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Ch20 Conclusion: The joining of paths

Two Years Later:

Daisuke went out to the mailbox, eyes still sleepy. Satoshi had gotten back from work only hours ago- and he'd shown his love and appreciation for Daisuke for all four of those hours before finally being convinced to go to sleep.

Daisuke smiled as his slender fingers flipped through his mail before finally stopping at a letter from Tokyo. He pulled it out with a quizzical look.


"It's tickets from Leiko and Drem- Plane tickets and concert tickets. You have to take the week off," said Daisuke clinging to Satoshi.

"I really shouldn't." murmured Satoshi- despite the fact that he knew he would anyways. It had only taken two years for him and Daisuke to form a rather comfortable life together. Daisuke as a well known artist, and him as the head of the police department.

They'd had trouble keeping contact with Drem and Leiko, mainly because of what had happened in the week after the incident with Daere. Leiko had proclaimed herself as Yukiko Eriko to the media and it had been immediately accepted along with the fact that her family wanted her to be silent. They'd given her her belongings and immediately disowned her- a fact at which she laughed.

As it turned out, Leiko, unlike Eriko, had no notion of stage fright. Indeed, there her arrogance was increased enough to make her worthy of her name. Between Leiko's newly found funds, the talent of the band, and Drem and Leiko's natural chemistry on the stage, they'd immediately found their way to the top of the metal charts.

And now they wanted Daisuke and Satoshi to come to one of their shows. "…Leiko says that she can track down Dark and Krad…Do you think she'll manage?" asked Daisuke quietly.

Satoshi looked at him thoughtfully. "I don't doubt it. They are like entities. I'm sure she'll manage." he concluded.

Daisuke smiled. "I'm glad then, we should start packing."

"I never agreed," said Satoshi raising a delicate brow.

Daisuke kissed him slowly before drawing back. "As if you'd refuse,"


Leiko smiled as she read the acceptance letter. "They're coming! This is so cool! We have to put on the best show ever!"

"Yes my little stage stealer, I'm sure we will," said Drem smiling and wrapping his arms around her waist as he nipped at her throat.

"Mmm…I'll share the stage with you, if you share your thoughts,"

"Well now, that'll just have to wait until the day of the reunion," said Drem kissing the tip of her nose.

Leiko kissed him deeply laying her head against his shoulder with a contented sigh. "It's almost time Drem. I'm happy. And it's thanks to you."

"You are my happiness," said Drem kissing her brow. "Now come on, I have to finish the arrangements for the show."


Daisuke peered from behind the curtain in awe. He couldn't believe the huge assortment of people that were there. He'd actually managed to spot his mother, father, and grandfather in the front row- surrounded by body guards.

His and Satoshi's tickets however were all access back-stage passes. "I can't see them!"

"Relax," said Satoshi. "We haven't seen Drem or Leiko yet either, so we can't be sure that they're not here,"

"Who's not here, creepy boy," said an all too familiar voice.

Satoshi simply smirked as Daisuke stiffened and turned around slowly before hugging Dark tightly. "Dark! I haven't seen you in so long!"

"Can't- Breath!" murmured Dark, face turning red.

"Sorry!" said Daisuke letting him go with a blush.

"Wow Dai-chan, you've grown up," said Dark fixing his hair. "So have you creepy…man…" he said nodding at Satoshi.

"And you haven't," said Satoshi raising a brow. "To be honest I'd have been disappointed to have found you any other way. How are you Dark?"

"Good, good, I'm an art critic now," he said with a smirk. "Ironic isn't it? You have no idea how often I've been asked to comment on Daisuke's work. You're brilliant Daisuke,"

"Thanks," said Daisuke cheerfully.

"I've been considering stealing your work,"

"…You'd better be kidding,"

"Well now-" began Dark, only to be cut off by the roaring of an enthusiastic crowd.

"And now presenting! Child With a Collar!"


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He smiled as the band came out on stage, Drem and Leiko were beautiful children. And naming the band after Eriko, Child With a Collar, was a stroke of genius. They'd contacted the others, and now his prey was in range.

He smirked. It wouldn't be long.


"Hello Tokyo! I'm Drem!" said Drem grabbing the microphone.

"And I'm Leiko!" said Leiko standing on her toes so she could shout into the microphone over his shoulder.

Drem pulled Leiko to his side. "And we're Child With a Collar! And today we have very special guests here! Without them, the rise of Child With a Collar wouldn't have been possible! And in hopes of getting two stubborn angels back together we dedicate our first song to them. Instead of performing our own work we'll be doing a song by muse called Time is Running Out!"


I think I'm drowning asphyxiating I wanna break the spell that you've created

Dark watched them playing their song. He knew it was dedicated to him and Krad, but he hadn't seen Krad. He'd been genuinely surprised when Leiko had tracked him down, but Krad had always been less conspicuous than he was, and he didn't know if she'd managed to track Krad down, or if Krad would come anyways.

You're something beautiful a contradiction I wanna play the game I want the friction

He smiled at Drem and Leiko, they really did have amazing stage energy. Leiko and Drem played their guitars back to back as their voices created a perfect harmony. Their lithe bodies gleamed under the stage lights and both male and female fans screamed out in excitement.

You will be the death of me yeah, you will be the death of me bury it I won't let you bury it I won't let you smother it I won't let you murder it

Truth was, it had been his idea to part ways with Krad for a while, but he didn't know that Krad would never seek him out. After one year he'd gone to look for him, but Krad was the most difficult Hikari work to track down.

our time is running out and our time is running out you can't push it underground we can't stop it screaming out I wanted freedom but I'm restricted I tried to give you up but I'm addicted

He sighed. Ironic. That's what it was. He still had all his powers, but they did him no good in stealing the one work he wanted to steal.

now that you know I'm trapped sense of elation you'll never dream of breaking this fixation you will squeeze the life out of me bury it I won't let you bury it I won't let you smother it I won't let you murder it

It was just painful to think that after all this time, Krad hadn't once tried to track him down. He'd become a famous art-critic for that reason. So that it would be easy for the ice angel to track him down.

our time is running out and our time is running out you can't push it underground we can't stop it screaming out how did it come to this you will suck the life out of me

He sighed as Daisuke and Satoshi held each other. They were in awe of how close Leiko and Drem were. It was almost like a fairy tale. It seemed everyone had a happy ending but him and Krad.

bury it I won't let you bury it I won't let you smother it I won't let you murder it our time is running out and our time is running out you can't push it underground we can't stop it screaming out how did it come to this?

When the final lyrics had been sung the crowd cheered. Leiko lived it up running to the front of the stage, doing the rock-on sign and generally putting the crowd into a frenzy. She grinned, loving the attention. Drem smiled as he watched her before pulling the mike to himself again.

"Now, I'm sure you all know that the Yukiko family disowned our dear Leiko."

Leiko turned to him with a confused look on her face. It had been publicly announced- with some amusement on her part. She didn't know why he was bringing it up. "As thus, she hasn't really taken a last name. So in a moment of clear insanity, I've decided to offer her mine."

Leiko's jaw dropped as he kneeled before her and pulled a box out of his pocket. He opened it up to reveal a ring.

"Leiko, will you marry me?"

"Drem," she said hugging him. "Of course I will!"


The group had gathered in the dressing room along with an ecstatic Leiko who'd settled herself immovably in Drem's lap. "I'm so glad you all made it," said Drem with a grin. "This is perfect. You all have to go to the wedding! I have the arrangements set up for three days from now!"

"Oh! And I want Emiko to be the maid of honor!" said Leiko.

"And I want Kosuke to be the best man- And Satoshi and Dark, you have to be the grooms men!" said Drem.

"What about me?" asked Daisuke with knitted brows.

"Um…Daisuke?" murmured Leiko. "Me and Drem discussed this…And awkward as it's going to be…I don't know any girls…And you and Satoshi will want to dance together anyways and-"

"Are you asking him to be a brides maid?" asked Emiko with a broad grin.

"Yes…" said Leiko grinning nervously.

Naturally Daisuke was taken aback but soon enough he laughed. "Sure, why not? Might as well,"

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" said Leiko hugging him tightly.

No one noticed when Dark walked out, except for Drem who'd been watching the kaitou's face. Dark was clearly noting that fact that he would be the only one in the wedding unpaired, and he'd left silently. Drem sighed, but turned back to the conversation smiling. He was confident everything would work out.


Dark laid down on the bed of his hotel room. Naturally, he wouldn't refuse Leiko, especially not now that she'd found happiness. But, he knew for a fact, that the whole time his smile would be forced.

He sighed and closed his violet eyes. "This is an uncomfortable ass bed," he muttered.

"Bet I could make it more comfortable!" purred a familiar voice.

Dark barely made it out of the bed as it was impacted with a burst of energy that left it lacking to say the least. Half of it had been disintegrated.

He'd rolled onto his knees with a ball of energy in his hands ready to shoot. Before his eyes widened. "Krad?" he asked incredulously. "What the hell?!"

"I've been looking for you Dark mousy," said Krad smiling impishly. "And now I have you,"

Dark backed away. Krad was as beautiful as ever, and just as powerful it seemed. He was shocked to silence for a while before he narrowed his eyes turning around. "What's going on Krad? Have you decided to kill me? You can skip the theatrics, I'm not going to fight you." he said lowering his head and closing his eyes. "Take your shots if you want to."

He winced as Krad chuckled but he kept his eyes shut. He couldn't bear to see Krad betray him if that was what was to pass. Soon enough Krad's footsteps stopped and Dark felt Krad playing with his hair.

"My dear Dark Mousy." he said nibbling at Dark's neck. "You forget, you may be the thief, but I'm the hunter,"


"And it appears, dear kaitou, that I've caught you."

Dark's eyes shot open and he tugged his wrists which had been restrained with handcuffs. "You stole my heart Dark mousy, and I intend to catch yours,"

Dark smiled. "Well this is interesting. How did you get your powers back."

"Training dear mousy, training, I am a Hikari after all." said Krad nibbling Dark's shoulder which he'd mysteriously bared before Dark had even noticed his shirt had been unbuttoned.

"Mmm, and I'm a Niwa," said Dark wrapping his now unbound hands around Krad's waist. Krad smirked and pushed Dark onto the couch.

"I know, my thief."

"You're going to have to catch me first hunter," said Dark with a smirk.



"Damn." said Dark.

"What?" asked Satoshi.

"I thought when Leiko made Daisuke and Krad her bridesmaids-"

"I'm no where near dumb enough to try to make Krad wear a dress," said Leiko shoving Dark playfully.

"They're pretty enough," mused Dark.

"Don't push your luck Dark, you're not going to be so fortunate next time you sleep on the couch," growled Krad.

"Don't want to know, don't want to know, don't want to know," muttered Daisuke.

"It's okay Daisuke, we can traumatize them with our stories if they get too raunchy," said Satoshi pulling Daisuke to him.

"You forget, I was in Daisuke's mind for a long time, I know all his fantasies," said Dark smirking. "So have you two had any interesting adventures in the cell blocks at Satoshi's work?"

"Dark!" squeaked Daisuke.

"Cellblocks?" said Satoshi.

Krad rolled his eyes and pulled Dark to him. Dark turned and initiated a kiss. "Corny end line," murmured Dark.

"What?" asked Krad incredulously.

"I was thinking, that Leiko and Drem, and Daisuke and Satoshi were going to live happily ever after. They're a damned cliché." muttered Dark nuzzling Krad's neck.

"Mmm, we'll make our own clichés Dark Mousy, believe me," said Satoshi.

"I'll take your word for it hunter, at least now that I've stolen the last Hikari artwork," said Dark.

"Then I guess I'll be content to be a captive of the dark,"


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B. Heirs of Darkness and Light

Hikari Satoshi is the cool calm and collected Prince of Atlantis, Krad is the leader of his Royal Guard. As the crowned prince of Atlantis it's up to Satoshi to find a sacrifice for a demon that seeks to destroy his kingdom. The demon requests a pure sacrifice, a Niwa.

Daisuke and his half brother Dark live in the poor area of Atlantis, Dark as a thief, and Daisuke as a choir boy for a rich family. When Dark hears that a Niwa is to be used as a sacrifice he hides Daisuke the last place the Royal guards will look for him- In the palace as a servant boy, right under Satoshi's nose. Meanwhile, as a half-blooded Niwa Dark leads Krad on a chase all around the kingdom. Much Yaoi ensues.

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