Welcome to "Legacy of the Homecross", a Wild Arms fanfic from long ago. This story was written over 5 years ago, back when Final Fantasy VII and even Wild Arms itself were still relatively new. My writing style has changed considerably since then, and even I don't agree with all the content in my work. Still, it's sure to bring back memories, and maybe even causing you to pop out the old Playstation Disc and take

Remember, since LOTH was created back in 1999, this story will ignore any developments that might've occurred in Wild Arms 2 & 3. If you ready for the ride, then hold on tight, 'cause Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, and Hanpan are dashing after another dream...!



Yanna rushed down the hallway with a baby in her arms.

She was panting exhaustedly, yet she still struggled to keep her baby warm. The piece of red cloth wasn't enough material to heat the child.

At an intersection, two guards caught up with her. "Hand the child to us, Ms. Fallon," the leading one commanded.

"Never!" she shouted back. "You'll never take him from me!" She shifted the baby to one arm, leaving her free to draw her knife. She lunged. The weapon cut into the guard's flesh. The other guard started to lift his weapon, but he found his hand injured by the tossed blade. He clutched his hand in pain, and Yanna took this opportunity to deliver a quick kick to his side. The guard fell down, and Yanna retrieved the knife. She resumed her travel.

More soldiers were starting to seek her, but she still managed to elude them. But she couldn't keep it up for much longer. Eventually, one of them would confront her.

She had reached the escape pods, and had strapped the child in. "My precious son..." she said to him. The child was confused, he kept looking back and forth in terror. She wrapped the cloth tighter around him. "Don't cry, my darling. Where you're going, you'll be safe from them." She had sealed the pod, and was startled by a young man with a bright violet dagger.

"You're so possessive, Yanna," he cooed menacingly, bringing his dagger up. "That child isn't even technically yours."

"I created him, so therefore it's mine!" she insisted. Her finger moved toward the launch button.

"Don't!" the man said. Yanna continued, and sent the pod out. Without another word, she smiled and gave the man the old one-finger salute. The man gnashed his teeth.

"I'll make sure you never see tomorrow!" he screamed in rage.

"Let's go, you bastard!" she challenged. Their daggers clashed with a glint of light...

Years passed...

Wild Arms: Legacy of the Holmcross

By Reid M. Haynes (RisanF)