This is the entire series so buckle up and keep your hands and feet inside because the ride is about to begin! (Cheesy? I know.)

College Buds: Chapter One

Oh my god! I can't believe I'm finally here! I'm so excited! thought Sora, hyperventilating as she gazed at the campus of Tokyo University. Thousands, maybe even millions, of people were swarming over the grounds, greeting old friends and making new ones. Now and then, Sora was able to spy the nervous yet eager face of a freshman. But before she could go and introduce herself, the face was lost once again among the crowd.

Slow yet steadily, Sora pushed her way to the freshman registration desk to get her class schedule. For her academic studies, she had signed up for Advanced Spanish, English, World History, Calculus, and Human Biology. She had also joined the Tennis Club and was planning on partaking in the state competitions. She had heard that it was really tough. But then, so was she. Hmmm. I wonder if I'll get a trophy or something....

Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly bumped into another student. Sora was so surprised that she dropped all her books. Unfortunately, she had dropped them on the other person's foot. "Owwwwwwwwwww!" yelled the guy, causing several heads to turn. Sora watched in horror as the guy hopped around on one foot screaming in a voice that was obviously in pain. Her first day in college and she had brutally injured a fellow student. They'll probably expell me now. I suppose I'll be forever known as the girl-who-dropped-a-ton-of-books-on-another-person's-foot-and-was-expelled-on-her-first-day, she thought miserably.

But that was the least of her worries. The movements of the guy she had probably made lame for the rest of his life had slowed down abruptly. In fact, he had dropped onto the pavement and it didn't look like he was moving. Sora rushed to him, pushing through the crowd that was circled around him. Oh my god! Please don't be dead! Please don't be dead! she thought as she bent down. She looked at his mouth. He was still breathing, but it was plain to her that he was knocked out. Sora sighed with relief. If he had died....could anybody say lawsuit?

Suddenly, the guy's eyes snapped open and, in a sensuous voice, he said, "Hey baby, what don't you try some CPR?" Sora was so shocked she couldn't do anything but blush a bright red. The crowd laughed and started applauding. Obviously, the guy had been acting. He stood up and bowed to the clapping audience. "You go, Tai!" yelled one of his buddies.

When Sora heard the name of her old best friend, she was even more shocked. Fast as lightening, she stood up and studied the man that was still bowing carefully. He did have Tai's out of control hair, but...No way! That can't be Tai! I haven't seen him in what? Five, ten, a million years? Not since we went to separate high schools!

Tai Kamiya stopped in mid-bow. He had almost forgotten. The girl. The one who had hurt his foot. She had dropped her books. There were alot of thieves on campus and books were expensive. He should tell her to hurry up and get them. After all, he didn't want to be the reason she had to go to class without them. Besides, she looked pretty hot. In fact, she seemed sort of familiar. Like an old friend....

College Buds: Chapter Two

Pasting on a confident smile, one that he hoped was also sexy, Tai Kamiya walked up with a 'cool' swagger to the girl who had previously dropped all her books on his foot. Thus breaking all the bones in his toes. But it was worth it. This girl was gorgeous! Starting from her head to her toes, Tai began checking her out. Yep, no doubt about it. She was a total babe. Chocolate brown hair just past her shoulders...deep, wondering brown eyes...luscious red lips...soft, smooth skin... Soon, his gaze wandered beneath her head to her neck and it was gonna keep wandering lower but for that weird, odd shaped pendant she had on. That sure looks familiar, thought Tai, puzzled. Pink feathers...a bird...weird beak...Biyomon? But regular people don't know about digimon! Unless...unless...this girl is...

"Sora!?" Tai burst out, eyes filled with disbelief.

Sora smiled. He did remember her after all. "In the flesh," she replied, "For a moment there, I thought you didn't recognize me! I was so afraid of having to slap you since it's so plain to see that you were checking me out!"

Tai laughed nervously. "Me check YOU out? Get real! I what classes are you taking?"

Sora laughed at Tai's obvious attempt to change that subject. "Come with me to the regestration desk to get my schedule and you can see for yourself!" And with that, the two best friends set off on a walk, chatting the whole way.

While waiting in line to get to the regestration desk....

Wow. I can't believe it's been 4 years since I last saw you!" exclaimed Tai, checking her out again. "You've changed so much! And, for the better I see..."

Sora blushed for a moment before saying,"Aww, shucks. You're too kind. But I don't think I'm the only one that's changed. And, for the better I see..." She winked and flashed her most seductive smile.

Now it was Tai's turn to blush. He changed the subject again. "So what classes are you taking? Are you still playing soccer?" he asked.

"Let me see....I'm taking World History, Human Biology, Spanish, English, and Calculus. But I'm not gonna be on the school's soccer team. I've switched to tennis," she replied.

"WHAT?! No soccer?! Are you nuts?!" screeched Tai, eyes wide in shock and disappointment. He had hoped she'd be on the team with him....just like old times.

"Well, I see you haven't changed in that aspect. Still the same old soccer fanatic, eh?" teased Sora. She remembered well how much Tai loved that sport. It was like he ate, drank, and lived soccer.

But before Tai could declare his love and undying devotion to soccer, the pair realized that they were already at the front of the line. Tai went first and after he had gotten his schedule and school soccer uniform, it was time for Sora to get hers.

"Name?" asked the man at the registration desk.

"Takenouchi....Sora," she replied, a bit nervous.

"Here you go, miss," the man replied as he handed Sora her schedule and soccer uniform. She started walk toward Tai. Wait a minute....SOCCER UNIFORM?!! Quickly, she rushed back, the man had made a mistake.

"Um...sir? I think you got something wrong. I'm supposed to be in the Tennis Club. I didn't sign up for soc...." she trailed off. The man had stood up and now he was showing her her application sheet. Sure enough, the box for soccer had been checked. Dismayed, Sora thought,How could this have happened? I remember I was sick on the day the applications were supposed to be turned in. Mine was still unfinished. I told mom to check the boxes for Spanish, Calculus, Human Biology, World History, English.....oh no! I forgot to tell her to sign me up for Tennis Club. She must have thought I was still playing soccer! Well, this is great...just great...

It was too late to change it now. The man at the desk was now shooing her away. Glumly, she walked to where Tai is standing.

"Guess what? You'll never believe it. It turns out I am on the soccer team," she told him, putting on a fake smile. That was lame. Even she could hear the disappointment in her own voice. But as she saw delight take over Tai's face, somehow her smile turned into a genuine one.

College Buds: Chapter Three

Walking on the sidewalk, Izzy stared down at the schedule in his hand. Computer Graphics, Technology, Programming Arts, U.S History, and Calculus were the academic classes he had taken. But, in order to be prepared, he had to first buy a new laptop. Sadly, his last one was a big disappointment. It had started to freeze within a month after he had gotten it. They just don't make laptops like they used to, thought Izzy, bitterly.

In a few minutes, he reached his destination, Willard's House of Technology. When the automatic doors of the shop opened, Izzy's eyes hungrily swept across all the laptops, soon one would be his partner for college. He ventured forward in search of the perfect companion. Too slow...too expensive...too big...too small... he thought, as he examined laptop after laptop. After two whole hours of diligently trying to find a suitable laptop, Izzy became extremely frustrated. He was in such a bad mood that he felt like strangling the manager of this stupid, dumb, insipid, obtuse, vapid, vacuous-

He was suddenly staring into a mirror. A pink mirror at that. His reflection was so horribly distorted that he had to giggle. Soon the person holding the mirror behind him was joining in. By the sound of the laughter, Izzy could tell the person was a girl. No way! That couldn't have been me! thought Izzy, still chortling. Yet, it was and suddenly, he wasn't feeling angry anymore. Instead, he turned to the person holding the mirror with an immense feeling of gratitude.

The sight that greeted him nearly took his breath away. Whatever stray chuckle or giggle he had was taken away by this girl. She had hair that was covered with bright, yellow stars, but what made it even more exotic was the fact that it was...Pink? thought Izzy, awed. What kind of person would dye their hair pink? Still, it didn't look that bad. In fact, it didn't look bad at all.
Suddenly, he realized that the girl was no longer laughing. She, too, was staring at him. Izzy cleared his throat, called on his hidden reserves of courage, and began to speak...

Few minutes later....

"So you're looking for a laptop? You know what? I just saw one that would suit you perfectly!" said the girl, bubbling with eagerness. "Come on!" With that, Izzy felt her grab his hand and pull him along. But, of course, he didn't mind. Not at all.

"Here we are! Ta da!" said the girl, pointing at a strangely familiar yellow laptop.

Izzy blinked. It couldn't be....could it? Unless his eyes were deceiving him, he was staring at an exact copy of the laptop he had owned back in the fifth grade. The one that he had taken with him into the digital world. Yes, it was a perfect copy. In fact, there was even a pineapple print on the top. Hands trembling, Izzy flipped it open and typed the first thing that popped into his head-his digimon's name-onto the screen: T-E-N-T-O-M-O-N. Wow. It even felt the same. Suddenly, the girl behind him gasped with surprise. She had read the name. Startled into remembering that he wasn't alone, Izzy quickly closed the laptop and spun around.

"No way..." the girl whispered, her voice disbelieving. Her face flushed pink and with wide eyes, she stared at Izzy.

Izzy felt uncomfortable under her gaze so he looked down at the ground. Perhaps he should explain. "Ummm....Tentomon is the name of my-"

"Digimon?" interrupted the girl.

Surprised, not to mention shocked, Izzy looked back up. He had meant to say friend. "Wha-what? How-how-"

"It's nice to see you again, Izzy," replied the girl, smiling.

How does she know my name? thought Izzy, frantically. I don't have any pink-haired friends. In fact, the only person I know that I can associate with pink "Mimi?"

College Buds: Chapter Four

"Die T.K! Die!" yelled Matt, furiously.

"Never! Finally, I will defeat you!"

Back and forth, they threw punches. Sweat slid down their faces. Both knew that only by the slightest chance that one of them would become victor over the other. It was a fight to the death.

DING-DONG! "That must be mom. I'll get it. Press the pause button, will ya?" said Matt. As T.K obediently obeyed, his older brother got up to open the door. Matt looked through the peephole. Sure enough, it was his mother, back from an hour's worth of shopping. He glanced back at his brother. This was not good. T.K was winning. How could he, Matt, the undefeated champion of Boxing U.S.A (the new video game just released by Nintendo) defend his title? Well, his little bro has been seeing someone. But, for some reason, T.K wouldn't tell him who it was. He just refered to her as 'K'. As Matt thought this over, a sly look came into his eyes. What if 'K' decided to pop in for a visit?

"Nevermind, T.K. It's not mom. It's just some girl," said Matt, calmly. He walked back in front of the TV screen without opening the door.

"Some what? Oh my gosh!" yelled T.K, as he finished processing what his big brother just said. Without further thought, he rushed to the door, forgetting all about the video game.

This was just what Matt was hoping for. He undid the pause and begin dealing fatal blows to T.K's character. In a few seconds, he was once again declared champion by the game.

Meanwhile, T.K opened the door with perfect gentleman grace. "How ya doing K-mom!" he said, obviously startled and surprised by this unexpected turn of events. "I'm fine. Just help carry the groceries into the house," ordered his mother. He obeyed, but not before shooting his older brother a venomous glare. Whoa! If looks could kill, call me dead! thought Matt, sheepishly smiling back.

At dinner....

"You cheated! I demand a rematch!" said T.K, an angry look on his face.

"T.K! You know that won't be possible. Matt's going to college tomorrow," scolded their mother.

"Maybe next time, little bro," said Matt, as he shoved a spoonful of rice into his mouth.

"Matt, dear. I hope you're not going to keep playing that gotar," said his mother. "It sounds just awful!"

"It's a GUI-tar, Mom," corrected Matt. "Besides, everyone loves my band."

"Hmmpphh. Everyone but me," muttered his mom. "So what classes are you taking, dear?"

"Ummm....World History...Performing Arts...Literature, Calculus, and Chemistry," he replied, stuffing more rice into his mouth.

"Aren't you going to take a sport?" inquired his mother, a bit anxious. If Matt spent all his time with his band and playing that gotar, his health might deteriorate.


"Mom KNEW you were going to say that!" T.K gleefully broke in. This was a perfect time for revenge. "That's why she signed you up for soccer!"

Matt dropped his spoonful of rice. "WHHHHAAAATTTT!?"

The next day at Tokyo University...

"Attention all students! Due to the demolition of some dorm buildings, some rooms will have to be shared by both girls and boys......."

Cheering erupted all over campus. But Yamato Ishida was too focused on his own problems to know what it was about. He just couldn't believe it! Betrayed by his own mother of all people. She KNOWS how much I hate sports! he thought, disgusted. "It was the only sport left, sweetie. Who knows? Maybe it'll be fun!" he mimicked his mother's voice. He looked down at his guitar case. At least she didn't interfere with his music. Still....Just forget about it, Matt, he told himself, tired of being in a bad mood. Focus on finding your dorm room.

B20.....B20....B20.....ah! B20! There it was. He inserted the key and entered. As he looked around, he thought, Not bad. Not bad at all. A king-sized bed and a couch. Everything looks fine......well, except for that couch. I sure hope I don't have to sleep on that smelly, old thing. Geez, it's even got holes in it. He looked down at his schedule, below the heading: ROOMMATES. He couldn't tell whether they were boys or girls because it only listed the last names. Takenouchi and Kamiya....hmmm....I could swear I've heard those names before....

College Buds: Chapter Five

"Hey, it won't be that bad. It's not like you suck or anything," said Tai, trying to console Sora. "You used to like soccer, remember?"

"Yeah, I used to like it. USED TO being the key word. I bet I'm the only girl on the team, too," moaned Sora.

"Forget about it for now. How 'bout we go look for our dorm room? I still can't believe we're roommates!" said Tai, happily.

Sora grinned, temporarily out of her misery. Ever since Tai had found out that tiny bit of information, he acted as though he was on top of the world. But hey, she wasn't complaining either.

An hour later....

"Are we there yet?" groaned Sora. For the past hour, she had allowed Tai to drag her all over campus, searching for room B20, and still they hadn't found the right room.

"Geez, how many times are you going to ask that?" scowled Tai.

"Once every second," replied Sora, smiling sweetly. Then, in a syrupy voice, she asked,"Are we there yet?"

Tai growled in such a way that Sora felt it was no longer safe to be around him. She took off, with Tai right behind her. Giggling, she ran down the hall, turning left. She could hear Tai's footsteps following her. "When I get my hands on you, I'm gonna tickle you to death!" yelled Tai. Sora could tell he was getting closer, so she tried to lose him in elaborate sequence of twists and turns....with no such luck. Finally, she was starting to tire. But before she stopped completely, a door caught her eye. 'B20', it read. She raced up to it and frantically, turned the knob. Unfortunately, it was locked. She reached into her pocket for the key. Then, Sora remembered that neither Tai or herself had it. The guy at the regestration desk had told them that the third roommate had claimed it, the Ishida guy.

Please be here! Please be here! she said over and over in her mind, as she knocked loud and hard on the door. The door opened and suddenly, Sora was drowning in the blue of the most gorgeous eyes she had ever seen in her life....

College Buds: Chapter Six

"I still can't believe it's you! You look so cute!" exclaimed Mimi, as she studied the now blushing Izzy from across the table. The two had left the computer store with their purchases and were now at a fastfood restuarant, chatting over lunch.

"You don't look bad yourself," he muttered, a bit pleased.

"It's almost been five years since we last met and it feels so good to be back," said Mimi. When she had heard she was coming back to Tokyo, she was ecstatic. She had missed all her friends very much. In fact, she could still remember the day she left....


"I'll miss you guys!" sobbed Mimi, tears flowing freely. "How will I ever get over this?"

In a grief-stricken voice, Izzy answered, "With the help of lots and lots of new clothes, that's for sure."

Suppressing tears, Sora added, "Pink, of course."

"Of course," Mimi echoed softly. She tried to conjure up a bright smile...but failed horribly.

Flashback Ends

Oh well. That's all in the past. What matters is the here and now. And right now, I am here with Izzy, thought Mimi, with a sniff. And what a pleasant surprise it was, to have met Izzy at the computer shop! She had not seen any familiar faces since the day she arrived. Who knew that a boring trip to the computer store could turn into such a delightful reunion with an old friend? Certainly not me! And to think, if I hadn't put that mirror in front of his face, we never would have met, she thought, trying to ignore what her conscience was telling her: that she'd been following Izzy ever since he entered the shop in order to get a chance to talk, not to mention flirt, with him.

"Mimi? Mimi!" asked Izzy, concerned. "Are you ok? You kinda zoned off for a moment."

"Umm...what? What were you saying again?" said Mimi, her thoughts interrupted.

"I was just thanking you for helping me find my new laptop. How in the world did you ever come across it?" he questioned.

"Oh, I was looking around and it just caught my eye, that's all. It looked kind of familiar," she replied. Again, her conscience pricked her. She had recognized it the instant she saw it. How could she forget? The countless times Izzy had typed on it when they were in the digital world...

"But how did you know 'I' was perfect for it? How come not someone else? You didn't seem to know me at all until you saw me type Tentomon's name."

"" stuttered Mimi, staring at her food, at a loss for words. He would laugh if he knew the truth. And the truth was, she had guarded that laptop, waiting for just the right person to claim it. She had felt it was kind of sacred...a precious momento from the digital world, even though it wasn't the original thing. It just didn't seem right to her that some ordinary person should get to own 'Izzy's' computer. It was honoring Izzy's memory and when she had first saw that cute, red-headed stranger enter the store...well, she had felt that he was special. Special enough to own Izzy's laptop.

"Was it because I was the cutest customer in the store?" teased Izzy, noticing her discomfort.

Mimi forced a laugh. "Naw. It was because you were the only person whose hair color was similar to mine." And, if she had looked up, she would've have seen the disappointment that was clearly pasted on Izzy's face.

Wow. This guy sure has gorgeous eyes, thought Sora, drowning in an ocean of blue. But before she could say anything, the man curtly said, "No autographs," and slammed the door in her face.

Shocked, then angry, Sora knocked again, louder than the last time. Who does he think he is?! God's gift to women!? She looked over her shoulder. Oh no! Tai was at the end of the hall. He'd be here in mere seconds. The door opened again. This time, Sora noted with satisfaction, he was pissed. Without any explanation whatsoever, she pushed the guy inside, went in, and slammed the door behind her.

At his disbelieving looks, Sora hurriedly explained, "Sorry for the intrusion, but I'm Sora Takenouchi. Your roommate." "Hello," she added. Suddenly, she remembered she hadn't locked the door and at that moment, Tai barged in. "Good-bye!"

"I'm gonna get you now!" roared Tai, with childish glee, and before Sora could move, he pounced on her. The two of them fell to the ground, with Tai on top and Sora on the bottom.
Quickly, he pinned her hands down. Tai smirked as Sora struggled, "Now where do you think you're going?"

Sora stopped moving and smiled sweetly, "I just want to introduce you to our new roommate, Mr. Ishida." Tai looked back to where his other roommate was standing. It was obvious that he had absolutely no idea what was going on. But before he could explain anything....




"Hey look, you've got Computer Graphics with me! That's so cool!" said Mimi, as she compared schedules with Izzy.

"Yeah, we've even got U.S History together, too!" replied Izzy, seemingly delighted at the news.

"I'm glad I've got you in some of my classes. I mean, I'm a ditz at schoolwork and studying," said Mimi. "At least you'll be able to help me if I get stuck. You're a genius!"

Izzy blushed scarlet. "You're not a ditz, Mimi. You're pretty."

Mimi stared at him and turned pink. He thinks I'm pretty? She'd been told that she was beautiful by plenty of guys, but hearing it from Izzy made it seem like an extraordinary compliment.

As he realized what he just said, Izzy turned an even darker red. "I''re pretty...pretty....intelligent! Yeah, that's it!" Whew! You're such an idiot, Izzy! How could you have told her she was pretty. She's your friend, not your girlfriend! he told himself.

"Of course," murmured Mimi, softly. Izzy wouldn't think she was pretty, not in THAT way. They were friends and yet, the blush didn't quite leave her cheeks...

College Buds: Chapter Seven

"My god, it really is you!" exclaimed Tai. Forgetting all about Sora for a moment, he got up off the floor and went to greet his old friend, Yamato Ishida.

"It's been so long, but you haven't changed a bit. Still the same reckless, old Tai. Who else would barge in like that?" replied Matt, with a grin. "Yep, even your hair is the same.

"How 'bout you? I overheard you, you know. 'No autographs'," mimicked Tai, and they both started laughing.

"Well, that's because I thought Sora was-"

"Sora! Man, I forgot all about her!" Tai whirled around, just in time to see Sora rush to the bedroom door for refuge and open it. Too bad for her, the room was already full....with screaming Yamato fans!

"What in the world?!" Sora was pushed aside as all the girls raced toward their idol. However, she did get to see Matt's face go from his normal color to cherry red to pink and, finally, to a ghostly white. "Not again!" he screamed as he ran out of the door, followed by a swarm of hysterical girls with autograph books. Soon, the only people left were her and Tai. They stood there, bewildered, for about five minutes.

"What happened?" Tai asked, breaking the silence.

"I don't know. Whatever it was, it sure resembled a hurricane," replied Sora. She walked into the bedroom with Tai behind her. What they found was a rope looped around one of the bed legs and an open window. Puzzled, they looked at each other.

"You don't think they-"

"It IS possible, but-"

Sora was interrupted by a loud whisper from outside. "Guys? Guys! Help me up quick!" Startled, Tai and Sora walked to the window and looked out. "Down here!" said the voice. When they looked down, they found it belonged to a very distressed-looking Matt, who was hanging desperately from the rope. He had leaves in his hair and his clothes were all wet. The two stared at him with questioning looks.

"Don't ask."


"Wow, Matt. You must be really popular to have all those girls sneak into your dorm room just for your signature," said Tai, admiringly. The two had just started unpacking and were also commenting on what had happened earlier.

"Fame isn't all it seems," sighed Matt. "That's the third time it's happened."

"You sound as if it's a bad thing, being chased by dozens of beautiful women who worship the ground you walk on," teased Tai.

"It is if you're in the shower and you have to run across campus in just a towel," Matt grimacing at the memory.

"Oh. Good point."


Mimi glanced at her watch. She wished she could keep talking to Izzy, but it was getting late. So late that they were the only ones left in the restuarant. Plus, the manager was flashing dirty looks at them. "Um, Izzy? I think we should leave," she told him.

"Why? We still got...," he looked at his watch. " minute before closing time. You're right. C'mon, I'll walk you to your dorm room."

Together, they walked out into the cool night. A full moon was out and the sky was full of stars. "Wow. Isn't it beautiful?" asked Mimi, in awe, and staring up into the clouds.

With his eyes glued to the pink-haired girl beside him, Izzy softly answered, "Sure is."


"Boy, I'm pooped!" said Sora, as she plopped down onto the sofa, between Tai and Matt. They all had spent the whole afternoon unpacking their stuff and now there were bunches of empty boxes all over the place.

"Wow. I just spent the last five hours unloading my stuff. It's ten-o-clock," said Tai, looking at his watch.

"Well, I would've have finished earlier if Matt hadn't kept bugging me to use my hairgel. At the end, I just gave him the whole bottle," said Sora, angrily.

"What was I supposed to do? Let my hair go flat?" defended Matt.

"Oh no! Flat hair! Anything but that!" shrieked Tai, and he and Sora burst into giggles. Tai knew the joke was corny, but he felt that they all needed a bit of humor after a hard day's work. After a few minutes, he started up again.

"It's a dog...," began Tai.

Sora joined in, "It's a plane...."

"It's...Matt's flat hair!" they finished together, and they started giggling again. Normally, Matt was a good natured person and he would have joined in. But, after five whole hours of strenuous work and the constant worrying about his hair, his temper had turned a bit....well, bad.

"You know what, Tai? I'd rather have flat hair, then look like you!" retorted Matt.

Sora stopped her giggles abruptly, but Tai ignored him and continued. Uh oh, thought Sora, worried, as she saw Matt's fists clench. He REALLY is mad. I'd better do something before he lashes out at Tai. Hmmm. I guess I should try and get his mind off anger. What if I... She snuggled closer to the blonde boy and put her arm around his shoulders. She summoned up her most sexiest voice and said,"Come on, don't be mad, Matt. I think you'd look hot with flat hair." As she saw him blush, his animosity forgotten, she pulled away and winked. Behind her, Tai had stopped laughing.


"Hey, there's my dorm building!" said Mimi, pointing.

"Really? That's mine, too!" Izzy exclaimed, pleasantly surprised.

Noiselessly, so as to not wake anyone since it WAS quite late, they made their way to the entrance and down the hall. Together, they both turned right....then left...then right....

"Um, Izzy?" asked Mimi, smiling shyly and raising her eyebrows in puzzlement. "Are you following me?"

"Why no, Mimi. This is the way to my dorm room. I remember it perfectly," replied Izzy, a bit perplexed. He had actually been meaning to ask her the same question. They continued walking quietly.

"So Izzy, have you met your roommate?" questioned Mimi, trying to make some conversation. "Is he nice?"

"Actually, I haven't met him. That is, assuming my roommate is a male. After all, there is a coed thing going on. But, I did finish unpacking all of my things right before I went to the computer store," answered Izzy.

"Oh, I did all my unpacking first thing in the morning, when I got here. Then I went to eat breakfast. I haven't returned till now," said Mimi. "I haven't met my roommate, either," she added. Abruptly, they both stopped in front of the same door. A bit startled, they looked at each other in surprise for a few minutes.

I wonder why she stopped....I guess she wants to say good-night.

Why did he-oh. He must want to say good-night.

" night, Mimi," said Izzy, reaching into his right pocket for his key. He would have to wait up for his roommate since he was the only one with the key.

"Yeah. You, too. Good night," Mimi replied. She would have to knock softly because her roommate had the key. She raised her arm just as Izzy inserted his key into the same door. Once again, the pair stared at each other....

"YOU'RE my roommate?!"

College Buds: Chapter Eight

Sora awoke to the smell of scrambled eggs that her mom was making in the kitchen. Through half-opened eyes, she looked at her wristwatch. 6:00 a.m. Oh well, a few more minutes wouldn't hurt anyone, she thought as she rolled over in her bed. PLOP!

Stunned, Sora found herself wide awake on the floor. She suddenly remembered where she was. She hadn't been at home in her soft, comfy bed. She had been sleeping on the most God-forsaken couch in the history of all time. She looked at the holes that were in it with digust before standing up. Sleeping on that thing had not been fun.

Flashback From The Night Before

"Sora and I will take the bed," declared Matt, when they all had gotten sleepy. He looked at Tai. "Guess that leaves you to take the couch."

"No way! I refuse to sleep on that...on that..." stuttered Tai, furious. "I'll take the bed with Sora."

"No, you won't!"

"Yes, I will!"

"No, you won't!"

"Yes, I will!"

"No, you wo-"

"Stop it! Do you want to wake up everyone in this building?" burst in Sora, exasperated. "You guys are such babies! I'll take the couch!"

They both stopped abruptly and grinned, as if they expected she would say that. "Ok," they replied and without another word, they rushed into the bedroom and slammed the door.

Why do I get the feeling I've been tricked?

Flashback Ends

"Hey, sleepy-head! You're awake at last," commented Tai, as he calmly poured oil into a pan.

Sora blinked and then rubbed her eyes. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Tai? Is this a dream? Since when do YOU get up early and cook? In a apron, too, I see." He was wearing a pink-checked apron over his soccer uniform.

Tai blushed, then scowled. "Can't a guy get up and make breakfast for his best friends? Besides, I have-I mean, WE have soccer practice at seven."

"Oh, in that case, I'd better get ready." Sora got her uniform and went to the bathroom door. However, when she turned the knob, it was locked.

"Matt's in there," Tai informed her. "Been there for about an hour and he's still not ready." He then called out," Hey Matt! Are you still alive? How do you like your eggs?"

"Sunnyside up!" replied a muffled voice.

"What about you, Sora?"

"Um...I'll take 'em scrambled."

The door suddenly opened and Matt came out in his soccer uniform.

"My god, Matt! Is that you?" asked Sora, her mouth opened nearly to the ground. "Since when do YOU play soccer?" Behind her, Tai had started laughing. Matt glared at him.

"My mom signed me up....shut up, Tai!" he growled.

"I'm sorry, Matt," Tai replied, gasping for air. "But in don't need a helmet!"


Izzy yawned and put his arm around the sweet-smelling pillow. How strange, he thought, drowsily. This pillow possesses pink hair, just like Mimi's...just like MIMI'S?! Izzy felt like someone had just splashed him with ice cold water. As if he had been burned, he pulled away and got out of bed, last night's events rushed back to him....


Izzy and Mimi entered their dorm room, their eyes never leaving each other's face. Izzy cleared his throat nervously. " a surprise!" Boy, how many of them can a person get in one day?

"Yeah...what a surprise," Mimi gulped and then tried to muster up a smile.

"So..uh...good night, Mim," said Izzy, not being able to think of anything else to say.

"Good night, Izzy."

They both walked in front of the same bedroom door and that's when they realized that there was only one bed.


"You take it, Mimi!" argued Izzy. For the last half hour, he had been trying to persuade Mimi to take the bed and let him sleep on the floor.

"Izzy, I can't do that. That would be just too selfish of me," gently refused Mimi. "How 'bout I sleep on the floor and you on the bed?"

Izzy's expression softened for a moment at her kind offer. She's so nice. But he shook his head. After a few minutes of thinking, he said,"Since we don't have a couch or anything AND neither of us will let the other sleep on the floor, how about we just SHARE the bed?"

Mimi thought it over. "Sure, why not? You can sleep on the left and I'll sleep on the right. We'll make the middle a boundary that we can't cross."

"Agreed," Izzy said, satisfied.

Flashback Ends

But you crossed the boundary, you idiot! he thought to himself. Let's just hope she was still asleep at the time. Quietly, he tiptoed to the other side of the bed. Mimi was snoring softly. For a few minutes, Izzy stared at her peaceful face, not willing to tear himself away. On a wild impulse, he raised a trembling hand and brushed a lock of hair from her cheek, enjoying the softness of her skin. Finally, he turned and left for the bathroom to get ready.


Tai, Matt, and Sora walked onto the field where the rest of the soccer team was. The coach was a tall, fierce-looking man. He turned to Tai and Matt, studying them. He nodded and smiled with approval. Both of the boys beamed. However, when his eyes reached Sora, his mouth turned into a sneer. "Sorry, miss. But I think you've got the wrong uniform. That's for soccer, not cheerleading."

Quiet titters broke out and Sora turned red from embarassment. She gulped nervously, then answered,"I'm on the team, sir. My name is Sora. Sora Takenouchi."

The coach glared at her before studying his list of names. "In that case, girly, you're late. Give me five laps around the field." "By the way, I'm Mr. Hiroshima," he added scornfully, as if she didn't deserve to know his name.

Sora waited for him to assign the same punishment to Tai and Matt. After all, they came at the same time she did. But Mr. Hiroshima said nothing to them and that's when she realized that he meant only for her to run.


Mimi walked into her Computer Graphics class. Everyone was sitting in pairs and at each desk, there was a computer. Nervously, she looked for a seat. Her gaze landed on the empty chair beside Izzy. Might as well sit next to him. After all, he is the only one I know in here, she thought, as she walked over.

Izzy examined the computer in front of him. Man, what a disappointment! I was expecting better than this piece of junk. This is gonna make Computer Graphics pretty dull, he thought, glumly.

Suddenly, Izzy felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned around to see Mimi, smiling shyly as she asked,"Do you mind if I sit next to you, Izzy?"

"No problem, Mimi. Go right ahead," he replied, delighted as the pink-haired girl slid into the chair beside him. I was wrong. This won't be boring at all....


Sora jogged up to the bench where the rest of her teammates were sitting after she finished running. She sat down next to Tai, who was hanging on Mr. Hiroshima's every word. She could tell by the admiring look on his face that Mr. Hiroshima was his idea of the perfect coach.

"In order to decide which position to assign you, I will have you face off against each other. It'll be sort of like a tournament. That way, I can study your abilities and skills and at the same time, you're having fun. Understood?" said Mr. Hiroshima. Everyone nodded. "Good. So which two want to go first? Raise your hand!"

Only Tai had his hand in the air, so Mr. Hiroshima had to pick the second person. "Hmmm. Ok, how 'bout Ishida? Is there someone here by the last name of Ishida?" Sulkily, Matt raised his hand and stood up. "Ok, it's settled. You two will start first. Whoever scores the first three goals will get to keep on playing. Now get on the field and show me what you can do!" Matt walked miserably onto the grass where Tai was already there and waiting, with a mischievious smile on his face.

"I don't care how bad you humiliate me. Just go easy on the hair, ok?"

Minutes later....

Matt lunged at the ball, at an attempt to steal...only to miss and fall headfirst into a puddle of dried mud. Sora groaned and covered her eyes. I can't bear to watch.

At the end, Matt was covered in mud stains and Tai hadn't even broken a sweat. "Good job, Kamiya. Very impressive," complimented the coach. "Ready to face someone new?" Tai nodded eagerly. "Ok....I pick...Takenouchi!"

Sora moaned and put her face in her hands as Mr. Hiroshima called out her name. Even though she was better than Matt, she still couldn't compare to Tai. Bravely, Sora stood up and walked to the field.

"If you don't want to continue, girly, I'd be MORE than happy to let you quit," the coach whispered sneeringly, as she passed.

At once, Sora filled with anger. So, she thought, furious, he thinks I can't handle it. Well, I guess I'll have to show him just what Sora Takenouchi can do!

Tai smirked when he saw her come onto the field. "Sora, are you sure you're up to the challenge?" he asked irrogantly, as he dropped the ball to the ground.

"You bet," she replied. "But what about you? Are you sure you can take me on?" Without waiting for his answer, she kicked the ball and started running after it. She could hear Tai behind her, closing in. Putting on an extra spurt of speed, she raced ahead and scored the first goal. On the bench, she could hear Matt cheering. Sora turned around to face a scowling Tai. "You know what? You're right. Soccer is fun!" she said, brightly

"I was just going easy on you. But from now on, no more Mr. Nice Guy," he told her.

Sora rolled her eyes and grinned. "I'm SOOO scared."

Tai smiled wickedly. "You should be."

They went back to the middle of the field. Tai dropped the ball between them again. But before Sora could do anything, Tai kicked it sideways and sprinted after it. Instantly, Sora was after him and they were soon neck to neck, with the goalposts looming closer and closer with each step.

"I'm sorry, Tai. But this is something I have to do," she said, right before she tripped him. She was just about to go after the ball, when she felt a foot hook around her ankle, causing her to fall.

"No, you're wrong, Sora. I'M the one that should be sorry," replied Tai, right before he got up to score a goal. Sora got to her feet, smiling. She should've expected Tai would do something like that. She walked up to him.

"That does it. No more Miss Nice Girl," she told him, playfully punching him on the shoulder. "Now I'm gonna teach you a lesson!"

"Sure thing, teacher. But just don't forget to spank me if I'm bad," replied Tai, winking.

Together, they jogged to the middle of the field. Once more, Tai dropped the ball. He feigned to the left, while kicking the ball wildly to the right. The ball neared dangerously close to the edge of the mud spot that Matt had fell into earlier. Tai ran as fast as he could after it. Just as he was about to kick the soccer ball away, he felt Sora trip him, causing him to fall into the mud.

Sora stopped at the edge, looking sheepish. "I'm sorry, Tai. I just couldn't resist." She offered her hand to help him get up.

Tai looked at her for a moment before taking her hand. "Wrong again, Sora. I'M still the one that should be sorry," he told her, right before he pulled her into the mud beside him.

"Taaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!" screamed Sora, as she suddenly fell into a big pile of mud. "Thanks alot! Now I'm all dirty!" she complained.

"You're welcome," he grinned, as he stood up and offered her his hand. Sora took it and tried to pull herself up. But, she must have pulled too hard because Tai slipped again, this time falling directly on top of her. His face was suddenly only a few inches away from hers and, for what seemed an eternity, they stared into each other's eyes.

"I still didn't learn my lesson, you know," Tai whispered, his voice taunting and at the same time, husky.

In a low, seductive voice, Sora replied, "Well, that's because you've been a very,..." She paused and raised her head so that the distance between them was reduced to mere centimeters. "..VERY naughty boy."