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Vaughn quickly walked through the halls of Middlebury Elementary School. He shouldn't be here, but this was important. If he didn't find Syd and leave in the next 24 hours, their cover would be blown. Everything would be compromised...including their lives. As he reached room 3B, he paused and composed himself. He knocked and Sydney looked up from the child she was helping. Her smile faded very quickly as she saw the panic in Vaughn's face.

Sydney excused herself and quickly made her way to the door. As soon as she opened it, Vaughn pulled her away down the hall. They entered an abandoned classroom and shut the door.

"What is it?" Sydney asked in a hushed whisper.

"We've been compromised. We need to get out of here as soon as possible. A team is already preparing living arrangements and a new alias." Vaughn answered in an urgent voice.

"But who? When? Why?" Sydney asked, the fear growing in her voice.

"The CIA has some idea, but it's not confirmed." Vaughn said, all the while looking down at his feet.

"Do we have a flight booked?" Sydney asked pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

"No, not yet. I'm going back to the house to start packing though. By the time you get home I'll have a plan. Continue with class and end class like you do everyday. Don't treat it as your last." Vaughn said as he opened the door and stepped out into the hall.

"Okay, I'll see you at home."

Vaughn turned and walked down the hall at a quick pace. Sydney turned the opposite way, back to her classroom, for the last time. She couldn't believe that they would have to move so soon. It had only been two weeks, a very short time, when you're a teacher. Life in New Zealand had definitely been great, but she knew that the Alias Factor was in motion and that in a couple of days, Claire Matain would be no more.

Sydney sighed shakily as the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. As she waved good-bye and answered to the occasional "Bye" and "See you tomorrow", she packed her bag. She grabbed all of her immediate belongings and then followed the last child out. With a final wave towards her empty classroom, Sydney closed the door, never to return again.

When she arrived home, she walked in the house to find a pile of suitcases next to the door. Passports and plane tickets were thrown half hazardly on a table next to the sofa. She glanced over the plane tickets and found that they would be traveling to Miami, Florida.

"I know what your thinking." Vaughn said coming down the stairs, followed by a bouncing suitcase.

"And what would that be, exactly?" Sydney said taking off her coat and throwing it on the pile of suitcases.

"That Miami is too big of a city." Vaughn said setting the suitcase next to the others.

"Correct." Sydney said laughing.

"Well, don't worry. We'll be arriving in Florida, and then we'll catch a private flight to West Virginia." Vaughn said slowly.

"What does that mean?" Sydney said raising an eyebrow and crossing her arms.

"It means, that we'll be living in a small town in a small state. The town is called Summersville, and I hear that they have a great school system."

"So? What if I'm not a teacher this time? Then what?" Sydney asked, giving Vaughn a glare.

"Then...we...just get on with it. Who knows, maybe you'll be a teacher, and everything can go back to normal..." Vaughn said matching Sydney's glare with one of his own. "Look, our flight leaves in two hours. We need to head to the airport."

"Is everything packed?" Sydney questioned, grabbing her jacket in one hand and one of the suitcases in the other.

"I think so..." Vaughn replied, taking a step toward the door. "Ladies first." He said as he opened the door to let Sydney through.

After a couple of minutes and some mild swearing from Vaughn, they were able to fit the luggage in the back of their SUV. It would only be a fifteen to twenty minute ride to the airport depending on traffic. And sure enough, seventeen minutes later, they arrived at the international terminal. Sydney got a cart and Vaughn loaded the luggage onto it. With that, they headed into the airport, and out of the sunshine.

One check-in line, two security lines, and two chicken sandwiches later, Sydney and Vaughn were seated in the waiting area. They could see the plane being fueled and all the pre-checks being performed. Ten minutes later, they were calling the first rows of the plane to board. Then came the next few, which included Sydney and Vaughn. With their carry on bags in tow, they boarded the plane and sat down.

Thirty minutes later, the plane was taking off and Sydney and Vaughn were leaving the country they had come to love. They were leaving behind friends, jobs, and a beautiful house that was barely lived in. This town would become a memory, just another phase. It would be just another town. It would be just another alias that had been compromised.

A few hours later, a very tired Sydney and Vaughn were touching down in Miami, Florida. With a couple of hours before their plane was to take off, they decided to go to dinner. Sydney spotted a quite little Mexican restaurant off the main street. With their luggage at the airport, being placed on the next plane, they were able to walk freely.

Once seated, they both decided on something light since they would be flying again. Sydney settled on tacos, while Vaughn went for the enchiladas. After some light conversation about this and that, they paid the bill and made the short walk back to the airport. They then proceeded to board the plane and take off towards their next destination.

Sydney was sleeping when a sudden boom and violent shaking woke her. Before they knew what was happening, the plane dove towards the open ocean. Vaughn grabbed a life jacket, but only after throwing one to Sydney. As the plane hit the water, a raft inflated, and Sydney and Vaughn climbed in. After a moment they both collapsed and blacked out.

But all the while, watching from shore, was Allison Scott.....


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