Within the Smoke


By popular demand, I have included a Epilogue. It's very short but gives you a better idea of what happens with them. Enjoy


It rained on the day of Harry's funeral. Never the less, it seemed as if the majority of the wizarding population turned up to bid farewell to the man who saved them. Masses of black crowded around the gravesite and watched as the coffin was lowered into the earth.

Draco stood among the crowd as inconspicuous as possible. He didn't hear what was being spoken of by the Minister at the moment. He paid no heed to the weeping figures beside him. All his attention was drawn to Hermione as she stood beside the grave and remained there long after everyone else had left.

Still as a statue, he watched the tears flow down her cheeks. The crowd moved past him as the ceremony ended, but he didn't seem to notice.

Once left alone, he approached Hermione and wrapped a comforting arm around her. Without a word she leaned her head against his shoulder and watched the grave as if it was the most precious thing on earth.

They stood together a few more moments before she at last spoke.

"It's over." Hermione said quietly. Draco wasn't certain if she was speaking of the war or Harry's life.

"Yes," he replied after a pause.

He knew he couldn't take away her pain. He knew there was nothing in the world which would erase the memories of war that haunted her. But he also knew that he was the only remaining source of comfort in her life. And, tilting her face up to his, Draco kissed her gently to bring her the temporary bliss she once bestowed on him.


It's short and sweet. Anyways, it's really over now. The End. Good-bye. I'm going to be working on other fanfics now. Possibly another short story or novel soon. Keep a lookout for it. =) Thank you all for reading.