stop this from happening over again!" Rubberband man said, and turned his legs into a corkscrew and bounced down the street towards the center of Dakota. Starting up his boots he felt a presence around him and smiled for the first time in six months, he knew that Virgil was looking out for him from above.

to be continued?

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