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Kuso- Damn it

Matte- Wait

Baka- Idiot

Dobe- Blockhead

Ne/Oi- Hey

Nani- What


"..." Speech

'...' Thought


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Day Time Nightmares: Chapter One

Never. Never ever. Not in a million years! Sasuke couldn't believe what he had gotten himself into. Here he was, on Naruto's door step, ready to kill Tsunade...

Last night's thunder storm had been such a pain. His house was hit by a small tornado. The damage wasn't too bad... he didn't have much stuff so there wasn't anything too important. The necessities were still there. All the windows were busted though... and part of his roof was gone. He hated that he would not be allowed by the Hokage to stay in his house for at least another week. When Sasuke asked why the Hokage was quick to reply.


"Well Sasuke-kun, you wouldn't want to step in any broken glass or get splinters now would you? I'll get a team to clean and repair your house."

"Tch. I can do that on my own."

Tsunade scoffed, "Now, now Sasuke. I don't think so! The damage was pretty bad, you may be a good ninja but I'm not sure about your construction or house keeping skills."


"Well, you'll have to find some where else to live for the time being! Hmm... Ah! I know! You may go to stay with Naruto!"


-End Flashback-

Sasuke rolled his eyes slightly. So maybe he couldn't fix a house if his life depended on it. So what if he couldn't clean... he could repair his house enough for it to be live-able right? Damn her. Damn her to hell. It just had to be Naruto. Not someone somewhat sensible like Kakashi... no. It was Naruto.

Sasuke almost decided to turn around and leave Naruto's doorstep before he opened the door, but it was too late. Sasuke saw the door handle turn and a half asleep Naruto open the door.

"Nani?" Naruto asked rubbing his eyes.

If Naruto had been half asleep, he now was fully awake.

"EHH? Sasuke? What the hell do you want, bastard?" Naruto asked squinting his eyes.

Sasuke glared at him. There was no way in hell he'd be able to last a week with Naruto. No way in freaking hell.

"The Hokage said I have to spend a week with you--"

"NANI!!! NO WAY!!" Naruto yelled before Sasuke could finish.

"Baka, I don't WANT to stay here. My house was hit by a tornado."

Naruto quieted down and his eyes opened from there previous squinted state.


"I've got to stay here until they repair my house, dobe."

"Don't call me a dobe, asshole!"

"I'll call you a dobe if I want, dobe."

"Sasuke you bastard! You can sleep on the street for all I care!"

Naruto was about to slam the door in his face but Sasuke quickly caught the door and barged in.

"EH? EH?!! Who said you could come in?!" Naruto yelled as Sasuke threw his bag on the floor.

"I did."


"I have no choice."

Naruto grumbled, "Fine... but you're sleeping on the couch!!!"

"I don't care." Sasuke said while taking off his shoes.

Naruto glared at Sasuke. That bastard. Who did he think he was? Barging into Naruto's house like that! What a rude person!

...but... Naruto did feel kind of bad about the tornado hitting Sasuke house. Only a little though...


Sasuke slept on the couch as stated. Naruto had given him a pillow and a blanket at least. Sasuke figured that Naruto wouldn't even bother. They had to have instant ramen for dinner since Naruto didn't have anything else. Sasuke didn't mind for that night of that morning, but if they had ramen every day for every meal, heads were going to roll.

Or maybe just one head.

Sasuke and Naruto reached the usual meeting spot when they saw the note. Training had been canceled that morning; Kakashi had to go to help with repairs to a house down his street. Naruto stood there for a long time just glaring at the note, willing it to go away. Sasuke shrugged and began to walk off to train elsewhere. He had gotten off the bridge when he stopped to look back at Naruto.

"Oi, dobe."

"Bastard! I told you not to call—"

"Want to train?" Sasuke interrupted.

Naruto was silent for a moment. His eyes were hidden by his eyelids that seemed to always turn into slits to hide whatever emotion maybe shown through his eyes.

"Why would I wanna train with a bastard like you?" He said in a mocking voice.

"Tch. Fine whatever." Sasuke was going to walk off again but Naruto yelled back at him.

"Matte!" Naruto called, "I'll train with you! Geez..."

Sasuke waited for Naruto to run up next to him before shaking his head, "You're hopeless."

"Nyah, I could say the same for you."

"Whatever, dobe."

"GRR! Bastard! Let's fight right now! I'll kick your ass!"

"You wish."

Naruto began to throw a punch to Sasuke's head but Sasuke dodged it easily. Sasuke threw up a kick and forced Naruto to jump back from him so as not to get hit.

"You won't last five minutes..." Sasuke said smirking.


Naruto charged at Sasuke again but failed to punch him and instead was earned a kick in the gut.

"Grrr... kuso." Naruto muttered holding his aching stomach.

Naruto was going into try the same move for the third time when Sasuke decided to simply step out of Naruto's way. Naruto fell to the ground with a thud.

"Heh, give up, dead-last."


Sasuke suspected Naruto to charge towards him again but instead Naruto began to use his chakra to hide himself quickly. Sasuke listened for a minute and soon heard Naruto above him. But Naruto was hidden pretty well... it wasn't until Naruto slipped that Sasuke saw him. He was falling, and the tree was pretty high.

'Damn it! I'm going to die!' Naruto thought. Naruto waited to hit the ground with his eyes glued shut.

But the ground never came. Naruto felt himself in someone's arms. Naruto slowly opened his eyes and his heart thumped quickly against his chest. He was in Sasuke's arms. It felt so... nice. He felt so... comfortable.

Sasuke's POV

I didn't mean to catch him. I just acted on instinct. Before I knew it, Naruto was in my arms. He felt so warm next to me. I could still feel his heart racing from the event not but seconds ago. I was staring at him. His eyes where still glued shut when I caught him. He looked so tense... but relaxed quickly when he felt my arms around him. He looked like an angel when his eyes opened.... something about them. I couldn't look away from his gaze. I felt my own heart speed up....

What the hell was I doing! I had to look away... if I didn't look away now, I might do something I regret!

Naruto's POV

The way Sasuke's hair was caught by the sun... the bastard almost looked angelic. I didn't want to move from his arms but... this was so... wrong. I couldn't think about Sasuke that way! It was wrong! I had to get out of his arms!


It was only seconds but it seemed like forever before Naruto quickly pushed himself out of Sasuke's embrace, slightly missing the warmth leaving him. They were silent, both blushing slightly.

"I-I didn't need your help." Naruto said, his eyes squinted again.


"Sure, dobe." Sasuke muttered back.

'You're welcome.'

This was going to be an interesting week... that was for sure.


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