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Title: The drawing

By M-X


"What a beautiful drawing Marie! What is it?"

The little girl turned around at the voice behind her, her shiny blond hair catching the sun rays entering the noisy classroom. She smiled in delight.

"It's my family, Miss Toya."

The young teacher looked perplexed at the childish sketch; she certainly wasn't expecting that answer. She knelt down next to the girl and took the piece of sheet in her hand, observing it carefully.

"Well, you sure have a big family dear. Would you like to explain it to me? What is this thing?" she asked, pointing at a weird human figure which head and feet appeared to be on fire. It looked like if it was flying.

Marie's smile got even wider as she jumped on her seat, her bright cinnamon eyes sparkled with excitement; her teacher liked her drawing! And on her first day at school! Mommy would be so happy!

"That's my uncle Jet, and that's me on his back, he lets me ride him and we fly very very fast! --Her voice raised in excitement, and then she lowered her tone and spoke on Miss Toya's ear; her hand covering her mouth-- but only when mommy isn't watching because she always gets mad at him, but it's hard, because she can watch aaall the time, --she whispered then-- and hear too."

"Really?" Miss Toya arched a black eyebrow and put the paper back on the table.

"Yep. And look! This is my uncle Pyunma."

She watched at what Marie was pointing, she could tell the girl would be very talented on plastic arts in the future, but right now she didn't use the right colors, just like most children.

"But Marie, why did you paint him in blue?"

"Because he is under the water, and he is catching a starfish for me, the other day he caught an eel! He was almost like three hours under the water, but I really wanted to see an eel so he didn't come up until he found one and he showed it to me and then he let it go!"

"Oh, is your uncle a diver?"

"No-o, he is a paramedic."

"But I guess he used some kind of equipment to breathe under water, why didn't you draw it?"

Marie frowned. "Why would he want that?"

Miss Toya sighed, children could be so naïve. "To breathe under water, of course."

The girl giggled and moved her head, as if her teacher had just said the most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard. "He doesn't need that, he can do it by himself!"

Obviously, this child had had just too many candies, and now her imagination was flying free.

"Oh! And that is my uncle Chang, he is a cook and he always makes Chinese cookies for me!"

The teacher looked at the drawing of a fat man with a big, rounded nose, which she found perfectly normal. What called her attention was the fire coming out of his mouth and the fact that he appeared to be burning a snake with very large eyes.

"And why is he breathing fire over that poor animal?"

"That's not an animal, that's uncle G.B. and uncle Chang is doing that because once, uncle G.B. ate all the food for dinner, but uncle Geronimo saved him, he threw this big rock and uncle Chang couldn't chase uncle G.B. any more because the way was blocked.

"Is that so? Is your uncle G.B. a snake?"

"Sometimes, sometimes he is a bird -- the girl shrugged her shoulders--. And that is uncle Geronimo"

Marie pointed his finger to a very tall smiling man.

"Uhm, he seems very strong Marie. Is that a house what he is holding?"

"Yeah! He can lift anything! Well… I've never seen him lift a house… But I bet he could!"

This girl apparently loved her uncles very much and she idealized them by giving them all kind of special abilities. Miss Toya thought she was a very sweet child.

"And what is coming out of this man's knee?"

"Ah, it's a rocket. He is my uncle Albert, he also has bullets in his fingers, see? I painted his metal hand, and that's Ivan."

There was a blue haired boy painted next to a man that seemed to be floating on air; they were standing over some stairs.

"Is he your brother?"

"Nop, I don't have brothers, but once I asked my mommy for a little sister and she said that maybe next year and daddy told her that they should start working on it then."

The woman couldn't stop a laugh, but obviously, she couldn't share the joke with the four years old girl.

"Alright, and what is Ivan doing?"

"He is carrying grandpa Isaac to the living room, he is very old, and he doesn't like to go down stairs very much, but daddy doesn't like me calling him old." She said, while she started adding some more gray hair to her grandpa Issac's beard, which was very large already.

"But Ivan seems to be just a boy, how does he carry your grandpa down the stairs?"

Little Marie rolled her eyes. Honestly, her teacher didn't seem to know many things. She answered in a singsong voice. "With his miiind."

"Oh yeah… I see. --she chuckled-- Alright Marie, it's a beautiful drawing, good job. Now I'll go check on your classmates, Ok?"

The teacher was about to leave but a little hand tugged at her clothes; she turned to see Marie's big brown eyes; they looked so beautiful altogether with her silky blond hair and her almost milky white skin. She was a lovely little girl indeed.

"Wait, Miss Toya. I haven't showed you the drawing I made of my parents!"

"You did another one? You are very fast young lady." She knelt down again. Marie then took a piece of paper out of her school bag and extended it over the table."

"Dad always hangs my drawings on the fridge." She commented with a smile.

Miss Toya looked at the drawing and puckered her brow. It was just a blur of red, brown and yellow lines --mostly red ones--, but the traces were not random; they all traveled from the right of the sheet to the left.

"Sweetie, what's that?"

Marie observed Miss Toya just staring at her masterpiece, but she could tell her teacher didn't understand it, she'd have to explain it for her again. She took a deep breath and spoke in a sort of indulgent tone.

"Look, here is my dad, but he is in his acceleration mode and he his running so very very fast that you can't see him, and he is carrying my mom, see? Here is her hair, it's just like mine!"

"Oh, now I understand. Forgive me Marie, how silly of me." Miss Toya smiled and patted the girl's head.

"You like it?"

"Of course sweetie, and I bet your mom and dad will like it very much too."

"Great! Thanks!"

Marie gave her a broad smile and then, taking a clean sheet, she started drawing again. Then Miss Toya thought she heard her humming what sounded like a Tchaikovsky theme.

She'd have to meet the parents of this unique girl one of these days.

She moved onto the next kid, but she doubted any one could make such a creative story as Marie's. Well, the child definitively had spark and a lot of imagination.


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