---In More Ways Than One---


Okay I think this story is going to need quite a few author's notes because otherwise I think people may get the wrong impression as to why I'm writing this.

I got the idea for this concept when thinking on the differences between the past InuYasha/Kikyou relationship and the present time InuYasha/Kagome one- as in why IYKik failed where InuKag wouldn't. Takahashi puts a lot of influence on the fact that the tragedy was in great part their own doing for not trusting each other, but I wanted to show in this story flat out if I could that if it were InuYasha and Kagome in the exact situation- they would have come through.

So basically this is an alternate reality (I seem to like those. I already have one with "The Beginning of Tomorrow") the only difference being that Kagome is in the role of Kikyou- which of course- causes everything to change.

I had reservations about a couple things in this fic that I want to clear up:

1- Keeping Kaede as the younger sister was not something I wanted to do originally, but I feel that putting Souta in the role would alter things due to his well… extreme love for InuYasha in canon. I wanted to keep every element the same, but Kagome- so as odd as it is to have them related, Kaede remained the younger sister. That being said- she does refer to Kagome in a less formal way than she did Kikyou. Kagome's never been one to put up any front of formality, so I think that would carry over here.

2- Kikyou is one of my favorite characters in the series, and I am not trying to make her look bad with this story. The failure of InuYasha/Kikyou was just as much IY's fault as hers. It was because of flaws in the relationship- not in themselves. So please keep that in mind.

3- The first paragraph of this fic is the same as I used in my other alternate reality "The Beginning of Tomorrow." I did that on purpose- I wanted them to start the same because I liked the impact it gave. No, the two fics are not connected in any way shape or form, it's just a 'me thing.'

With that in mind- read, review, and enjoy.

---In More Ways Than One---


By Kelly O'Connor

Many hundreds of years ago there lived a powerful young Miko whose abilities surpassed even some of the most menacing youkai. Her heart was so pure, and her strength so great- that she was given the duty of protecting an infamous jewel called the Shikon no Tama. The Shikon no Tama was known across the lands as something of great evil and at the same time-- great good. In the right hands it could be an object of much benevolence, but in the wrong hands it could be evil enough to destroy the world.

Her name was Kagome- and she would be known not only for her role as one of the most powerful Miko of her time, but as part of another legend--- one involving her love for a boy, and his love for her in return.

The young boy was a Hanyou, half youkai, half-human--- son of a powerful inu-youkai lord and a human noblewoman. However despite his distinguished blood, he had been an outcast from society since the day he was birthed simply because he was he was of neither the world of youkai nor the world of humans.

In the years since his mother's death he'd come to the realization that he would always be alone- acceptance, love, and a life without loneliness- to him these were all idle hopes that he'd long since given up on chasing. Rumors of a jewel that could grant the possessor of it any wish they so desired brought him to the village of the guardian of the Shikon no Tama. With that coveted jewel he desired to become full youkai- to gain power, gain acceptance- the only way he felt he could wash the pain away.

And this became his goal, something he thought of as a dream he could accomplish, not just an idle hope.

Until he met her, the young woman who guarded the jewel, and became the other half of that legend. A legend of how together- a Miko and Hanyou were able to overcome far more than just the obstacles that stood before them, with the unshakeable love, trust, and devotion they came to share.


First Chapter Preview- First meetings, thwarted motivations, and Kagome's introductions.