Teen Titans – Dangerous Dance

All The Pieces of The Puzzle –

A/N: This is going to be the last chapter in this fic. It may have a sequel later on. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did.

Starfire stood in the hallway of the Teen Tower. She was looking intently at Robin, who was still in bed, facing the window; but found herself debating whether she should go into his room or not.

"I know how you feel," a voice said softly in her ear. Starfire jumped and turned around to see Cyborg standing there. She nodded, "Yes, Cyborg, I am a little afraid to talk to him. After all, we spent almost six entire days in a very small space, together."

"Ah, don't worry about it," Cyborg said, waving a hand in front of his face, "Robin is one of the very few people I know, who is always there for everyone. He's also one o the few people I know who can stand anything."

"Yes, you're right," she nodded reluctantly, "I have to go talk to him."

"That's the spirit!" Cyborg clapped a hand on her back, sending her into the doorway.

For a moment Starfire just stood there, unsure of what she should do. Then seeing Robin face her direction she made herself walk a step forward. "Um...how are you feeling, Robin?"

Robin smiled. He had kept his mask off for the time being. "Better," he replied.

His soft brown eyes seemed to penetrate Starfire, telling her that he knew and saw all. This was a little unnerving to Starfire, but she made an attempt at a smile, all the same.

"That's good, at least," She nodded encouragingly, searching her brain desperately for something to talk about. She couldn't think of much, and the fact that she was trying to dodge telling him about the kiss, didn't help matters.

"What about you?" Robin asked, breaking the momentary silence.

Starfire snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him for a moment before her brain processed what he was talking about, "Oh, I'm fine. It looks like you got the shorter end of the stick this time." She smiled apologetically.

"Funny," Robin said, frowning, "Before I found out I was sick, I was just thinking the same thing about you."

"How so?" Starfire asked. Her eyebrows rose in response.

"Well, I was pretty sure you had, a bad concussion, a broken bone in your leg, and the classic dust pneumonia. I don't understand how I could have been so wrong, even if I was delirious," Robin said.

Starfire's fingers laced together uncomfortably and she found herself looking at the ground for a moment. Finally, she looked back up to find Robin watching her, "You...weren't...wrong," she said hesitantly, "It's just, my body...has something in it...that allows it to heal itself. So, in the long run...all my injuries were completely superficial."

Robin nodded, then looked at her with a slight expression of concern on his face, "Hey," he said gently, "What's eating you, anyway?"

Starfire gaped for a second, trying to think of some words to say, "I...uh...nothing...nothing, I'm fine."

The frowning concern on his face did not fade, "Starfire, you haven't talked to me at all for two days...and now I can barely get you to look at me. What is wrong?" his voice was confused and harsh, now. It was clear to Starfire that he wanted an answer to why the person he had considered such a close friend in the past, couldn't look or talk to him without staring at the floor or stuttering. There was silence for a long awkward moment. Then suddenly, Robin understood. It was as if a light switch had just turned on in his brain...a vague memory...more like a feeling than an action...something that he could barely remember. It was something so close to the edge of his memory that he could barely remember it, but it was definitely there, "Starfire," he began softly, "If this is about...that kiss...then..."

Starfire's head suddenly shot back up, and she looked at him square in the face. Shock coursed through her entire body. She felt like melting right into the floor. She couldn't move or speak because she was dreading with every fiber of her being, what he was going to say. The words of disapproval from Robin were already forming in her head.

"...I was awake throughout the entire thing," Robin paused for a moment, then added, "I may not have been very strong or very coherent at the time, but I did kiss back." Robin stopped there, allowing for this to sink into Starfire's mind, one word at a time.

Starfire gaped, mouthing wordlessly for a moment, then simply closed her mouth and look at him in shock. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed. Was she really that nervous and determined about the whole thing that she hadn't even noticed that he had accepted it and was going along with it?

"For what it's worth, Star," Robin said gently, interrupting her thoughts, "You are very good at that kind of thing."

Starfire blushed a deep red, making Robin smile. There was silence between the two. A kind of silent understanding had come between them as Starfire walked closer to Robin and sat down in a chair next to his bed.

"So, what do you think now, Raven?" Beast boy asked as they watched and listened to Starfire and Robin, while remaining in the hall.

Raven shrugged, "I have to admit, they definitely have a good chance at being a couple."

"See, I told you," Beast Boy said, leading the way back to the couch in the living room. He leaned back, allowing himself to hit the cushions on it. Then looked over at Raven, who had taken a seat in her usual chair. "Hey, you know how you said, a few days ago, that you admired me?"

Raven looked around for a moment to make sure no one else was in the room, then nodded, "Yes."

"Well, I really admire you too. The way you took charge while Robin was away...that's something I could never do," Beast Boy said, his head bobbing energetically up and down again.

"Err...thank you," Raven replied.

"HEY!" Came a rather loud shout from the kitchen, "The fridge is empty again! Someone needs to go shopping!"

"I vote Raven!" Chorused three voices simultaneously. Two from Robin's room and one from the kitchen.

Beast boy laughed. Raven rolled her eyes with a groan and slumped back in her chair. It was just another normal day in the Titan Tower.