A/N: This was the first WTB? fic I wrote, so it may be a little heavy on the cliched moments, but we all have to start somewhere. It starts with "Savor The Veal III" and continues from there. Hope you like it!

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Chapter 1

The house was quiet. Tony stood at the door, finger poised over the doorbell, heart pounding. He knew he shouldn't be nervous – not with her, but... No, he'd quit his job, kissed his daughter goodbye and hopped on the first flight east. He'd made up his mind but doubts still troubled him, keeping him from ringing the bell. Angela – his heart jumped at being so near to her. Could he stand it if she wouldn't let him back into her life? He knew he had hurt her by picking a job over her, but at the time... He didn't want to resent her and he sure as hell didn't want her resenting him and she had told him she was – or was starting to at least. He blamed himself – he was so busy convincing himself that they were happy that he ignored the signs, the feeling that she was unhappy. And then he'd lost her. The one thing he feared the most. All those years spent pretending he didn't want her because of the possibility of trying and failing... and then it had happened. Worse, he let it happen for a stupid job. Well, actually a fantastic job, but nothing compared to her. He took a deep breath, resolved to see it through, and rang the bell.

Angela stepped out of the bath with a sigh. Another lonely night at home. Another day spent pretending her life was fine. Another housekeeper fired. She wished... No. She wasn't going there again. Tony had made his choice – and she had made hers. No matter how much she loved him, and she did, she needed to work and be successful in order to feel complete. And she had missed her family – Jonathan, Mother, and Sam - even the house. She needed these things in her life. She would learn to live without Tony. At least that's what she kept telling herself. Her heart wasn't convinced. It was getting hard to ignore the ache inside. The one that began with that conversation in Tony's Iowa office and intensified as she packed her things and hugged him goodbye, briefly, and walked out the door. He had looked so bewildered, so sad, and so lost. But she couldn't live like that and she certainly couldn't ask him to give up his dream. He'd given up too many dreams already. She threw on a ratty old robe and sighed again. Sometimes there were no perfect solutions. Maybe someday the pain would go away.

The doorbell rang as she pulled on her socks. When it rang again she let out a breath of frustration and headed for the stairs calling out, "Jonathan, would you please answer that door?" Silence. Then the bell rang again. "Mother," she called beginning her descent. "Is anybody home?" The room was empty and the bell was ringing again. Adjusting the towel on her head, she reached for the door hoping the person on the other side wasn't a business associate. The greeting died on her lips as she focused on the man standing outside. Her breath caught in her lungs as she gasped in shock, "Tony?"