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Larnia sat on the edge of the hospital bed as the doctor gave her a final once over, to satisfy himself that she was fit enough to leave their care. Nodding to himself, he checked her pulse, breathing, blood pressure and huffed at the way the cut to her leg was healing.
"Well, Ms Shea, it appears that you are well enough to leave. I would, however, advise against any strenuous activity for several days, at least until the stitches have been removed from your wound," the doctor told her, smiling as he indicated she was free to leave. Jim Street stood by the door, looking particularly fit in jeans and a snug fitting black t-shirt, and moved to offer her his arm as support when she got up off the bed. She suppressed the twinge of pain she felt as she put weight on her leg, knowing she'd have to get used to it until the injury was properly healed. She took Jim's arm, grateful for the support, and the paid slowly made their way down to the car park, and Jim's car.
"Jim, how much do your team mates know about me? About us?"
"Only that we were married, and what you told them at the Anson Building. Why?" he asked, wondering about the reason for her question.
"So they don't know Brian was my half brother? Or about Dani? I can't remember half of what I said," she confessed, as she got into the car and tried to find a comfortable position.
"I don't think they heard the bit about Brian, you were pretty quiet by that point baby. It was after you asked the question that you passed out from the blood loss," Street told her, starting the car and heading towards the exit. They didn't speak for a while as they drove and it was only when they pulled onto his driveway that Larnia realised where they were.
"Jim..." she began, stopping when he reached over a placed his finger against her lips.
"I'm not taking any arguments Lar. I have a spare room here. You can crash for as long as you want, no strings, but I'm not about to abandon you again."
"Thanks Jimmy," she said simply, accepting his help without argument.
"Come on, you could probably do with some proper food," he laughed, hiding his confusion at her easy acceptance of his offer of help. The Larnia he knew would have argued for a good hour or more before accepting help, and he wondered just what had happened in the 5 years since they'd parted ways. Brushing aside his doubts, he helped her out of the car and into the house, knowing he'd get his answers eventually.


Corin watched the apartment block where Larnia lived well into the night, wondering where she was and why she had not come home. He knew she had been released from the hospital and that one of the SWAT officers had given her a lift, but he had assumed she would be coming straight home to then make contact with him. He reasoned that perhaps she had been unable to come home, for fear that the police were still watching her, and had opted for another location to lay low until their meeting. The fact that she had not returned home was an annoyance to Corin, as he had planned to confront her as soon as she got back and take what he needed, then dispose of her quickly and quietly. He consoled himself with the fact that, in less than 48 hours, he would be a very rich man living in a country with a temperate climate and no extradition treaty with the USA. He amused himself with fantasies of his new lifestyle while he waited for the only loose end to make herself available to die.


The smell of well done steak and mashed potatoes with cheese slowly wafted into the living room of Jim Street's apartment, making Larnia's mouth water and her stomach grumble. She smiled to herself, remembering how Jim had always insisted on cooking whenever he could, and some of the crazy dishes he'd come up with. She curled up on the sofa in sweat pants and an old Iron Maiden t-shirt, still trying to get her head around the events of the past few days and the shocks she had gotten, the most recent of which being the discovery that Jim had kept the things she had left behind at their old house. Some items of clothing, including the ones she now wore, as well as a few bits of jewellery and some tatty books had spent the past 5 years nearly packed away in a box, which he had hidden in his closet and never let anyone see. The faint scent of Jim on the clothes told her that he had not just left them in the box, and made her wonder how often he'd thought of her since she left. She wasn't about to admit it to him, but she'd seen him on television the day Alex Montel had made his crazy offer to the waiting press, and she'd even gone so far as to pick up the phone, ready to call the cell number she knew still belonged to him. She never made the call, afraid of what his reaction would be to her reappearance in his life, but she admitted to herself now that her feelings for him had not changed. She wondered whether he'd ever had the marriage dissolved, given that they had been separated for so many years, and her hand strayed to the necklace she always wore, her fingers finding the plain gold band which hung from the chain. Corin knew of it, he'd been told the sad story of how she'd lost her husband and child in a home invasion that was the cover story which went with the new identity she'd been given, that of Lara Shea. She vaguely recalled telling Jim of her new identity just before she passed out, and the drivers license in her purse had been used to confirm her identity.

Her musing was interrupted by Jim entering the room, carrying 2 large plates heaped with food, one of which he handed to her. The TV in the corner remained switched off as Jim settled onto the sofa next to his wife and they both dived into their food with abandon. Neither spoke while they ate, content to simply share each other's company in a comfortable silence while they organised their scattered thoughts. They finished their meal, Jim clearing up their plates and putting them into the dishwasher before returning to the living room and settling back onto the sofa beside his wife.
"So…" Jim started to say, unsure where to start on what he wanted to say.
"I still…." She began at the same time, stopping to try and articulate what she had in her heart.
"When you left, it felt like my world came to an end. In the space of a few months, I lost everything; our home, our child and the woman I loved. Brian convinced me to apply for the force but it took time to get my life back to some semblance of normality," he told her, not wanting to hurt her with his words but needing her to know how he'd felt.
"I know Jimmy, and I'm sorry. I think, in a way, when I left I was trying to punish myself for what happened. I felt like I had to leave, that I didn't deserve to have you when I couldn't even protect our child," she sobbed, her tears flowing freely as she finally admitted to him her guilt and pain. He gathered her into his arms, his tears mingling with hers as the grief that had driven them apart finally brought them together to complete the healing process. They cried themselves out, letting their tears carry away all the pain, the anger and the heartache they had both been carrying with them. He pulled away slightly, looking her in the eye as he reached up and gently lifted the chain out from beneath her t-shirt, his thumb brushing lightly against the cold metal of her slender wedding band.
"I can't believe you kept this," he murmured, tilting his head to one side as he looked at her.
"I rarely take it off, and when I do, it goes on that chain so it's always with me," she confessed, looking down at her clenched hands so she wouldn't have to look at him. She tried to calm herself but being this close to him was difficult, even after all the time that had passed and the heartache she had been through. Every minute of every day, her soul had mourned the losses of her child and her husband, and now that she was so close to him again, she couldn't think clearly and felt as if she was suffocating. She pulled away, knowing she would do something they'd both regret if she didn't put some distance between them. As she rose to her feet, she twisted her injured leg and stumbled. Jim reached out to steady her but it was too late and she fell, her momentum and his unbalanced position causing him to be pulled from his seat as he fell with her. Somehow, he managed to turn himself so that he landed first, helping to cushion her fall as she landed against him. They looked at each other for the briefest moment before their lips met and the dam that had held their emotions in check crumbled. The tide of passion, desire and need flooded them and they kissed as though their very lives depended on it...

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