Okay, This is my first D N Angel fiction so I hope y'all like it.

CH 1 Introducing our hero- Umm…Antihero,

Throughout history, works of art have been stolen under mysterious circumstances…said by some to be the work of "Phantom" thieves… Others dismiss it as a mere myth. But in this country, the stories are all too true. The name of this mysterious thief? "Dark." And his true identity? No one knows…

My high school entrance exams, to my surprise I passed with flying colors. Why would this surprise me so much? Well, you could say I have an interesting night life which doesn't leave much time to study, or you could say I have an ancient spirit residing within my body which much to and against my advantage happens to be quite a history buff- Don't call him an ancient spirit though, he won't admit it but it hurts his feelings.

Either way, it worked to my advantage by getting me into a high school all the way across town. One that only accepted top scorers. It worked to my disadvantage because none of my friends could get in. And it was far away enough that my mother figured the commute was too long to remain at home. Thus, with the Niwa family's mysteriously acquired wealth, she got me an apartment. And there I've stayed for two years, alone- well, unless you count Dark.

Well, only one other person made it into my high school. Well, only one person had the grades to. Hiwatari Satoshi. That's right, my rival, host to the insane blonde ice demon Krad. Aka the detective who's been trying to catch me since eighth grade. Luckily, or unluckily I can't decide, but in freshman year we had no classes together. But this is Senior year, I'm eighteen, and not nearly so lucky.


Dark's eternal grin remained even as he jumped off the roof of the Museum only to just barely be caught by Wiz who jerked a bit under the strain of the weight of thief and the statue he'd stolen.

"Ah! Dark! That was way too close!" shouted his host from that cozy little corner of his mind.

"What's the matter Daisuke?" asked Dark tauntingly. "Are you angry because it's a school night?"

"Well I might like to show up to my first day of senior year intact yes!"

"Relax, it doesn't look like creepy bastard and Krad decided to show up tonight," he replied.

"…And that doesn't worry you?"

It seemed Daisuke's fears were very well qualified because at that moment the angelic demon of light descended on them from above. Dark barely managed to dodge as the roof tiles cracked on the impact of the ice demon. "A bit slow tonight Dark," said the blonde angel, "Have I caught you at a bad time?"

"Not at all!" replied Dark with a grin. "In fact I was beginning to think you'd stood me up!"

Krad narrowed his cool blue eyes at Dark before lunging forward. Dark lunged forward as well scowling with irritation at his arch rival. "Dark! Remember Satoshi!"

Dark growled before veering to step behind Krad, gather his fists together and slam them on the back of Krad's neck. "Wiz!" he called.

The transformed figure of Satoshi could only glare as Dark flew away into the night. "You planned to kill him Krad," he said accusingly.

"Don't I always? My Hiwatari,"

"You actually released me when I called this time," commented Satoshi not bothering to repeat that he belonged to no one, least of all Krad.

"…It's November 11th."

"…And this means what?" asked Satoshi quirking a brow at the confusing idiosyncrasies of the quirky homicidal blonde.


"It's your birthday?" asked Daisuke in shock. "How can you even remember your birthday?! Were you even born?"

"Yes I was born!" Dark replied snappishly.
"Well I'm sorry, but you're kind of…" Daisuke shook his head as he searched for words. "Old,"

"Hey! I have the body of a nineteen year old boy- Two technically,"

"I'm only eighteen," corrected Daisuke. "But happy birthday nonetheless,"

"Thanks…YAWN! I'm tired…."

"I don't see why," said Daisuke dryly. "Once we got ten miles from home you switched back into me."

But there was no answer, save a snore. Daisuke sighed and began pulling out his school supplies for the next day.


"I'm late I'm late I'm late!" cried Daisuke as he ran to school. He may have an apartment close to the school, but the closest one he could find was a mile away. "I'm in Soooo much trouble!" he cried as he ran and slid open the door and ran in panting. Everyone in the class room stared at him including the teacher who observed him from behind shiny glass frames.

"I'm glad to see you decided to show up, Niwa Daisuke,"

The girls all giggled at the new arriver. Daisuke had grown up quite a bit in the past few years. He'd allowed his red hair to grow out a bit- or Dark had at least, by transforming every time they were supposed to go to the barber's shop. It had made him look pretty cool apparently. His face had narrowed a bit, his body had grown slender and tall. But his eyes, his innocent red eyes had stayed the same.

"Gomen nasai sensei!" he said flushing with embarrassment.

"Enough, take your seat in front of Hiwatari Satoshi, Hiwatari raise your hand."

Satoshi, after a slight hesitation raised his hand. Though he need not have. Satoshi, as always, was around a head taller than Daisuke with his neatly cut blue hair, beautiful piercing blue eyes, and a slender but muscled build comparable to only that of Dark and Krad themselves.

"No way in hell!" protested Dark. "Creepy bastard will strangle you from behind!"

Despite a mild sense of apprehension and Dark's warnings Daisuke walked to his seat not noticing the girls giggling and commenting on the two hottest guys in class sitting near each other and how the back corner was eye candy central.


"The wing master!" growled Krad inside Satoshi's mind.

"Not now!" growled Satoshi in their mind. "It's Dark we're after! Not Daisuke!"

"Ah! But they're one and the same like you and I my pet,"

"We're not the same!"

"Um…Hello Satoshi-kun," said Daisuke uncertainly recognizing the uncertain look in Satoshi's eyes that in his own eyes usually meant an argument with one's alter ego.

Satoshi's eyes shot up to his taking him aback a little. "Ah- Niwa-" he said quickly.

"Niwa and Hiwatari, are you willing to allow me to begin today's lesson?" asked the teacher sharply.

"Ah- Gomen-" began Daisuke right before the teacher pinned him with a death glare.

"I have a feeling you'll be saying that a lot this year." with that he turned back to their English lessons.


Daisuke didn't know how to feel when he found out that Satoshi and he had the exact same schedules. All he knew was that when physical education came around and their lockers were next to each other he became mildly nervous.

His was right in the corner next to the wall. In other words, when he was done changing he had to walk through that small space next to Satoshi to leave the locker room- or wait until Satoshi was damn well ready to leave.

And today that seemed like it would be quite a while. When the last boy left the locker room Daisuke was ready to try and slip by Satoshi when he found himself pinned to the wall

"What the-" protested Dark.

"Satoshi-kun?" asked Daisuke in shock.

"I heard how Dark plans to steal the Kumiho Locket tonight. And I'd advise him not to. Krad doesn't feel all that merciful today."

And with just that explanation he was gone. Leaving both Daisuke and Dark in shock.


"Dark! Why are we going so early? And after a warning like that?!" asked Daisuke as they flew over the rooftops. But today Dark wasn't smirking, instead a scowl was plastered to his face.

"Why? Because of that warning!"

"But that doesn't make any damned sense!"

"You'll see…He'll see…"


Satoshi headed past the police to the room with the locket where he would sit alone. There was no access but one door and a skylight, and both were heavily guarded. Krad had been infuriated at his warning and thus left him very much alone without conversation- as if it were some type of punishment.

But Krad's morbid talk of killing Dark the night before had made Satoshi's decision the moment the last boy left the locker room and he'd darted out before Krad decided to make an emergence on the confused red head.

Thoughts of this clouded his mind as he entered the room with the several warnings of the police officers there. He had to go in alone because only he knew how to overstep the lasers within so as not to set off the alarms. When Dark came he would set the alarms off on purpose- supposively.

Actually when Dark came- and he was well assured the arrogant thief probably would, it was likely to become an airborne battle so the stupid lasers wouldn't matter.

When he walked in carefully avoiding the lasers until he got to the middle of the room where there were none, he stopped furtively. It was silent. He at least expected to hear the guards on the roof. Gripped by an ominous premonition he turned around.

He let out a yelp of pain as he was borne roughly to the ground by a slightly larger figure only to have his arms yanked behind his back. Suddenly he heard the click of handcuffs. "Get off me you bastard!" he snapped.

"How do you like it?" asked Dark smirking as he quickly rolled the boy over and straddled him. "Daisuke may be willing to put up with your bullshit, but I'm not."

The eyes he looked into were not blue, but a brilliant and furious gold. "Get off me!" roared Krad struggling against the cuffs, but to no avail. It felt as if they were charmed.

"Well well, fancy meeting you here!" said Dark smirking as the angelic ice demon struggled beneath him pointlessly.

"I'll kill you!" growled Krad.

"For some strange reason that doesn't encourage me to release you," said Dark smirking. "Doesn't this remind you of the past Krad? You should know, after all these hundreds of years, that you won't ever defeat me. And I'll always end up on top, though, you didn't used to mind that."

Krad growled and ceased struggling for a moment right before spitting in the dark angel's face. He was sincerely surprised by the hard slap that followed. Dark himself seemed shocked. He stared at his offending hand before looking to the reddened cheek of the golden haired angel beneath him and the eyes that had turned a dull and docile blue. "…Complete your intentions…Thief. But rest assured I will kill you." he said flatly.

His eyes widened in shock as he realized precisely what the demon thought his intentions were. "Look at me." he said. "Look at me!" he growled forcing the blonde to look at him. "I would never force you to my bed. I'd sooner kill you than break you!"

"Forgive me for my misconceptions seeing as on a norm you flaunt your honor!" sneered Krad. Dark growled at the audacity of the infuriating blonde beauty. Krad was fairly certain the thief wouldn't kill him because his host wouldn't allow it, but what came next was no less unpredictable.

He found his lips caught in a rough bruising kiss which wouldn't end at his protests and didn't even end at his bite which only ended in a responding bite which made him yelp in pain before Dark pulled back. "You bastard!" he screamed infuriated.

Dark grabbed his face roughly. "You forget yourself and your situation Krad! I won't rape you, but like I said I don't intend to put up with you or your host's bullshit!"

With that, Dark and the locket were gone.


"What were you thinking Dark?" snapped Daisuke for the umpteenth time that night.

"You heard my explanation!" Dark growled back. "Besides, whatever that homicidal blonde got he brought upon himself!"

"What about Satoshi? How is it going to be for him to have to go to the officers to get those cuffs removed? Did you ever consider that?"

"That's not my concern."

"You're so selfish sometimes!" growled Daisuke. From that comment on Dark wouldn't reply having retreated deep into Daisuke's mind to sulk. And Daisuke could only wonder and worry over a certain beautiful bluenette.

"Mr. Hiwatari? Mr. Hiwatari? Absent…Does anyone know where Mr. Hiwatari lives so he might be provided with his homework?" asked the teacher impatiently.

Despite Dark's screams of protest Daisuke reluctantly raised his hand. "I do sir."


"I must say Daisuke, I knew you weren't bright, but this is ridiculous!"

"This is my fault for not stopping you." replied Daisuke as he toted the books to the apartment complex. "I have to do something about it." he said as he looked at the building and up into the dark window that he happened to know belonged to Satoshi.

"It's also going to be your turn when he snaps your neck and your mom has to have another son to continue the Niwa blood line,"

Daisuke gulped nervously as he knocked on the door- only to have it creek open slowly.

"That's Creepy." "That's Creepy."

Despite his agreement with his alter ego Daisuke walked in the room silently. Very silently. Despite the fact that he was known for possessing as much clumsiness as Dark did stealth, people often forget that he too was trained to be a thief. But unlike at his house there were no trap doors, electrified door knobs, lasers, or disappearing floors. Only an eerie silence.


"…Crap. Run Daisuke!"

Knowing better than to ignore his alter ego when he used that tone of thought, Daisuke turned to run.

There was a thump and a clatter as the books and the school supplies clattered to the floor. Daisuke peered up into cool golden eyes in fear.

He'd met Krad in person a few times, but never so unexpectedly. That may have been the reason he was too frightened to concentrate, and more than too frightened to transform. Especially when that smirk came to Krad's face drowning out all of Dark's cries and warnings as the homicidal blonde pinned him to the wall. "Why, if it isn't the wing master! And all grown up! It's been a while since I've seen you through anything but my Hiwatari's eyes! I suppose I can see why you merit a mild bit of his attention. But not nearly so much as you take," he said gently putting his hand on the smaller boys throat.

Daisuke closed his eyes and turned his head. For some reason Krad seemed impossibly tall. True, Satoshi was near the same height, but Satoshi had never used it to tower over him or used his entire body to pin him to a wall.

In fact, because of Krad's close vicinity, Daisuke might have blushed- had the situation allowed any thought on his raging teenage hormones. "Kr- Krad-" he sputtered. "Dark didn't mean-"

He was cut off as Krad lifted him by the throat so his feet dangled off the floor. The angelic ice demon smiled. "Oh but you don't know what he meant! On that I can't fault you, how could you know? The plain fact of the matter is however, both you and Dark have become quite a nuisance to me,"

Daisuke's bright eyes went dim as the air left him all too quickly for his taste. Even his hold on Krad's wrist and fingers began to slacken. And even as all went dark he saw the blonde hair slowly shorten into a familiar blue.