Hi there…. no this is not a new chapter, but I am posting an epilogue! I have uploaded it as a separate story because of the length. I just wanted to give all my followers a chance to read it. I will be deleting this post after a few days since it doesn't contain the actual story. (Please don't report me for non-story related content). The new story is called:

The Heart of the Matter

Summary: One shot, AU. A few years after the end of the war, Harry comes across his estranged aunt and cousin. How does Harry handle the encounter and what family secrets will finally be revealed?

Note: This story serves as an epilogue to both Shattered Illusions and She's Come Undone. Shattered Illusionsis a HP/RW romance that takes place the summer after GoF. (Yes, it is slash!) SImainly deals with the Weasleys and the Order discovering Harry's secret about his abusive home life after a terrifying car accident, but there are also many twists and turns along the way- including an encounter with Voldemort. She's Come Undone is Petunia's story of what happens to her in the aftermath of Vernon's trial in SI and is mainly a tale of domestic abuse.

The Heart of the Matter takes place six years into the future, so Harry and Ron will be twenty-one. Each of the previous stories were written in a completely different perspectives, which I had to reconcile in order to write this one. After much deliberation, I decided to use third person omniscient, which is quite experimental for me. I hope you like the story, and I know this has been a long time coming. If you are not familiar with either story or if it has been a while since you read them, you may want to check them out once more. I think the epilogue will make sense without the reread but it would probably help. Hopefully it will explain a lot of unanswered reviewer questions.

Go check it out!