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An Encore... Of Sorts.

Major Samantha Carter groaned, and stirred, a familiar sensation rising with a pit of dread in her stomach. She was flat on her back. Nearby, she could hear the groan that was unmistakably Daniel Jackson.

Fighting back rising panic, Sam held a hand in front of her face. Blinking rapidly to clear her vision, she was relieved to see that her hand was human and she wriggled her fingers experimentally in relief.

A groan to her side again and Sam turned, pulling herself to a sitting position with only a little difficulty from suddenly aching and protesting muscles. She felt a good bit like she'd been run over by a truck.

To her right, she could see Daniel curled onto his side, moaning, hands clasped tightly over his head. Wincing in sympathy, Sam tried to call, needing to swallow first before her voice would work.

"Daniel? You ok?" Her voice rasped, but carried. Daniel parted his fingers in front of his face as he peered at her blearily.

"Whoa, what hit us?" His eyes were squinted as he regarded her.

Sam decided to wait on answering the question while she tried to pull her scattered wits about her. Besides, she needed to check on the others.

"Teal'c? Colonel?" Sam's voice was stronger now.

"I am here Major Carter." Sam struggled to her knees and was able to see Teal'c to her left. So that left one more. Her eyes scanned the last place she'd remembered the Colonel being, but instead of the Colonel, a large brown shape loomed near the dais, which held the latest alien device SG-1 had discovered.

"Uh, guys... is that what I think it is?" Sam wavered to her feet as she called attention to the large lumpy shape. Teal'c had already started to approach it, staff weapon drawn while Sam did the same from the other side, her P-90 up and ready. Now behind her, Daniel struggled to his feet as well.

"Uh, Sam... I think..." Daniel was cut off as the large animal awoke with a snort, and all three of them moved back a step, just in case.

Large chocolate brown eyes regarded them blearily, and the beast blinked several times, swaying slightly.

"Moo?" It said.

Sam noticed that the large brown cow had a good amount of gray in its hair, and a sudden sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach made her look at the ground, where the remains of a green SG uniform and the Colonel's gear lay at the cow's feet.

"Sir?" She was hesitant in her query, even as Daniel and Teal'c began to cautiously approach the cow, both of them with realization slowly dawning on their faces.

"Moo!" The cow spoke again, and shook itself, blinking its large brown eyes at her. She knew that look. Oh crap.

Daniel was approaching the cow; the Colonel, Sam mentally corrected herself. He appeared to be enraptured. "Sam, this is incredible, I mean it's really unbelievable, it's..."

"Moo!" Jack interrupted, and they all recognized the tone. Daniel stopped immediately, blushing.

"Sorry Jack." Daniel shuffled, but he was still watching Jack in open curiosity.

"We better get back, this is going to take some explaining." Sam really wasn't looking forward to explaining to General Hammond how she had managed to let her commanding officer get turned into a cow. Somehow, she didn't think this would look good on her record.

"I agree Major Carter, we should make haste with our return. After we have appraised General Hammond of the situation, perhaps we should have lunch." Teal'c had interrupted Sam's musings, and she looked up at him puzzled until he continued. "I am thinking we should have a barbeque later, I enjoy the food you call hamburgers."

If a cow could look angry, Jack was doing a great job as he let out an indignant "Moooo!" and stomped a hoof for good measure.

Daniel blinked, pushing his glasses up on his nose. "What about ribs Teal'c? Barbeque ribs sound really good right about now." Daniel was looking around the room innocently.

Sam looked from one man to the other, and than to the clearly furious cow between them, and a small smile started to tug at the corners of her lips. Memories of a time not long after her recent transformation surfaced, reminding her of how many times she'd found cat toys and other jokes and gags left around for her to find. The opportunity was too sweet to resist. Deliberately, Sam finished gathering up her supplies, before straightening leisurely. "I don't know Daniel," she said slowly, "I think a nice big juicy steak would be even better."

"Indeed Major Carter, I believe I am in agreement with you." Teal'c had also loaded up his gear and started to head for the gate.

"Oh, and guys for desert, we can have cookies and a big glass of ice cold milk." Daniel was ignoring the dirty looks that Jack was sending his way, heading out the door as well.

Sam didn't waste any time in following, trusting that the Colonel would be right behind them. "Actually, guys, I'm thinking I want a nice slice of cheesecake."

The others agreed, adding in suggestions for various other dairy containing deserts, effectively drowning out the angry sounding "Moo!" from behind them. Daniel dialed the gate, the chevrons glowing and locking into place as the gate spun.

The wormhole engaged, the iris code was sent, and SG-1 headed towards the open wormhole, still making lunch plans, seemingly oblivious to the very mad cow following slowly behind them.

"Ooh, what about roast beef?" Daniel suggested.

"I don't know, I was thinking of a nice London Broil myself." Sam argued.

"Got milk?" The deep rumble was from Teal'c, and the other two dissolved into giggles as the three stepped through the gate.

Alone for the moment on the planet, one brown and gray speckled cow blinked slowly several times. "Moo?" Jack spoke to no one in particular. "Moo," he grumbled again at the audacity of his teammates, before passing through the gate. Steaks his ass! They just wait; he'd show them who had the milk!

A/N: And now you see the danger of the power of that late night slice of cheesecake... If you get a chance this fall, try the Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.... MMMMMM..... You can also get a slice at the Starbucks inside of Barnes and Nobles stores. Yummy... Cheesecake... steak... ribs... (runs and hides)