Chapter 2: What happened?

The next day I woke up early. When I got up it was still dark outside and the rest of my family was still sleeping. I took a shower, got dressed and left the house. I often do that because I loves the quiescent. But today something was different. I felt observed, but I thought that was just because of the tower so I didn't think about that much. I walked around some more when suddenly a male voice whispered my name right into my left ear. I spun around, pulled my little knife and held it right into his face.

"Well at least you can protect yourself", my father said laughing.

"Very funny", I replied.

He laughed again.

"What are you doing out here this early?"

"I sometimes wake up that early, so why not get up and take a walk while everybody is still asleep and everything is quiet?"

"Yes, why not", he said.


"What is it?"

"What happened in the tower? It will help you to talk about it! So tell me. What happened?" He lowered his glance. "I guess I will have to tell you, huh?" I nodded.

"Okay. So you still remember the day don't you? I would say it was the hottest day I went through in my hole life. Looking back I remember that everyone except you was sick in my house. They all had fever."

"Oh yes I remember that. I had to do everything. And I had to serve everyone. They all had some special wishes. But instead of helping me at home you went into the tower!", I teased him.

His face got a little red.

"Yes. I'm sorry for that. I wish I could turn back time. I would not enter the tower...", he looked as if he would start to cry.

"I understand that. But you can't turn back time. You will have to live with it."

"I guess you're right. Well anyway I entered the tower, Kewne right by my side. We got high up to level 32 when a monster appeared that I had never seen before. It was huge. It was green and it had hands twice as big as my head. It looked like an undead, like a zombie-monster. I was very scared. But I wanted to go to level 40 again. I wanted to see, again, where my father died. So I pulled my sword and fought. But it just laughed. Kewne attacked it too. While we hit it, it started to talk. It said: 'You are unaware of the danger that lies in this tower. You can't stand a chance against it. I am one of three, I am the demon of earth. The tower is ours now and we will kill anyone who dares to enter it again. So tell this everyone, that's the only reason I let you live.' As a Warning it killed Kewne with one hit. Usually when your familiar is out of energy it comes back into the bag. But my tamer-collar was on the floor where Kewne disappeared. I grabbed the collar and used a Wind crystal. I heard it laugh...You know the rest."

"Now I understand. The tower isn't lonely or just sad. It is in great pain", I concluded.

"I'm afraid it is you still want to enter the tower?"

"Of course! But only after I trained for a very very long time", I said with a little smile.

My dad smiled also. "You remind me of your mother so much", he said.

I haven't told you yet. My father couldn't decide who he wanted to marry. He loved each of them equal. But he often said to me that he loved my mom, Nico Southey, the most. But that's not what I wanted to tell you right now. Because he couldn't decide, the women made a deal. He should marry all of them. They would share him. They were seven so there was one wife for every day. My father was still young and couldn't find a different solution so he agreed. He married them all. His first child came from Selfi Rhodes. She gave him a healthy son. They called him Ron. The next one was my brother Guy in memory of my father's father. Fur Gots gave birth to him. Then Patty Pan became a daughter, Polly. After that I was born. Than Mia Myria became a boy, they named him Matt. Vivian Merca gave birth to my sister Marry. Cherrl Child surprised everyone as she gave birth to a very healthy son, Charles. Then Selfi Rhodes had another son, Robert. Then my mom died after giving birth to my little sister Sandy. Mia Myria and Cherrl Child both died later after that. The reason is still unknown. Patty Pan is in the hospital. She suddenly went insane. She started to talk about weird things and the doctor said something about rabies. So it was up to Selfi Rhodes, Fur Gots and Vivian Merca to raise the children while my father was in the tower. And they where bad parents. They are all selfish and egoistic. I do my best to raise my sister, I love her so much. I cried with my dad when my mom died. He cried a lot, even more than I did. I never saw him cry when Mia Myria or Cherrl Child died. He loved them but he loved my mom more. And that is why they hate me. They all know it. His wifes hate me and my sister because we are her daughters and the others hate us because they see that my dad treats us different.

Now it is time for me to learn how to fight and to enter the tower. Earth demon be ready, because I won't go easy on you. I will take revenge for Kewne, my old friend, my only friend...dear Kewne...