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Summary: Well, in short, Seto Kaiba has been in communications with a young woman since the summer of his Jr. Year. This story takes place about a year or so after the prologue. So just read it and you'll get the idea of the story okay. smiles


            Dear Saiuri,

                        Received your last letter, and I was a bit surprised by your request. Tell you about the people that I know in Domino, you asked. I hardly know any of them. Alright maybe that's not exactly true, but in some cases I wish it was. To say that I know them on any intimate level beyond what I did in high-school is like asking a drill sergeant to tell you what size shoe his cadets wear in the JADF. He doesn't know, and doesn't care. Really, there is no one I'm close to in Domino, and I don't want to be close to them. But, for your sake, I'll try and make this as painless as possible for myself. I'll tell you what I know about them, but that's as far as I'll go. If you want extreme details either ask them you're self, or bother Miho about it. I'm sure with her love of yapping she'll more then happily relate all the past incidence that she has been privileged to be a part of, and even those she's wasn't. May the Gods of fortune help you if you do go this path.

I don't see why you insisted upon asking this of me, and not explaining why you wanted it. It seems rather cryptic, and I don't like playing guessing games, you know this. So I do expect some sort of explanation to all of this at a later time. And I want a full one, not something half-assed, typed out in brief details, I mean a long and meaningful letter that explains what you have planned for this information. I'm a bit inquisitive about this, so the least you can do, after putting me through all of this, is to tell me what you're up to.

I suppose I should start with those I know less about, makes it easier for me to wind my way into those who I am, unfortunately, well acquainted with. This way you'll see exactly WHY I am the WRONG person to write this out for you. So you'll have to deal with my comments along the way about these people. Some, I do have a bit of respect for, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to go out with them in any way other then meetings on the Commons at Domino University where I'm starting in the Spring. Or at the park when I'm with Mokuba and his friends, even at the movie. If I must see them, a public place where I can say I don't really know them, is best for me.

(I did tell you about DominoUniversity in one of my last letters? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seemed to be a tad enigmatic about where you were planning to go to college, and I was assuming that you managed to get into TokyoUniversity. After all, you always said you wanted to go to the same school as Mishima Yukio, but you have yet to tell me if you did make it in, and I'm waiting for the chance to congratulate you. You know I'm not very patient person, and I may go and start making calls to find out if you did or didn't get in Saiuri.)

            The first person to come to mind is Asabi Mayumi, a girl I saw in high-school. She was in our class first year, and then switched to class room D in second year along with a boy named Hanasaki. (I think I mentioned him in a letter to you once about the fact that his father worked in America.) Third year she came back into our class room, that was 3-A, and seemed to always be around Bakura Ryou. Why, I honestly didn't care at the time, nor do I care now, but apparently she seemed to be enamored by him. Although I could care less about either of them, Asabi at least earned my respect when she had the nerve to actually stand up to one of the teachers over a question of dress code. I know she and Bakura have grown far closer since then, although I'm not sure how close. Though Miho says they're engaged, I don't honestly believe it. You'll have to ask her about that. If it's of any importance, she has stated that she wants to be a sports reporter for the Tokyo Times. Not something I see as a great job to aspire to but if she wants to that's her own doom to walk to and not mine. As for physical appearance, Asabi has green hair and brown eyes, and stands at 167cm. She more then obviously dyes her hair. If I remember correctly she was on several girls sports teams in high-school, although I personally never paid her much attention.

            Bakura Ryou seems an obvious second to talk about. I know him, but don't know him. Hard to explain but I will try to elaborate. He came into our class when I was still in my coma, so I never got the chance to meet him first hand. By the time I did make it back into class, I was already dealing with other issues so I never fully got to know him as well as I should have. He caused problems for me during BattleCity. Namely he entered into the competition without filling out the proper forms for entrance, and he wasn't a pre-qualifying duelist. I had to cover for that more times then I'd like to think about. As to what I know about him, he's rather quiet, tends to keep to himself, reading or making these RPG figures for a game he likes. How he and Asabi ever became friends is beyond my understanding as they are very different in personality and appearance. Bakura used to own this odd pendent ring, and claimed there was a spirit living in him. One of the reasons I kept my distance from him. I had had enough with all of the magic and destiny nonsense. I did tell you about my duel with him during the summer we met, which was before I took that trip to Egypt. He's a decent duelist, but not one that will ever gain fame the same way Mutou Yugi has. I assume you want to know that he's attending Domino with me along with Asabi. Teaching, he says, is where he wants to go, Elementary. He has white hair, natural he claims, though I'm guessing it's genetics that gave him this not a can of dye like Asabi, and brown eyes. He stands at 177 cms, as if you cared about any of this, but it's useful to you in some way I suppose.

            If you intend to meet Kujaku Mai like you said there are some things you have to know about her. First is the fact that she's eight years older then any of us, and she's a graduate student working on a masters in child psychology. The only reason I know about any of this is the fact that two of my employees have spouses enrolled in the same program. What can I say about her other then she has my respect as a duelist. Charming and beautiful in a way most women might envy; I know this for fact, because Miho's constantly complaining that she tends to wear cloths to show off her assets. As if I'm supposed to comment about that fact, I'm not her boyfriend, so I really don't give a damn how she dresses. Though more recently she's tamed down her looks; I've seen her in cloths that actually cover her up. Which is a change from the miniskirts that she used to wear; to which I still roll my eyes at when I watch old footage of my tournament. As I'm sure you know, she's blonde with violet eyes, and 172 cms in height.

            Her boyfriend is a florist named Kegean Blaze, a foreigner that I know very little about other then he loves flowers and is working on owning his own shop. I've been in the shop he works for and seems a decent person. We've talked, casually, and he lived on an island for most of his adult life, and knows very little about western or eastern cultures other then what he's picked up. Hard worker, as far as I can tell, and ever cheerful, which is a bit odd to me at least, and he loves –passionately –flowers. Any kind, shape, or size, he can list them by name, and have them ready for you in minutes. Impressive, at least to me, and very efficient; I can see him going far. For his looks, I suppose red hair and blue eyes is about as far as I can go, and that he's about 182cms.

            Now I'm getting into those that I know, or at least have come to know over the years. Some of whom I wish I had little or no contact with, but I'll start with those that I happen to respect. For starters there's Mazaki Anzu, although you might not get to meet her. Mazaki went to school with me, and became a thorn in my side as a close friend of my rival Mutou Yugi.  The only reason I have respect for her comes from the fact that in third year she managed to prove her worth as a dancer. She's not an especially attractive girl, I suppose some might call her cute, but she's pretty plain as far as I can tell. Brown hair cut in a bob, I think that's the right word for it, and blue eyes, she's 165 cms. Has the shape of a dancer, and has been dancing, according to Miho, since she was three. Her dream is to dance in New York, no doubt on Broadway, and the fact that she enrolled this summer into Julliard has sent Miho into fits of excitement that have been driving me up the walls. She won't shut up about it, and it has been the predominate conversation topic since she found out about Mazaki getting in. That's about all I can honestly relate to you about her other then what you know about how she feels towards me. That I'm too cold for my own good at times; as if I care what Yugi's little cheerleader thinks of me.

            Following her would be Honda Hiroto, the useless one, as I've heard people call him. If he's useless or not, I don't know, though I don't think so. Never had that much contact with him, most of the time he hangs around with Yugi and his friends. The only things I know about him are that he has at least three sisters, all of whom are older then him, one that's married with one kid named Johji. If Yugi is the king, then Honda is the rook in a game of chess, and has been beneficial to the others I suppose in his own way. Miho likes him and I know he's trying to get into the Police academy. From what I've seen of him, Honda seems the type to be a cop. Sure of himself, as far as I know, he has a lot of nerve about him. Miho thinks he'll look good in a uniform, I just shrug off the suggestion. Brown hair and eyes, and is at least 182cms. He has this strange spike on his head, or at least did, I believe he cut his hair, and now has it as slightly spiked bangs. I've only seen him a few times from my car when I go to pick up Miho, he doesn't live that far from her, as he lives with the mutt Jounouchi. They own their own apartment now.

            I suppose next would be a girl named Spellmaster Darkon, or as everyone seems to call her, just Dark. An American, she came to Domino to study art, as she's enamored with the idea of becoming a Manga-ka. While I think her artwork is pretty good, I don't see her ever becoming as famous as she imagines. A bit delusional at times, you can call her a dreamer; she comes off as the sort of person you would most likely see at a college party and talking with everyone. Though, she is exceptionally shy, which, I suppose is natural, as she tends ACT more, then BE honest about herself.  She's a year older then all of us and the only reason I know her is due to the fact that she interned at Kaiba Corp over last summer, and I'll bore you with to much details of her. For her personality, Dark is rather outgoing, even if she does tend to get on my nerves. At times she acts like an older sister, at others, as annoying as Mokuba when he's excited over something. I know her family was in the magic business, but I never questioned her to much about it. If anything she proved herself highly responsible and was an asset to the company. However, she is dating Mutou Yugi, which was surprising to me as she didn't seem the type to date anyone younger then her own age. As for her physical looks, she's rather petite at 149 cms, with this dark purple hair that's almost a black color and midnight blue eyes.

           It would make sense for me to mention Kawai next, which would be Kawai Shizuka. The Mutts younger sister, the logical one of the family. Not much really to say about her since I don't really associate with her. She goes to DominoHigh school with Mokuba, a senior this year and has been living with her brother since her first year. She's rather quiet and only speaks up when she feels a need to. Or so Mokuba tells me, he can go on for hours about her, which has made me wonder if there's more then a friendship between them. And yet, I don't particularly like the idea of my brother dating the sister of Jounouchi. Not that she isn't a nice girl; I just don't feel that they have very much in common out side of the fact that they both have a thing for music. But that comes from my brother liking music that he knows I won't. She's also dating a boy named Sanyu Yuji, but I know very little about him. Kawai has chestnut brown hair, and brownish-green eyes, and stands at 160 cms. Curiously she's been looking into art history as a major, or so Mokuba keeps telling me, and is constantly asking me if I can get any of my teachers to talk to her about the programs there. I must remind my brother that I am NOT a consoler for the school, and I'm not out to sell their programs to other would be students. Not my job.

            As for her boyfriend, all I can say about him is what I've seen of him. He's tall, at least as tall as I am, and has multicolored hair of tones that you would associate with hard metals: bronze, silver, copper, gold, and platinum. He has hard silver gray eyes, which hide under his bangs. From what Mokuba has informed me, he also has three tattoos, though he has never elaborated to me what these are of, and multiple piercing in his ears. He seems quiet, and apparently lived in England for a time. Not that that impresses me, just a fact that Mokuba keeps bring up, as if it's a chant. A hidden chant for, "Take me to England, take me to England. Let me get an accent, or something, to impress girls with." To this I must roll my eyes, he's become obsessed with upstaging this boy, for whatever reason. And I'm beginning to find it annoying.

            That brings me to the highlight of annoyances. Nosaka Kenji. My brother's best friend and a stitch in my side. He's worse then anything I can think of. A want to be actor with some talent, but he loves to pester me and mock me at all times. It's become a habit for him, when he comes over to visit Mokuba, to start asking me what I'm doing then proceed to quiz me about every little detail on my job, to which he muddles up words and makes it sound like I'm slurring drunk when he repeats it to me! Also he seems to delight in teasing me about his sister, though most of the time I ignore this, or try to. In a few ways, he is the best thing for my brother to have as a friend. Loyal, and honest to a fault at times, and Mokuba seems to be happy with him. So I just deal with the annoyances he throws to me, and just plot for revenge later. As for his apperence; like his sister he dyes his blonde hair a lilac color, and has blue-green eyes. His hair is cut short, and bowl shaped on his head and he stands at 170 cms.

            My brother is exactly as you know him. He's grown to 177cms in height and has started to pull back his hair into a pony-tail; apparently he thinks it looks cool. As you know his eye color has not changed, although he keeps talking of trying out brown or yellow contacts for some strange reason. To him, this seems cool; to me it seems….ridiculous, superficial, a waste of time. But I've come to figure that either I give in some to his insane wishes; or risk having him decide to try more "dangerous" activities. I'd rather deal with the changing of eye color from gray-blue to green, or some other color, then have him hiding cigarettes in his room. As for what he's been up to as of late, running around trying to join the basketball team and be moaning the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend. I already told him I'm not going to try to deal with his love life, as it is, and so far have kept my distance on that. If he needs advice over things…I'm still trying to work that one out.

            I suppose I should mention Otogi Ryuji to you. He's the one I think I mentioned before who created the game Dungeon Dice Monsters. I've played it….once. Mokuba likes it because it reminds him a lot of Capsle Monsters, but it's different enough that it doesn't become boring to him. To me on the other hand, I find more strategy in playing chess. However I do give the fool credit for at least having the nerve to take on the gaming industry with this, along with his shop, which is a decent set up considering I had to have the dueling arena specially created to allow for the transformation from a duel monsters playing field to a dungeon dice field in a matter of seconds. Trying to understand Otogi is like trying to understand a rather incomplete book, because he hides many things over actually letting them, out, which is why at times I think he's going to wind up becoming a bigger rival to me, business wise then anyone I know. As for his looks, Miho has, no doubt educated you on the matter of how much of a "player" he was in high school. Whether or not that's true, I'd rather you stay away from him. A person that's 177cms, born with black hair and green eyes like that, and a scar just below his right eye is not some one that you should associate with. Even if he is friends with Miho.

            Another one to avoid with all costs is Hijma Rika, the bane of my existence. Let me be blunt, I despise this woman with a passion. She has been nothing but trouble for me, and I can't seem to get Miho to stop being friends with her. Arrogant to the point that I'm disgusted by her, her sheer rudeness and lack of any intelligent makes me ill. She has become a pain to me in ways that you can't even begin to fathom. Flirtatious, and full of herself, I know for fact that she's interested in me, and I want nothing to do with her. Her fake red hair, painted face, or those horrid long red nails that she has painted on, which are just as fake as the smile that she has on her blood red lips. She reminds me much of a harpy lady. She's around Mazaki's height, maybe a bit taller, though I keep my distance around her. And I keep Mokuba far away from her talons.

            Miho has been doing well; Excited as ever about working in the fashion program at the University. It also maybe a good thing as well for her to be going there with me; ever since we've been dating I feel that there's something of a rift growing, though I think some time spent closer, since I'll be seeing her more, should alleviate that problem.

            As for the last few that I know, I can sum them up. Firstly there's Spencer Kaili. Spencer is from Hawaii, and I met her while on a senior class trip. Mokuba insisted I go. She has, what I would call, honey colored hair, that she keeps in several braids, and has hazel green eyes. She stands at 170 cms, and her skin is a tan color, light, but not to light, almost a nutish tan coloration.  Spencer is not exactly a friend of mine, but I have to respect her. Miho has said that her past is dark, that as a girl something rather tragic happened to her where someone scared up her back, carving a dragon into it. What pisses me off more then the fact that they did this to her, is that they used the Blue eyes as the model for the dragon. Anyone who…The fact that she was able to live through that…Let's just say I have a deep amount of respect for her. Although her choice in friends is rather questionable, she's dating the mutt Jounouchi Katsuya. As if she couldn't sink lower, she's an average duelist from what I saw at, and she's only ranked second at the American Championships over all. She's also got a rather big mouth, and seems to like to say whatever's on her mind. She and the zaku seem to get along well, and I suppose the level of intelligence helps them. If I heard Miho right, she graduated high school early and is trying to become a chef. I assure you I will NOT be eating at any restaurant that hires her.

            You know a lot about Jounouchi Katsuya, the blonde haired, brown eyed, pain in the ass that is always trying to prove he's something. Jounouchi is a lackey to Yugi, as I've told you several times. But I suppose he does have his good sides. I can give him credit for taking care of his sister, and in his own way dealing with his family. And to some extent I can say that he's a decent duelist when he's not acting like a complete idiot. I think he was in soccer for a while, and I do know in High school that he worked to pay for his father's debts. So I have to at least say that he's not as lazy as he acts. But there is nothing in common between us, outside of the fact that we both duel. Miho says he's not sure what he wants to do with his life, but that he's going to DominoCollege with Yugi and Honda. No direction, outside of working part time at the community center, he seems to be just getting by. Mokuba has more then once hinted to me to offer him a job here at Kaiba Corp. But I feel he wouldn't be one to handle this sort of pressure job, that and he'd most likely screw up within the first week of work. He's 178cms in height, and I did tell you that I discovered during senior year that he was in a gang. He's a bit of a street fighter, but Miho claims that he has a good heart. Whatever good that's going to do him in life, I don't know. More then likely it will easily be shattered.

            What is there to say about Mutou Yugi? My rival since High school, the only person to ever beat me, every time, even in my own tournament! Yet I can't hate him, I can't hate him because I respect him to much. Because of the fact that he can duel as well as he does, because he's willing to give me his best when he does duel me. It's a rather odd relationship that we have. He constantly wants to be my friend, but I can't, not yet, not until I can finally prove that I'm just as good or better then he is. I have to Sai, and I've complained about that enough to you that you know how I feel about him. That to admit that I like either of these two would break what I have with them. He's dating Dark, that much is evident, and seems to be rather happy with that. He's more himself then a few months ago when we returned from Egypt. When he claims he lost his other half, this spirit he told me was part of him. I still don't know if I believe him or not, but I don't let him know either way. Its better this way, keep them both at a distance, both away from me. Yugi is rather short, try being about 154 cms, but I've heard speculation that most of that comes from his hair which is multiple colors. Yellow bangs that hang over his eye in several locks, then pulled up in five points like a star or a hand. In addition there's a magenta red band coming around the border. Violet eyes that can become extremely intense when he's dueling, I know this because I've had to look into those eyes, and the depth of emotion that he shows with them never fails to send ripples of energy through me because I know he's going to give me a hard fight. Something that I'm worthy of, and it's that reason that I keep coming back and challenging him. Why I intend to keep doing so.

            That, Saiuri, is the complete list of those that I know of. I doubt you want me to go into my dislike of Crawford Pegasus, because I have ranted to you about him several times. So much that I'm sure you can quote me verbatim about my grudging respect of him as a business man, but not as a person. Above all what I'd like is for you to reply to me with in the next few days and tell me why you needed this information. But I'm sure, for whatever reason, you'll give me an interesting excuse to write back.


                                                                                                            Kaiba Seto