Chapter 1: Can you hear it?

„Are you mad?", he asked angrily. "Of course I'm not! I'm know...I thought it wasn't such a bad idea...", I said a little less confident when I saw his face. "Kina, we are not allowed to enter the tower and you know it! Dad forbid it or did you forget? And you know as well as I do that the tower has it's own mind. We're not 15 yet and it wont let us in anyway. And even if it would let us in...we would die in there. Dad told us often enough how dangerous it is. So get that of your mind!", for him the discussion was settled and he turned away and left me behind. "The tower is dangerous, you would die in there blah blah...", I said angrily. I should've seen that coming. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters and we are very rich. When my dad was young he used to go to the tower fighting monsters, earning money and stuff. But when his first and favourite monster Kewne died in the tower he never entered it again. He never told anybody what happened that day in tower. But he did do something. He sat close to the bridge that led to the tower and told everybody who wanted to enter the tower how dangerous it is and that they will die in there. He scared away everybody and the whole town hates him for that. We are lucky they don't think that it's our fault. They just hate our father. The ones that were jealous of him, when he was still the best monster tamer ever, were now taking advantage of that. Now that no one dared to enter the tower again, there were now more visitors and treasure hunters form the outside anymore. Live in this town was beginning to get very boring and all my brothers and sisters would do was being rebellious and stubborn and getting on other people's nerves. And because I wasn't like that they hated me. They insulted me and sometimes even through stuff at me just for their own entertainment. My dad didn't notice any of that happening. He just saw a very big and very happy family. But this time it was something different. Something more important than that. I had a feeling that if I wouldn't enter the tower soon something bad was going to happen. The tower has it's own mind. And I could hear it cry. It was sad and bored. I had to talk to someone about that. Someone who might hear it too. So I decided to talk to my dad. I got up and walked into the living room and sat down next to him. We were all alone. He read in a book that I had never seen before. When he noticed me he quickly closed it and put it out of my sight. Than he looked at me and asked: "What is it Kina?" I took a deep breath and said: "Dad this is really important to me. Please don't think I'm crazy. It's I don't know how to tell you this..." "You know that you can tell me anything, Kina just go ahead", he said curious. "Dad... can you...can you hear it too? ... Can you hear it cry?", I spoke low. He stared at me. "What? You say can hear it? You can hear it crying in its loneliness?" I nodded. "And I thought I was nuts! When I heard it for the first time I thought I was completely insane. I asked your brothers...but...but they just asked me if I had gone mad. So how come you hear it and they don't?", he said furious. "I don't really know dad. But I always knew I was different. You have a big family you didn't see and I never told you, but the others hate me. They always had. But that doesn't matter now. Dad I have a bad feeling about all this. We need to do something about it. The tower is sad and lonely but it's going to get angry if we don't do anything, and I don't want to be here when that happens...Soo...will you train me or what?" He looked surprised because he was used to the laziness of his children. "You do know that this will be a hard piece of work, right?", he said. "I told you before that I am different.", I answered with a smile. "Of course you are"; he said walking away, "of course you are..."

End of Chapter 1

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