Shippo's Plans

Rating: Hmm, let's start it at PG and see where it goes from there…

Summary:  Shippo wants a new family; and he's got the perfect parents all picked out.  Poor them!

Disclaimer:  Please don't sue.  I'm but a penniless sitar play- er, writer.  I own nothing.

Chapter One:  Take These Broken Wings and Learn To Fly


            Stretching lazily in the sun, Shippo curled over on his side like a cat.  He'd decided two days ago that life was boring without Kagome around, but all he could do was wait for her return.  It wasn't like Inuyasha was going to go and get her.  He was too busy chasing after Kikyo.  Shippo sighed and opened his eyes, staring at the grass that surrounded him.  It hurt Kagome every time that Inuyasha met with the dead miko, and Shippo hurt every time Kagome was sad.  He hated Inuyasha for what he put Kagome through, Kagome, the girl who was as kind to him as his own mother… the girl he wished was his mother.  She deserved better than how he treated her.

            Sitting up, he lifted his elfin face to the sky to watch the clouds.  It had been two years since he'd met Kagome, and those two years had given him comfort and love, things he never thought he'd find again after his parents were taken from him.  He wanted to protect her and keep her safe… he wasn't going to lose her like he'd lost his parents.

            But he was just a kit.  He'd tried many times to simply defend himself, but against a full grown demon, he didn't have a chance.  Protecting Kagome by himself wasn't possible.  He needed some one strong to help. 

            Sure Inuyasha was strong.  He's kept Kagome safe now for years, but he hurt her.  He hurt her all the time!  Sure she was safe from demon attack, but who would protect her from him?  Inuyasha was simply out of the question.  That left only Miroku –

            Hmm, that was interesting.  Miroku.  Yeah, he kinda got into trouble a lot, but he was nice.  And he'd never made Kagome cry… hmm.  Not to mention that he really liked Miroku.  He had the best shoulder to curl up on!  And he never minded it; in fact, he would often stroke Shippo's hair like his own father had before he'd died - very interesting indeed…   Anyone watching Shippo might have gotten alarmed by the shifty look that glinted in his eyes, but, unfortunately, no one was around, so he was left to make his own plans in peace.


            A meditating Miroku was the very image of peace.  With a straight back and a serious expression, he looked every bit the role of a serious monk.  However, at the moment, Miroku was merely the image of mediation and far from anything that could be called peace.  The only outward sign he gave of his inner turmoil was the slight quirk of his right eyebrow.  It went unnoticed.

            He was currently doing his best to calm his temper.  It had been his goal for the last two days, and yet he'd gotten no where.  Now he was at his wit's end and more than ready to give up and give that god-forsaken puppy dog a piece of his mind.  It was all Inuyasha's fault – it was always his fault, whenever Kagome-sama had tears in her beautiful eyes.

            He knew that he should have known better – he should have never fallen in love with the futuristic miko, her heart already belonged to the stupid mutt.  It had long before he'd come into the picture, but honestly, how could he not fall for a girl like her?  She gave up her entire life in her own time to help them fight a half demon who'd never wronged her personally, only her friends.  Miroku clenched his cursed hand slightly while he reflected on the damage Naraku had wrought.  He'd torn Inuyasha and Kikyo apart, cursed his family, and murdered Sango's family, parading her brother in front of her like a treasured jewel. 

            He stifled a groan at the thought of the demon huntress.  He knew exactly how she thought of him, what she felt for him, but he didn't return it.  Yes, Sango was beautiful and strong, a perfect specimen of feminine grace, but she'd been too late for his heart.  That was gone as soon as he first saw Kagome-sama's smile.

            He sighed in exasperation, dropping all pretenses of meditation.  There was no way he could center himself and clear his mind as long as Kagome was gone.  Every time she saw Inuyasha with Kikyo, she went back to her time, and every time she jumped in the well, Miroku's heart clenched in the fear that she would never return.  It was painful, and he would not know peace until she returned.  Until then, he was stuck like this – a nervous, angry wreck.


            There was no procrastination left for her.  The bag was packed, her homework and make-up tests temporarily all finished.  She desperately searched her room for some reason; some excuse to stay away from the well and away from Inuyasha, but there was none to be had.  She knew she was on borrowed time… he was more than likely pacing the well now, and sooner or later would jump in to bring her back.  Things would be better if she just went; but damn it, she didn't want to.

            It was beautiful when it all started.  It was just her and Inuyasha facing demons and their own insecurities.  The gained friends and allies, and in the beginning, it seemed they couldn't fail.  Inuyasha slowly started to open up to her, letting the tough guy image fall to reveal the wounded soul beneath.  What girl could resist that?  He had a painful love in his past, a love, which at that time, was only history.  She let out a dry laugh as the thought History only repeats itself flashed through her mind.  Oh yes, some which couldn't let sleeping mikos lie and resurrected Kikyo, the great miko.

            It was then that Inuyasha went cold.  Not all at once, mind you, but gradually.  It seemed that Kikyo's soul stealers not only took the spirits of dead girls, but Inuyasha's heart piece by piece.  They summoned him like the dog he was, bringing him to heel for Kikyo, her poor reincarnation and their budding relationship a distant memory.

            But now, Kagome was certain that Inuyasha didn't remember her at all.  She was just a shard detector.  It was like Kikyo was his sun, and Kagome the moon, the only thing that made her beautiful was the light that reflected in her from Kikyo.  She was only special because she was her reincarnation.  That was a hard truth to live with.

            But she was needed.  She was a shard detector, and those shards needed to be found before Naraku could get his filthy claws on them.  He needed to be defeated so the Sango could find peace, so that Miroku could rid himself and his family of the wind tunnel, and lastly, as much as she hated to admit it, so that Kikyo could find peace.  She did love Inuyasha, although it had all been in vain.  She wanted him to be happy, even if it left her with a broken heart.

           With renewed determination and a few tears she refused to let fall in her eyes, she shouldered her back pack and left, letting the familiar blue of the well embrace her.


Ack.  This is my first attempt at an Inuyasha story, let alone a Miroku/Kagome story.  Let me know what you think.  I promise to quit if it stinks.