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Chapter One-

Kagome walked down the street, her eyes looking everywhere. She held a black handbag, and she wore a light blue, long sleeved buttoned shirt. Her skirt trailed up only up to her knees. She admired the noise around her, the beeping of cars, and the screaming of little children. She stopped walking, and looked at her wristwatch.

'Two o'clock...where is he?'

She tapped her foot impatiently, and folded her arms.

'He's always late for some reason.'

Her face grew annoyed, and she stared up into the blue sky. Birds flew over her, when a scream was heard. Her head snapped back down, towards the scream. She looked around, afraid, and then she saw a crowd forming around something. Kagome hurried towards it. She pushed her way through the crowd, and stopped on her position. Her eyes widened, and she clasped a hand to her mouth.

It was Kouga, her boy friend, and he was holding another girl's wrist. Kagome stared at the girl, and then back at Kouga, who didn't notice that she was there.

"You promised, Kouga, that you would marry me! You wouldn't let yourself to another girl."

The girl had tears pouring out of her eyes now, and she was begging him.

"I know, Ayame baby, but I have Kagome now."

"What is she to you? I am worth more than her! I lost my virginity for you, so you would marry me!"

The crowd gasped, and Kouga looked around them. His eyes wandered around, and then he caught Kagome's eyes.


Kagome shook her head, and the crowd made way for her to back away.

"Is she the one, Kouga?" Ayame thrust out a finger in her direction, while she was clinging to his arm.

Kouga stared at Ayame, then back at Kagome.

"Kagome let me explain..."

He held out a hand to grab her wrist, but she backed away violently. Kagome couldn't speak, tears from at the edges of her eyes, and then she ran off. Kouga ran after her, but then Ayame held on to him.

Kagome ran on and on, never caring about anything. Thoughts raced through her mind, memories of her and Kouga, and the ones that they spent together. Tears flowed freely, and her hair flowed freely. Her feet hurt after a while, and then she came to a full stop, stopping next to a phone booth. She caught her breath, and leaned onto the booth for support.

'Who should I call?'

She opened the door to the booth, and slowly stepped in. Her hair covered her eyes, and she reached for the phone. She inserted money for the call, and then tears flowed more freely. Kouga was the guy that she had loved almost all her life. They had met in high school, and they dated until now. It was already ten years. Kagome's finger punched in his number, each one shaking. It took a while, and then Kouga picked up.


Kagome whimpered, biting back her lip.

"Is this Kagome?"

Ayame's voice was heard in the background, moaning.

Kagome closed her eyes, and tears dropped onto the floor.

"Kagome, where are you? I am so worried...tell me where you are!"

Kagome whispered a no, and then she collapsed onto the floor of the booth, and the phone dangled from the cord. She held her head on her knees, and she sobbed. Kouga closed the phone with a click, and she sobbed harder.

'No one cares for me anymore...no one does...'

She sat there for a while, and then rain rained hard outside of the booth. She listened to the rattling of the rain against the booth, and watched as cars passed by.

'I need to get home, Sango will be worried.'

Kagome forced herself off the ground, and she picked up the phone again. She placed it back into its original place, and then she picked it up, and dialed again, this time, Sango's number. She wiped the tears on the back of her sleeve, and then sniffed as she waited for Sango to pick up on her cell phone.


Kagome wanted to speak, but it was stuck in her throat.

"Is this Kagome? Kagome, honey, you have to go home. Where are you?"

Kagome drew in deep breaths.

"I-I don't know, I'm lost."

"Kagome, do you want me to get to you by car?"

"Thanks, S-Sango that would be great."

"What street are you on?"

Kagome glanced outside, and she stared hard at the street sign.

"I-its 194 street." (I really don't know how Japan names its streets, so please forgive me.)

"Don't move, Kagome. Miroku, Shippou, and I will get you in five minutes!"

Sango closed her cell with a click, and Kagome slowly placed the phone back into the receiver. She stood in the booth and waited.

Sango came thirty minutes later, and she got out of the car quickly, and hurried towards the phone booth under a pink umbrella. She ran in front of the phone booth, and knocked on it hard. Kagome woke up, and noticed that it was Sango. Sango opened the door, and Kagome hugged her the minute she opened it. Tears welled up again, and Sango stroked her hair.

"It's all right, Kagome, we are here for you."

Kagome nodded, she hugged her harder. Miroku came out of the car, in a dark blue umbrella, and Shippou was on his shoulder. He walked towards, them, and then placed the umbrella over them.

"Kagome, no need to cry over Kouga, there are plenty of other men in the world."

"Yeah, Kagome! There are plenty of other guys that deserve you more than that Kouga!"

Kagome let go of Sango and nodded. She looked at them and smiled. She sniffed, and then the rain stopped.

"Thanks guys, you are always there for me."

"We are your friends, you know." Sango said.

"I'm hungry, where to now?" Shippou jumped from Miroku's shoulder to Kagome's.

"Where else? My bar of course, we can eat something there." Miroku reached a hand out, and managed to touch Sango.

Sango turned away from Kagome, and ran after Miroku, with her handbag, and then started to chase him around the block.

Kagome and Shippou giggled, and Kagome ran after them.

"Hey, guys, wait for me!"

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