Part six

The memorial service

The church was full of people, there was a large screen temporary set up so that the people can see and hear outside what was happening inside. There was camera links going to satalites, there was two other screens set up, one in the park and one at the police station.

Inside the church, best friends, allies and family were all sat. This was because a year ago on this day a hero was lost in the line of duty, his name was Static or high school student Virgil Hawkins.

In the front row of the church sat what was left of his family, Mr reath.

The other rows were full of selected guests, police, firemen and family friends from across the sea. Tucked in the back row, away from prying eyes were the Justice League. Superman, Batman, J'ohn Jones, Hawkgirl and Wonderwoman.

Only one member was missing, that was the Green Lanturn, who had been away since Static's death... the reason unknown.

Looking down at his watch, Mr Hawkins stood up and walked onto the platform and began to speak loud and clear to everyone.

"Over a year ago everyone lost someone dear to our hearts, he was taken away from us... from me. I already lost my wife when the gang wars took her away but now I have lost my son to two of the most evil metahumans the big bang created!" Mr Hawkins started and breathed heavily. He closed his eyes till his breath was back to normal.

"Today is not the day for remembering that! We are here to remember the lthe gang wars took her away but now I have lost my son to two of the most evil metahumans the big bang created!" Mr Hawkins started and breathed heavily. He closed his eyes till his breath was back to normal.

"Today is not the day for remembering that! We are here to remember the life of a very important person who is no longer with us... It is hard to believe that my son is gone from everyones life including my own" Mr Hawkins paused before continuing.

"I stare at the night sky and think about all the good Virgil has done as Static, how everyone at first was afraid of him...including myself, we were afraid of him turning against us but we had got use to the sight of Static flying around the city" Mr Hawkins said, looking around and saw most of the guests were nodding in agreement in what was being said or bowed their heads down.

"I was very pleased with my son because when he was not busy as Static or his school work that he would come down to the community center and help out with any job that needed doing, he helped save the center by using his powers for pest control" Mr Hawkins stopped and heard a few giggles, echoing though the silent church.

"Getting over his death has been difficult for all of us... especially Sharon, Richie, Gear and myself. It has been difficult for his school friends and the superheroes he worked with in the past" Mr Hawkins noticed the Justice League were sat at the back and Virgil's school mates were teary and wiping their tears away with either tissues or the back of their hand. "I will forever miss my son and I know that everyone will miss Static, we will never forget you son" Mr Hawkins said and left the stand.

He walked back towards his seat, Sharon jumped up to hug him and Gear stood up and shook his hand before walking to the stand.

Looking around the room he saw nods of approval from his parents and the hologram. Nods of approval also came from the Justice League, mainly from Superman and Batman.

"I have been Static's sidekick ever since the big bang... together we came up with our names, costumes and gadgets, we hanged out at our headquaters after patrol or any fights against metahumans" Gear stopped, his voice caught in his throat.

"There have been times when we had to fight against each other because of little things or because we had no choice but to fight each other due to blackmail" Gear stopped and closed his eyes. Omnara flashed before his eyes, having to fight against Static because of her.

"Static was the best partner anyone could ever have, he was not only my partner... he was my friend, we were all friends... Static, myself, Shebang and Rubberband Man" Gear said and paused, looking down at Rubberband Man who nodded.

"I was given a message by his best friend Richard Foley, who is tramatized from this incident so he can not speak here today..." Gear pulled a piece of folded paper out and unfolded it.

"My life will never be the same now that my best friend... my brother is gone. I do not know how I will cope, we have had trouble in the past but we have always made up. When he became a superhero, I was there for support and helped out with any patch up work after his patrols" Gear read out, he could see the backpack hologram working perfectly. He deeply sighed before continuing.

"We were best friends, we were brothers... never seen apart... we hanged out after school and went to Burger Fool or the video arcade or visited the comic book stores. We loved reading about heroes in our favourite comics or played as them on video games" Gear stopped reading and looked at the crowd.

"As you can see my partner was not only the greatest hero this city has ever seen but he was a great friend... he was a normal teenager first and a hero second. He will be greatly missed by everyone but he will be missed more by Richard Foley, his school friends and myself... Static... Virgil, good bye" Gear said and bowed.

The audience clapped respectfully and Batman walked down the alley towards Gear, who stepped down and was tightly hugged by Mr Hawkins. "Nice job" Batman said quietly and held out his right hand which Gear, getting out of the hug, shook his hand respectfully and was given a letter. "For later" Batman said, moving away back to his seat. Gear was a little surprised as he headed back to his seat, the letter clutched in his gloved hand. 'Thank you Bruce' He thought silently as he sat down and saw the chief of police rise to the stand.

"Even though we never trusted Static fully to begin with, he was a great help to this city. Over the years we have got use to the sight of him flying around the city, first alone then joined with Rubberband Man, then Gear and sometimes Shebang" Chief Barnsdale said in a clear voice and looked around the great church.

"Static's death came to a shock for all of us, and it took great patience and care in not to kill his murderers... but today is not to remember what happened a year ago to those monsters" Chief Barnsdale said, his voice calm. "This day is to remember a great hero and friend to all of us... most of us knew him as Static and a selected few of us knew him as Virgil Hawkins" The chief of police stopped, his throat dry. He swallowed and shook his head a little.

"I will now pass you over to the superhero of Gotham City and a member of the Justice League... Batman" Chief Barnsdale said and stepped down, Mr Hawkins stood up and shook his hand as a thanks before sitting back down again.

Batman swept down the alley and up onto the platform. Gear looked up, the letter still clutched in his hand, he nodded his head in approval.

"The first time I met Static, it was when Robin and myself got a tip that the Joker was coming here to Dakota. My first impression of him was a kid who got involved in a chemical accident and thought that he would become a hero. The only use I had for Static at that time was his knowledge of the city" Batman said, his voice normal.

"In the battle against the Joker and the metahumans, he was able to help me defeat the Joker and sent him back to Arkham in Gotham. We made a promise on that day, if I ever wanted to work with him again then I would contact him" Batman stopped and looked down at Gear then up at the other members of the Justice League, who all nodded.

"You may of noticed that Static disppeared from the city a few times, sometimes with Gear beside him or sometimes without. One time, I called him to help us with a problem we were having with the watchtower. Virgil was able to help us with it, a bug appeared on our system and took over Gear by using Backpack. The bug was a villian known as Brainiac, he used Gear to control us and only because of Static's power was Static able to free us" Batman paused, nods of approval came from Gear.

"After the incident we worked together several times before he was taken away from all of us. Looking back over the last time we worked together and then comparing it to the first time we met. First my impression was that he was just a kid but now my impression is that he was, no, he is a great hero" Batman said and got down from the stand.

Gear stood up and shook his hand as Mr Hawkins got out of his seat and up onto the stand. He waited for Batman and Gear to return to their seats before speaking.

"As you can see, my son had many friends when he was either my son or as the hero of Dakota. I would like to thank everybody for coming here today and I would like to thank our special guests too, for giving up some of their time to be here today. I especially like to thank Gear and Rubberband Man for the hard work that has been put into this service... once again, Thank you for being here today!" Mr Hawkins said, getting down off the stand.

The music started and the audience clapped quietly then started to rise and leave the church.

Gear watched as everybody left, once the coast was clear, he got up and walked over to the hologram created by backpack and his parents. A few commands displayed on his visor and the hologram vanished. Mr and Mrs Foley got up and hugged their son. "We are proud of you son! We'll meet you at home" Mr Foley said, and led Mrs Foley out of the church. Rubberband man was stretched up to the camera above the doorway and was working on putting it away back into its box.

"Let's leave that till tomorrow Adam!" Gear called up, Backpack climbing onto its spot on his back. "Yeah, you're right!" Rubberband man said, stretching back down and changed back into his street clothes. Sharon joined his side. "Ok hunny" Sharon said, hugging him gently. "Yeah, come on" Adam said, leading her out of the church and into his car. "Are you ok Richie?" Mr Hawkins asked as the Justice League left. "Yeah, I'll fly back... need to clear my head" Gear said, following them out of the church and took off into the sky.

"Mr Hawkins, if you ever need to talk to somebody just call this number" Batman said giving Mr Hawkins a card, as the other league members climbed into the Javalin. "Thank you" Mr Hawkins said, taking the card. Batman nodded and pressed a button on his belt, this summoned the Bat Jet.

Jumping into the jet, he nodded at Mr Hawkins and saw that Gear was watching, he gave him a thumbs up before the cover closed and led the way back to the watchtower. The Javalin following behind.

Gear smiled and went back to continuing with his patrol, the letter tucked away in his belt.

The end!

Author notes

Thank you to all of my readers, this has been a nice challenge for me to write especially this chapter! I would like to thank Andrew Williams as he has been there to help me through it all! I would also like to thank Trecebo and Jonathan Priest and I would hope that they like my other workings.

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