Author's Note: Not really a point to this I've just always wanted to make an epilogue in a story. Also, second scene, I didn't want to elaborate on because's a surprise for the VERY distant future! And another also, this chapter is written like the end of a movie, that is why it is short.

"So why did you sell the college?" Tifa asked with her arm around Cloud and stroking his hair as his head rest on her shoulder.

It had been a day or so since Cloud stepped back into her life, and frankly, these lazy days lying around doing nothing were a pleasant change from her otherwise hectic life. She had flopped down on the bed after some minor gardening, just watering her favorite flowers, and Cloud had followed her. She was glad that he had come back to her and this time; he had come without the baggage.

She wasn't sure exactly why she had taken him back so abruptly, after nine months of avoiding him, with their little escapade in Costa Del Sol and her failed attempt at an apology after the fashion show. She had been lonely, most prominently, but she had also forgiven him long ago. She also knew that she was not over him in the least and she wanted a reason to keep her bar.

She was glad to have him around now. He helped run the business aspect of her bar, ordering supplies and handling the money, while she performed and Yuffie tended bar. It was a great team when they were all working together and the bar ran smoothly. She did miss seeing all the adoring eyes of her fans while she was on the road, but her miniature concerts at the bar suited her just fine. It was where she truly wanted to be and with Cloud's help, she was able to keep her investment.

They weren't out of the public's eye but they weren't as watched as they had been. They lived a peaceful life in near solitude, their past fame far behind them. They could only look ahead into the future at what their lives would be years from now.

"For you." Cloud said, staring at the ceiling and blushing. Tifa rolled over on her side and propped her head up on her hand.

"What would you have done if I had said no?" She asked. Cloud too rolled over to face her, looking up at her with his shining azure eyes.

"Move to Kalm, probably." He responded, shrugging his shoulders. "But I was hoping you'd say yes so I wouldn't have to." He added, taking her free hand in his. Tifa closed her eyes and blushed.

Their final meeting had been like a scene from a movie. The fact that he said almost the exact same thing he had the night when she had first met him struck a chord in her heart. It was like meeting him all over again, and this time he was completely sincere. She couldn't be mad anymore because she understood why he had done what he had done. It wasn't just to keep his business, it was because of an overbearing father, and she couldn't hate him for that.

6 months later

Bells rang from the steeple of the local church. Even with their muted fame their wedding had been the event of the century. Scores of people had watched from inside the church, and from televisions across the globe, as well as the dedicated fans that stood outside the white building listening to the ceremony via loud speakers.

The large chapel oak doors swung open as confetti, pastel streamers and rice were flown over the walkway from the front of the church to the awaiting limo. Cloud, dressed impeccably in his black tux and Tifa, in her long flowing white gown, rushed through the line with their heads bowed to avoid all the clutter. Tifa stopped to throw her bouquet, then rushed into the limo with Cloud close at her heels.

Yuffie caught the bouquet and couldn't believe it. She had never won anything in her life or something like this. She was surprised as she stared at the white roses that she held in her hands. She didn't know what to make of all the commotion but she could sense the cold stares of the jealous women around her. She looked around with a slight smile on her face and met a glance with a man on the other side of the sidewalk.

He had glowing red eyes and long black hair that was blowing in the breeze. He looked very out of place at a wedding, he looked like he would belong more at a funeral. Yuffie smiled as she stared at him. It had been a long running tradition in her family that whoever caught the bouquet would marry the first man she laid eyes on after she caught it.

1 year later

Cloud sat on a bench in the backyard of Tifa's Seventh Heaven bar. They had built a garden to commemorate their one-year anniversary. There was not much land behind the house, but they were happy with the garden nonetheless. It had an oriental flare to it, with a sand colored cobblestone walkway that curved through the backyard. On either side were beautiful eye-catching shrubs with ornate flowers growing on their stalks. At the far end was a pond with Koi swimming freely in it with a waterfall to churn the water. The pond narrowed into a stream at one end and snaked its way back up to the porch where Cloud sat with Tifa's head resting on his lap. There was a large arched bridge running over the stream where it crossed the walkway and a memory stone at the front of the garden with Cloud and Tifa's names etched into it.

Cloud ran his fingers through Tifa's hair as she gazed up into the summer sky. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head, then moved his hand to rest on the bulge in her stomach. He smiled as he looked across the garden, admiring its features. Soon he would be sitting at this bench and watching a child play in its beautiful foliage.

A man walked out of the house dressed in a butler's suit, with white gloves and shined shoes carrying a tray with two glasses of lemonade on it. He walked over to Cloud's bench and lowered the tray to offer the drinks to them. He did not smile, nor was he paid more than a few gil an hour. He needed the job and whatever money he could get, plus he loved being around Tifa, even though seeing her with Cloud made him insanely jealous.

"Thank you Dan." Cloud said, picking up his glass and toasting the servant with a coy smile on his face. The butler grimaced and walked back into the house as the afternoon sun began to sink.