Rudy regained consciousness about the same time as the others.

"Where are we?" he asked the others.

"I think we're at Filgaia." Vassim observed trough the window.

They all climbed out of the pod. They were in an open field somewhere around Ka Dingal. The grass held the dew of a resent rain.

"So we made it," Gladius said out loud.

"This is Filgaia?" Chimera looked around in awe. "It's beautiful..."

They all walked a little way in the field.

"So Vassim, you'll be returning to the Elw Dimension?" Rudy questioned him.

"I guess," he said with disapproval. "Look's like I'll be back at my villa again.

"Not exactly..." Rudy had a twinkle in his eye. "Your debt's cleared. You're free to go back to the village anytime."

"All right!" Vassim startled the group. "This kicks ass!" He promptly shut his mouth, horrified at what he just said. Chimera snickered.

"Hey Rudy," Gladius said to Rudy. "Isn't someone waiting for you?"

Suddenly, Rudy dashed off to the Protowing. He grabbed the controls.

"Wait for us!" Vassim and the others jumped onto the Protowing, and they all jetted off.


Jack was in his room at the inn when Rudy burst in.

Although he was very relieved to see that his friend was back, he was man enough not to show it. "Hey, kid," he said simply, feigning casualness. "You almost missed dinner."

He wasn't too surprised when Rudy embraced him. "Okay! Okay!" he shouted. "I missed you too. Now, will knock it off?" Rudy released him.

"Where's Cecilia?" he said, looking around almost panicked.

"Oh, probably staring at the stars from some cliff." He dismissed the question as if it were of no importance. "You know how girls are." Jack threw in a wink for good measure.

"I happen to like looking at stars on cliffs," Rudy defended her.

"Gee, that would make you a girl, now wouldn't it," Jack chuckled good-naturedly.

"Oh, stop it Jack," the little blue pest from his pocket snarled. Rudy left before they started up.


Jack was right after all. Cecilia was, in fact, staring at the stars from some cliff. She was as he first saw her: long, flaxen-hued hair cutting to her waist like a mane of gold. Her clothes were rippling in the breeze, though she herself remained stoic to the chill of the air. She was like a white shade: beautiful yet mysterious all at the same time.

Rudy watched her, thinking how best to greet her. With a simple tap on the shoulder? Naaaa, that was way too shallow. Too calm. Too much like Jack. He simply opted to scream her name at the top of his lungs.

Cecilia almost jumped. When she looked behind her, her eyes lit up with pure joy. "Rudy!" she called out, running to him. He caught her in his arms and spun her around. When he finally put her down, she asked him, "How did it go?"

He smiled. "Success," he responded. "Filgaia is safe."

She moved closer to him. "I'm glad," she whispered, pressing up against Rudy.

"That Filgaia is safe?" he asked her.

"Yes...but mostly because you're alright," she said.

They looked into each other's eyes. This would be a good time to tell her, Rudy thought.

"I forgot to tell you something before I left," he began, fighting the shyness that was threatening to overcome him.

"What?" Her eyes widened, her ears pricked up as if she were hoping he'd say what she dearly wanted him to.

He leaned in closer, inhaling deeply.

"I love you, Cecilia," Rudy told her.

She looked at him with a delighted look on her face, like a little girl on her birthday. "Rudy..." Her eyes squinted, heavy from the tears that filled them. Her smile could brighten the universe.

He pulled her close and kissed her lips. They held the kiss for a long time.

When their lips broke apart, Rudy took her hand. "Follow me. I have some...friends I want you to meet."

She smiled, and they started to walk down the cliff side, hand in hand, when a loud crash from the inn stopped then.

"Now look what you did, you piece of blue sh..." a familiar voice yelled out.

"Watch your mouth, punk!" a high-pitched voice piped up. "Or I'll chew a hole in your ass!"

"Ooooo, Hanpan's talkin' dirty!" Jack snapped back.

"Don't believe me?" They heard a loud snap, and a horrific scream.

"Why you little..."

"You asked for it, you..." Hanpan continued with some very naughty words, some of which start with the letter F.

"That does it!" Jack screamed out. "I'm gonna have to make you my pet!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"I'll feed you little green pellets, and keep you in a cage all day! I'll call you 'shnooky wookie.'"

"NO! Not THAT!"

"Oh come on. You'll get a nice exercise wheel if you act nice about it!"

More struggle.

"HA! I'm kickin' your ass. Some Fast Draw expert you are!"

Rudy and Cecilia looked at each other.

"Get Jane down there," Cecilia said coldly. "Tell her to bring her ARM with her...just in case."

They looked at each other, and smiled.


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