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"..." Speech

'...' Thought



Day Time Nightmares: Chapter 5


Naruto's POV

"You, dobe." Sasuke said.

"What are you talking about, bastard? What about me?" I glared at him thinking he was going to insult me or something.

But I realized I was wrong when he looked at me. My eyes flew open in shock. He was answering my previous question....

"Oh yeah? Then please Mr. Wonderful, tell me who has won over your heart?"

I didn't know what to say... but even if I had known what to say, Sasuke didn't give me time to say it. Before I knew it I was on my back, Sasuke's lips were pressed against mine. It was short and unsure. Sasuke had pulled away quickly, waiting for my reply to his actions. I had no verbal reply to give him. I was lost. My thoughts were on how much I had liked that kiss.

I knew I had liked Sasuke... that's why I put up so many verbal defenses when I was around him... but I never expected him to actually have the same feelings. I had begun to notice more and more about him that made my heart race. The simple way his hair fell around his face, the way the corners of his mouth twitched when he thought something funny happened, the way he walked, the smooth, soothing sound of his voice, the kindness in his eyes that appeared when he felt happy, the way he would make a clicking sound with his tongue when something he didn't like happened. Maybe I was just a stalker and constantly watched him because my own life was too boring. But there was something else about him... not just the way he looked. I loved the way he would analyze situations, his reasoning... even just the way his name rolled off my tongue. I loved... everything about him.

Sasuke's POV

There. I had done it. My feelings were out in the open. Now only if this dobe would give me a reaction. He was staring back at the ceiling behind me. Dammit Naruto... give me a sign... did you... accept me? He was just staring, well, he had a shocked look on his face... but that was to be expected. I leaned down and let my breath run across his ear.

"Naruto..." I said softly.

I knew he knew I was waiting for a reply. But then, why wouldn't he say anything? Was it that hard for him to figure out if he liked me or not?

Narrator's POV

Naruto felt the hot breath and heard the soft whisper of his name. His eyes snapped open. Black eyes captured blue. Naruto's hand slowly went up to caress Sasuke's raven hair. Sasuke bent down and slowly pressed his lips to Naruto's once again, this time more confident. Naruto responded this time and leaned up to deepen the kiss. Naruto felt something warm and soft run against his lips. Opening his lips he allowed the curious tongue to enter and explore. Sasuke worked his way to reach every inch of Naruto's mouth. Naruto tasted like ramen (what a surprise). Pulling away from Naruto, Sasuke buried his head into Naruto's neck.

"I love you, dobe." He whispered.

"Love you too, bastard."


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