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It was a quiet peaceful morning in Alexandria... well sort of...
Zidane snuck in the front door and up to his room once inside he went to lye on his Bed "A ha got away with it!" He said just before closing is eyes. "Got away with what?" a voice whispered to him. 'oh...Shit' he thought . he opened his eyes, turned on the light and to his horror dagger was standing in front of him giving him one of the MOST scariest looks she had ever given him.

"Got away with what Zidane?"

"What... um....N-Nothing"


"Dagger that hurts! Why would suspect I got away with anything hee hee...umm"

"I trust you to leave the castle and go out with blank for a while and you don't come back until ...Hmmm 7 A.M.!"

"You never said which time I had to be back!"

"Well I certainly didn't say you could spend the WHOLE night out! Which brings me back to my other question you got away with what Zidane! Hmm staying out all night?"

"...Ooo you got me. Yup I guess I DIDN'T get away with it oh well" he said sarcastically, and ducked when dagger threw a pillow at him.

"I expect to see you at breakfast which is in ...about an hour. Hope you wont fall asleep!" and at that dagger left his room. "Pheww that was i'm gonna sleep" and at that he dropped down onto his bed and drifted off to sleep.

"WAKE UP!!!!" Hours later he was awaken by Eiko screaming at him. 'Oh no daggers sent the attack dog on me' he thought. "Go away!" he said. "Dagger says wake up or she's gonna get Steiner to wake you up!" Eiko said. And at that his eyes popped open and he jumped from the bed. "I'm awake no need to get Steiner, I'm awake!" he said. "Good now go down stairs blanks down there he says he wants to talk to you." She said.

Zidane walked down the stairs and in to the library where blank was waiting, he then shut the door so nobody could here their conversation.

' There's something spurious about them...' dagger thought and she went closer to the door to listen to what there where saying.

"Two weeks... in that time you need to get ready and figure out how you are gonna sneak out" blank whispered

"Blank are you shure we can pull this off daggers getting suspicious."

"Zidane it will be fine she wont suspect a thing. Just think spring break! Ill see Ya later" then blank and Zidane walked out of the library. Dagger walked away as if she didn't here a thing.

'Two weeks ...sneak out... spring break...what is he up to? Well I'm going to find out!' dagger thought