Shippo's Plans

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Summary: The doggie comes home with his tail between his legs.

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Epilogue: Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word / But What's Puzzling You Is the Nature of My Game


When he'd first met her… he was convinced she was Kikyo.  She looked like her, smelled like her – she was just like her.  But she wasn't – she was a reincarnation.  Well – that kind of made her the same person – right?  It was the same soul.  And Kagome could do pretty much whatever Kikyo could do.  It had been entirely too easy to think that Kikyo could do whatever Kagome did.  Like Shippo – would the long dead miko have taken in the orphaned kitsune as her own?  No.  No, she wouldn't.  Taking care of human thieves is one thing – but a miko like Kikyo wouldn't play mother to a demon child no matter how innocent the little blighter was.

Inuyasha'd been blind to their differences – he could see that now. 

He'd spent a great deal of time in the God Tree sorting out his very twisted feelings and had come to a conclusion.  Kagome had moved on, and he owed it to her to protect her happiness.  Kikyo?  Who knew.  That he'd have to play day by day.  Either way, at this very moment, Inuyasha had to do something that he hated.  He had to apologize.


Monks are good kissers. 

Or maybe it's just Miroku…  she felt his tongue slide past her lips almost reverently and moaned in response.  Yeah, it was just Miroku.  It was strange, you know… how easily they'd come together.  If she were one of those conspiracy theory paranoid types, she'd suspect that there was someone behind the scenes pulling strings to bring them closer, but she wasn't.  That was purely foolish.

Sure, it wasn't perfect.  In fact, it was terrifying.  Miroku's life still hung in the balance, as long as Naraku still drew breath nothing was certain but this very moment.  She pulled away from his wonderful lips.  "Miroku –"

Hurt flashed for the briefest moment in Miroku's cool violet depths before he rose to his feet, "I'm sorry, Kagome-sama, I've over-stepped my bounds."

"Sit down!"  In the distance, a loud thud was heard and what could have been the echoes of cursing, but neither paid it much mind.  "You've over-stepped nothing.  But – what about your hand?"

She watched as Miroku stared at his glove as if he'd never seen it before.  Then his oh-so-familiar devil-may-care grin surfaced.  "A wise person once told me, that if I lived my life in the shadow of my curse, Naraku has already won.  I'm going to fight him every day I can."

She knew she wouldn't give up, and from the looks of it, neither would he.  Suddenly the future wasn't so scary.


Inuyasha.  He's coming.  Damnit.

Miroku was not a happy monk.  Well, he had been until that niggling presence in the back of his mind kicked in… Grr.  Standing abruptly, he faced the direction in which doom was running from.  No, he wasn't ashamed of what he felt for Kagome.  No, he wasn't going to back down, yes, he as going to get his ass kicked.

But when Inuyasha stopped short, Miroku was surprised.  But it was the dog demon's words that sent him into shock or, um, word – "'Rry."

Ok, half word.  "Excuse me?"

"I said I'm sorry, damn it!  Are you happy now?"  Inuyasha's golden eyes may have flashed with momentary anger, but Miroku saw through to the honesty beneath.

"As am I, Inuyasha.  I fear I let my anger control me."

"Are we ok now?"  My, if he doesn't look hopeful.

"Of course."

Inuyasha turned his gaze on Kagome, "If he hurts you – I'll kill him.  Be happy, Kagome."

She ran up and gave him a hug, but strangely, Miroku felt no jealousy, only warmth.  "What a quaint little family we all have here."  Yes, it was corny to say, and more than a little lame, but no one could do anything but smile…  they'd all thought the same thing.

===========================================Eight Years Later===================================================

"…And, of course, after that, there was no stopping the group from defeating Naraku…  the bastard –"


"-uh meanie never had a chance.  Miroku married Kagome, Sango finally 'fessed up to having feelings for her favorite fool, and Inuyasha managed to get through to Kikyo, and with his wish on the completed Shikon Jewel, brought her back to life to be his mate.  The end."

"Shippo, did you really do all that to Mommy and Daddy?"

A now adolescent kitsune smiled down fondly and the six year old on his knee.  "Yup, every last thing."  He raised an eyebrow in the direction of Kagome, and met her eye, "Sometimes, people can't see what's right in front of them, or are too afraid to reach for what they want, Kioko.  I just gave a little push."

The darling little girl let out a giggle and clapped her hands.  "That's a wonderful, Shippo!"

"No, what will be wonderful is when that kitsune's karma catches up to him and he gets what's coming to him." Growled a playful voice from the door.


"Hello, Kioko."  Miroku scooped his daughter from the ground and twirled her about.  After placing her back on the ground, he turned to the now sheepish looking fox demon, "Oi, Shippo, there is a lovely young lady outside looking for you.  I believe her name is Michiko."

And thus did Shippo perform a rather impressive impression of a tomato.  Gone was the cool and calm boy that Kioko knew as her older brother, and in his place, a stumbling, stuttering fool.  "Uh- uh, Michi-ko?"

It made Kioko want to laugh, but she kept silent instead to watch her parents greet each other.  It was always the same.  Daddy would kiss Mommy's forehead, and Mommy would kiss the palm of Daddy's right hand.  It had never meant anything to her until Shippo's story… but now, even at the tender age of six, it made her pause.

Turning back to Shippo, she watched through the window as he hmmed and hawed around a pretty girl his age.  Oh, yes… she knew what to do.  Shippo had taught her well.  All she needed was a plan.


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