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The candles on the mantle flickered, as the breeze from the window drifted in. It had been a beautifully warm summer afternoon, in the small town of Boca Raton, Florida. The moon was now hanging fully in the sky though, casting shadows all over the white beaches. There had been a storm, but no remains of it could be spotted up along the beachfront homes. Everything was quiet and peaceful, just how it should be. It seemed as if the whole world was perfect. Even if it was for just a fleeting moment, for just a fleeting glance.

Allison Scott had been doing her homework in the living room when it happened. The perfect atmosphere had suddenly been shaken. It felt as if a bomb had gone off, somewhere in the distance. As Allison got up and looked out the window, all she could see was a fireball off near the horizon. It appeared as if something had gone down over the ocean and had erupted into flames. The smoke billowing from the wreckage was black and thick. The perfect night had now been scared by destruction, smoke and fire.

Renee Scott had come down the stairs when she had heard the crash. She noticed that her 10-year-old daughter was peering out the window. Allison turned around and motioned for her mother to come and see the wreck. As Renee walked through the living room and up to the window, nothing could prepare her for what would come next. From the wreckage there appeared to be a boat heading towards shore. Renee gasped in surprise from what her tired eyes were seeing.

Renee and Allison stood at the window watching the boat grow larger and larger as it neared the shore. Eventually they were able to make out two shapes, which they assumed were people. Behind the boat, in the distance, the wreckage could be seen slowly sinking into the sea. James, Renee's 6-year-old son, had come up from the basement where he had been playing. He was shocked to find his sister and mother looking out the window.

Approximately two hours after the explosion, two figures landed on the shore. Renee quickly went out to see if the two people were still alive. She gasped as she saw a man and a woman both passed out in the raft. Renee called to Mark, her husband, who had just come home form work, to help her pull the man and woman to safety. Mark carried the woman through the door since she was so light and delicate. He had to half carry; half drag the man across the threshold. Mark caught his breath and looked up to see his wife tending to the couple.

The couple didn't wake until late the next afternoon. When they did, their world was full of confusion. The last thing they could remember was inflating the raft and then climbing in. Soon after that, they had both collapsed and had blacked out. The woman got up from the bed and glanced around the room. There was a fireplace complete with pictures of two kids. They appeared to be young, neither of them near adolescence. Suddenly the door opened and a women with dark red hair appeared.

"How are you feeling, ma'am?" Renee asked as she stepped back and allowed Allison to enter carrying a tray full of chicken sandwiches.

"Fine, but slightly confused." The woman answered modestly. "Could you please tell me the time?"

"It's about 4:30." Allison answered as she glanced at her watch.

"Here's some sandwiches and water." Renee said as she took the tray from Allison and set it in front of the woman.

"Thanks." The woman replied, but she quickly added, "Um...and your name is..."

"My name is Renee Scott, and this is my daughter Allison." Renee said as she pointed to her daughter who was standing off by the door.

"Now, eat up and get some rest. If you need anything, just come and find me." Renee added as she and Allison exited the room. She then quietly shut the door.

Although, a few seconds later it was opened again. "I'm sorry, but can I have your names?" Renee asked as she poked her head through the door.

"I'm Claire, and this is my husband Rob." She said as she pointed to the sleeping lump next to her.

"Like I said Claire, if you need anything, just find me." Renee stated firmly as she shut the door for a second time.

Claire picked up one of the sandwiches off of the tray and nibbled at it. She really wasn't in the mood for food. After all, she had just narrowly escaped death for the millionth time. As Claire placed the half eaten sandwich back on the tray she had a jolt in her stomach. As soon as they were both well enough, they would have to get back home. Claire couldn't help but feel queasy and uneasy, even though the people were very nice and welcoming. They had been the ones to bring them into their home and try to nurse them back to health.

Later that evening, Rob woke from his deep slumber. As Claire looked over at him through her big blue eyes, she couldn't help but feel her eyes filling with tears. Rob took her hand and uttered soothing words, which soon calmed her down. That night, they fell asleep in each other's arms, the way they fell asleep together every night. No matter where they were, as long as they were together, they were safe. They hadn't lost each other.

Another night had come, bringing cool air and a beautiful full moon. As the shadows crept across the ocean and beach, all was right. You could no longer see the effects of the previous nights events. No smoke could be found lingering in the sky, nor no wreckage could be found floating in the clear blue water. As the waves crashed against the beach in a rhythmic motion, the families along the beachfront fell asleep. It seemed almost like a lullaby, bringing calm and peace over the ocean and over the world.

When they woke the next morning, Claire and Robert found calm and quite. They had spent a very scary night together. They were very glad to be on the ground...as well as still alive. But, as morning dawned and painted a gorgeous sunrise, Claire realized they still weren't safe. They had to leave this beachfront as quickly as possible. Claire remembered back to when everything was still safe. When everything was still okay...


It all started when Vaughn had received a letter. It informed him that Sydney and he needed to leave the country as soon as possible. The letter had been sent from Sydney's father who had been staying in a safe house in Paris. Jack had been sent to retrieve files, and somehow had come across a top-secret plan. It was directed toward two CIA officers...Sydney and Vaughn.

So, that same day, Sydney and Vaughn took off for New Zealand. They would be staying under the names of Claire and Robert Matain, a newlywed couple. They were originally from the U.S., until Claire got transferred from her job. They were staying in a small home among the wild country that surrounded them. This was to be there alias for only a few months. They would have to constantly keep changing and moving.

As they arrived at the house, they found it fully furnished. The soft reds and gold's covered the entire home. As soon as you entered through the doorway, you felt as if you belonged there. It felt as if the house had been accustomed to your needs, and most of all your feelings.

But as the days passed, they found that no matter where you go, they are always watching.

That's when they initiated the plan....

The Alias Factor.


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