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X-Men Evolution: Turning Point

Part I

"I've told you before," WHACK! The sound of a fist connecting with flesh rang in the air, dancing around the room. "I'm in charge." A twist of the wrist and the crack of bone breaking and a muffled cry. "I make the rules." Another punch, this time to the gut, a rib cracked, the break confirmed by the pain. "And you will follow them." The bruised and battered body was thrown into the room, hitting the wall with a painful thud. The door closed and locked, the darkness engulfing the space. The sound of footsteps going down the hall slowly and a sigh of relief was released. It wasn't as bad this time, it had been worse, it could've been worse.

Remy slid down the wall, sitting on the floor cross-legged, nursing his broken wrist and holding his side. It was something Jean-Luc had mentioned before Remy had been taken by Magneto. When rules were broken there had to be punishment. At first Magneto seemed reluctant, but that was Erik, not Magneto. After a while it was clear Magneto was enjoying it. The 'punishments' became more frequent, the Cajun found himself breaking rules he didn't even know existed. Eventually Magneto stopped hiding it, rather than focus his abuse on concealed areas of the body, such as Remy's legs, back, chest and arms, Magneto was growing bolder, causing cuts to Remy's face, bruising the delicate features of a once flawless face. It was only recently that the breaks started. Bones crushed under pressure, the strength behind most of the blows just told Remy more about the fact that Magneto was no longer doing this because it was upheld by Jean-Luc. Magneto liked having power over someone; he liked the feeling he got when Remy just couldn't fight back. Of course this caused the others to notice the strange markings. John and Piotr had made a big deal of it but both Magneto and Sabertooth, who also took some pleasure in beating on Remy whenever Magneto was really pissed, had disregarded it. Remy had been very grateful about their concern, but it was pointless. Remy hardly ever spent time around the mansion anymore; it didn't feel like he should even be there anymore.

There was a sound at the door and red eyes shot up. He hadn't heard anyone coming. The door was being unlocked, but it was being unlocked manually. Remy winced, Sabertooth was much worse company than Magneto, and personally Remy would rather face Magneto again tonight than have Sabertooth pay him a visit at all.

"LeBeau?" A head came around the door and once more there was a sigh from the Cajun.

"Piotr?" The thief stood, wincing slightly, "Der will be trouble if you be found here, mon ami." Piotr shook his head.

"John and I have decide, it's time you were out of here Gambit." Remy frowned. Leave? He had tried, several times but for some reason he always ended up back at the mansion, with Erik being mad, and all those times Creed had made sure Remy knew not to try it again. Which he would, and so it would be repeated. Maybe Remy should've just learnt his lesson the first time. "I've got a key to your window, John's going to open the garage, you take that bloody bike of yours and get the hell away from here. You got that Cajun?" Remy didn't get why Piotr would think he would do anything else. Mind you he did always end up back here, it just took a few weeks.

"Don' worry non, dis Cajun know when it be time to take his leave." Piotr nodded once, moving to the window. The giant male opened the window, moving to let Remy climb through, gingerly.

"Hope I never see you again, LeBeau." Remy nodded, smiling a little at other man. Piotr left Remy's room, which was in the sense of it more of a cell, and headed down the hall again. Remy jumped out the window, landing a little less gracefully than he normally would've have.

"Gambit, that you?" Remy rolled his eyes. Had it been Magneto or Sabertooth they would definitely know something was up now.

"Oui, 'though I t'ink you should be grateful for that, feu-demarreur." John nodded, pulling Remy's bike out of the bushes.

"Man do I hope you get gone this time." John said, giving the French thief a pat on the back. "Don't want to be seeing you around here again man, not ever!" Remy shook his head.

"Merci, keep your 'eads down. Der be trouble for you both if it found out you helped Remy leave." John nodded, and Remy didn't stick around for the last goodbyes. Kicking the bike to life Remy drove off on the bike, trying to steer with his good hand alone. The Cajun knew where he was heading first. A hospital.

- - -

"But Rogue, it'll be fun!" The goth shook her head again, ignoring the pleas from her friends. "Why? Why don'tcha wanna come?" Evan moaned, kneeing beside the sofa on which Rogue was lying, reading a book.

"What's tha point? Y'all know that ah don't like crowds. Ah'd rather just sit here with mah book thanks." She answered, not looking up from what she was reading. Kurt looked at what it was she was reading anyway.

"Another book on Vampires?" He exclaimed. "Rogue, dis is the fourth one dis week!" The southern belle sighed, resting her book against her knees.

"So what? Ah like reading about them." She looked around the crowd. Bobby, Amara, Kitty, Kurt and Evan were all trying to get her to go to another party with them, but she seriously wasn't in the mood. "Why don't y'all go out an have fun. Ah'll just stay here an have fun by mah self as well. Everyone wins."

"X-Men to the Black-Bird hanger. Suit up." Kitty sighed after hearing Professor Xavier. Rogue put her book down on the sofa and made her way to the hanger, stopping by her room to change into her uniform.

"If I find out Lance had anything to do with this, like, I am so going to dump him." Rogue shook her head.

"No ya won't. Y'all are totally into each other. Ya'll just argue some more." Kitty laughed at Rogue's comment; the two female X-Men arrived in the hanger just as the others did. "What's goin' on?" Rogue asked as the Professor entered with Logan behind him, the Wolverine suited up to go as well. The whole team was being dispatched for this one.

"Is there another prospective mutant on the loose?" Scott asked, they had picked up three in the last two weeks, all of the teens joining the Institute to train their abilities.

"No, we have been seeing some strange behaviour from one mutant. He is currently in some danger and I wish for you all to help him." Everyone shrugged, seemingly agreeing to help.

"Professor, we, like, totally wanna help. Why wouldn't we?" Kitty asked in her own perky nature, causing Kurt to laugh.

"Ja, we are like totally there." The German agreed.

"Hold up there fuzz. Don't you all wanna know who this mutant is?" Logan asked, arms folded over his chest. The younger X-Men all realised then that it really hadn't mattered who it was. It could've been Lance, Pietro, Todd or Fred. It might have been Juggernaut for all they knew. The question of who it was hadn't passed through their minds.

"I don't think any of us were really bothered." Jean replied, wondering if Professor Xavier was going to be angry with them. She almost laughed, Professor Xavier wouldn't be mad, or angry, Logan might but not the Professor.

"As much as it relieves me how much you care about doing the right thing. This time you must all take into consideration whether you wish to go on this mission or not. Myself, Logan and Ororo have agreed that this is all up to you." Scoot began to worry.

"Professor, who is it?" If the Professor wanted them to think carefully about helping someone, anyone, then there had to be a reason for it.


"That Swamp Rat?" Rogue asked, shocked. "Why would he even ask for our help?"

"Yeah, usually he just manipulates someone into doing what he wants." Evan added. Gambit had the Midas touch, a forte if you will, when it came to manipulation; he was almost as good as Mystique.

"That's the thing, he hasn't asked for our help, but he needs it." Storm said from the other side of the Professor. "Now is when you see if you can help someone, even someone who appears to be the enemy, even if they haven't asked for help." Storm said to them. This was test of sorts? Kitty sucked up a breath then let it out.

"Well, like, I don't care what he's done. I will, like, totally go and help him." Kitty argued. She seemed set on helping; Rogue looked at her roommate and friend. If Kitty could put Gambit's past actions behind her then surely Rogue could too. Right?

"I'm going too." Scott said, that sealed the deal for Rogue.

"Yeah, ah'm in." Kitty beamed at the streak haired girl, it was clear Kitty was proud.

"Sure, vhy not? I don't have other plans." Kurt added. The rest of the group nodded, saying they would also go to help Gambit, although Evan was rather miffed at having to help the egotistical male.

"Good. I'll send the co-ordinates, be careful, I don't know what it is that Gambit is running…" The Professor trailed off, his face going slack before a look of sheer agony crossed the telepath's features. "Argh!"

"Professor!" Jean ran to kneel in front of Xavier. "Professor, what's wrong?"

"Go, you must go now." He croaked out, not opening his eyes. "Gambit must be in serious trouble. Go, quickly!" Scott didn't wait to be told again.

"Okay X-Men, let's move!" They all rushed onto the Black-Bird, Hank appearing to tend to the Professor as Jean made her way to the jet just before it took off.

"I fear that they may be too late, Hank." The large blue Doctor sighed.

"The world of demons is a frightful place for the young." Charles nodded.

"Yes, and I suspect Gambit's demons are only just hatching." The Beast looked at the older man in the chair.

"You mean you don't know what it is that Gambit is facing?" Charles shook his head.

"No my friend. Gambit is very good at keeping his thoughts locked away. It was only recently that they started to reach me. I do not receive memory's or thoughts. Only pain and anger from him. Something is troubling him, Hank. And I worry that it may destroy him as well."

- - -

When the Black-Bird landed at the spot where the Professor and Hank had sent them there was nothing but open grass and trees surrounding it.

"You think we missed him?" Kitty asked, looking around the area. Logan got out the jet and sniffed at the air.

"No, he's still here. I can smell him." Logan didn't sound too pleased to be there. Fact was that he didn't care much for helping the Cajun. He didn't care much for helping any of Magneto's cronies.

"Look!" Rogue pointed past a few trees. "There's smoke. Y'all think maybe this was a trap? That fire could've be Pyro." Rogue looked from Storm to Scott and then to Logan. Once more the Wolverine sniffed the air, looking for something more specific.

"That wasn't no fire-starter, that was a crash. I smell gas," he paused, giving another sniff, as if to be sure of something, "and Sabertooth." Scott turned to him.

"So it was a trap." Logan didn't answer.

"Storm, fly on ahead, see if Magneto's hanging around. We'll make way through the trees." The weather witch nodded and took off with a gust of wind, heading for the area near the smoke. The rest of the team ran through the trees, all with the feeling that they had been set up by Magneto and Gambit again. Storm's voice over the communicators changed that quickly.

"Logan, get here quick. Gambit and Sabertooth are fighting." Kitty gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. Rogue frowned, why would the swamp rat start something between one of his own? Unless they weren't his own anymore?

Wolverine and the others arrived just in time to see Gambit get thrown against a tree and a log get thrown at Storm. The woman moved out the way easily, but she didn't notice the other log heading for her. Scott was just about to blast it when it blew up in a flash of yellow. Gambit knelt on the grass, cards in hand. Sabertooth growled, grabbing the French man by the throat.

"Ain't you learn yet?" Gambit winced in pain as Sabertooth lifted him by his throat, pinning him against the tree.

"Let him go." Scott said, the rest of the X-Men standing beside him. "Or we'll make you." Sabertooth just laughed.

"Look's like it's the runt bunch to the rescue." Turning back towards Gambit he sneered. "I've had my fun. Be seeing ya." Sabertooth's claws scratched along Gambit's face before the Cajun was dropped to the ground on his knees as Sabertooth dashed off through the trees. Logan took off after the fleeing Sabertooth while Storm took to the sky, following that way. Rogue was the first to approach Gambit.

"Ya alright, Swamp Rat?" She asked, trying to mask her concern. Gambit didn't look up. Rogue sighed. "Look Gambit, we're just trying ta…" The girl trailed off, looking down at Gambit she noticed he was shaking, panting for breath and in clear pain. "Remy?" Rogue dropped to her knees and wrapped an arm around the Cajun's shoulders. What she hadn't expected was for Gambit to recede from her touch.

"What's up?" Kitty asked, stopping in front of the two kneeling mutants. Rogue shrugged and then used a gloved hand to force Remy to face her. When he did she almost cried. His face was cut and small bruises littered his cheek and jawbone. His usually fiery red eyes were dulled and he was pale. There was no way this was just a result of an attack by Sabertooth.

"Cajun, what've they done to ya?" Remy barely even registered that it was Rogue holding him before he passed out, his head falling to her shoulder as his body went limp.

"Logan, Storm, you better get back here. Gambit's in a bad way."

- - -

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