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Summary: I hated this new kid with a fury, he had hardly said a word to Sam, and yet she's already head over heels for him, what's this Goth have that I don't?! Okay so besides the fact he's not a halfa....I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!

I Can't Take It

Chapter One: The New Kid

Homeroom, it's never fun, but when you have you're two best friends in you're class it makes all the difference.

"So Danny, did you do all your English homework over the weekend?" Sam asked me.

I grinned at her, "Nooo." I trailed off.

Tucker and Sam laughed. I liked it when Sam laughed, she's mostly very gloomly, but when she laughed....

"Well, are you even passing...." Tucker was cut off by Lancer.

"Hello, students." Said Lancer, "We have a new student."

Great, I thought to myself, a new kid. Sam and Tucker looked to the door to watch him come in; I on the other hand, was finishing up unfinished homework from the other night.

"Sam...Sam...Sam!" Why wasn't she hearing me?

"Look!" Dash said to his other moron friends, "Another Goth!"

I glanced over at Sam and it looked like... "Oh no."

"OMYGOD!" She said, "He's so perfect!"

"This is Matthew Simpson." Lancer said looking around the room, "Mr. Simpson, please take a seat next to Ms. Manson in the back."

He came and sat next to Sam, Tucker introduced himself, and he didn't say anything. Sam just, just kept looking at him.

I turned away from him and Sam, but why am I so jealous? I mean, so what Sam has a crush on this new kid, it isn't a big deal. The bell for first period rang, and we all went to class.

The first 4 periods came and went, and lunchtime was here, and Sam...well she ditched us for him.

"What's wrong with Sam? Just cause this new kid came she's got to ditch us for him?" I glared at them sitting at the table across the cafeteria.

"Well she really likes him who could blame her?" Tucker said as he took another bite of his sloppy joe.

"Tucker, she just met him, how could she like him?" He looked at Sam, and then Matthew, still not speaking.

"Hold on." She said to him and walked over to us.

"Hey guys..." She said, with somewhat of a sad smile.

I didn't look at her, "What?" I asked, I didn't mean to be so cold, but I was mad.

"Well I wanted to tell you about Matthew..."She said putting her hands behind her back.

And here I was thinking she was going to forget him, "I really don't want to hear about your crush," I got up, "Samantha..." Why am I acting like such a prick!

Author's Notes: It's short, but I don't want to stick everything into the first chapter.