Naruto Primer: The Lost Chapters

Hi ya'll.  We have heard from NUMEROUS people asking and requesting and some actually DEMANDING that we write a sequel to The Naruto Primer.  However, we are not writing a sequel.  We are merely writing a continuation.

You see, when we first wrote the Naruto Primer, there were a lot of ideas that never made it that we briefly touched on in the last chapter of the original Naruto Primer.  We wrote a few chapters and just kind of tucked them away in a secret place.  Those are the lost chapters.  In addition to posting those, we also are writing some new chapters with the old ideas that never made it.  And we're also writing some new ones that should have been in the original Naruto Primer that weren't.

Confused?  Okay.  Don't think.  Just read.

Naruto Primer Lost Chapter: All

Teacher evaluation

We thought we had had enough time-period jumping around with the future chapters and the Lil chapters.  So we didn't think we needed to place another chapter in a strange time zone.  Also, the annoying lack of Neji, Lee and Tenten was…annoying.  Actually, Tenten not being there was quite nice but Neji and Lee were characters that we definitely missed.  But now you may enjoy it.

"All right, class!" said Iruka, standing in front of his wide-eyed and attentive students.  "We've had an exciting year, children.  But now, before we take the final test to decide whether or not you're graduating, you must fill out this teacher evaluation!"

The class gave a groan.

"I know it's a pain!" said Iruka.  "But I'm required to do this because I need to know what I have to improve about my teaching."

"Will this at all determine whether or not we graduate?" Kiba asked, raising his hand for no reason since he called out anyway.

"For some of you, it might." Iruka said as he started passing out the papers.  "This evaluation has nine questions.  Please answer them all truthfully and don't write your name on the paper."

The class started vigorously working on their teacher evaluations.

Sasuke looked at the first question that read, "What did you enjoy the most about your years in the academy?"

He picked up his pencil and stared at the paper.  He strained his brain to think of something he enjoyed about the academy years.  Of course, he did have some enjoyable moments but he FAR too angsty to admit that.  Besides, as far as he was concerned, the academy was just a useless time period in which he did not learn anything or have any fun at all.

"I enjoyed—"

He paused and picked the pencil up, tapping it on his desk.

Kiba was on the second question already.  "What did you least enjoy about your years about the academy?"

Kiba got a silly idea.  Actually, it was Akamaru's idea.  He whispered the idea to Kiba and Kiba just thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.  And as long as he didn't write his name on the paper, Iruka would NEVER know!

"I least enjoyed YOU Iruka!  Your stench and your head and you're ugly and you have dumb hair."

Kiba laughed to himself as he kept writing and Akamaru kept feeding into the already raging inferno.  Kiba was also most likely spouting out a, "YAHOO!" every once and a while as he wrote.

Chouji wasn't having nearly as much fun as Kiba.  He was on the third question that read, "What should I do differently next year?"

Chouji knew right away what he would write.  "Longer lunch periods!" he wrote, and even added the exclamation point.  "And more choices in the cafeteria!"

He was already on a role.  He'd be finished with this evaluation in no time.

"Did you feel comfortable in the classroom setting?" Hinata read.  We all know that Hinata is not really comfortable anywhere but after a quick look at Naruto who was writing on his evaluation, she found the strength to write as well.

"I felt comfortable in the classroom setting."

After writing that, she stopped and paused for a moment.


She waited some more.  She didn't really know who or what she was waiting for.

"The people were pleasant."

More waiting.



"You were pleasant too."

She blushed and was suddenly afraid that Iruka might think she was trying to come on to him or something.  So she quickly erased that part.  But then she thought that she HAD to say something about his teaching.

"You were a pleasant teacher as well."

That suited her.

Naruto, meanwhile, was having trouble with question five.  "At any point, did you feel threatened in my classroom?"

He didn't know what to say.  He knew that Iruka knew his handwriting so he couldn't come outright and say that everyone was mean to him for no reason.  He'd look like a pussy.  And what if Iruka read these out loud?!  Then everyone would think that Naruto was a pussy!!


Naruto nodded with satisfaction at a job well done.

Ino moved onto question six after successfully completing question five.  "Did you enjoy the dynamics of the classroom?"

Even though she wasn't exactly positive what the question was asking, she chose to answer it like she had answered all her OTHER questions.  "Yes, and I enjoyed Sasuke's company." She wrote.  "I feel as though I am a better ninja with Sasuke in my classroom.  Perhaps you ought to team me up with him in the three man teams after we graduate."

Then she drew a little heart at the end of the sentence.  It never even occurred to her that her name was not written on the paper so even if Iruka listened to her, he wouldn't have known who requested it.

Shikamaru's state was…sleeping.  Yeah, he never got to answering any of the questions, let alone question seven that stated, "Were the lessons exciting enough for you?"

I suppose the fact that Shikamaru constantly slept through the lessons was a heads up that they were far from exciting enough for his standards.

Sakura was speeding through her evaluation while also managing to write a paragraph for each answer, carefully stating her thesis and backing it up with evidence and supporting statements.

"Do you feel you have improved as a ninja in your years at the academy?"

"I do feel as though I have improved as a ninja in my years at the academy.  I know this to be true because I can now throw a kunai, perform basic ninjutsu as well has much more taijutsu than I thought I could learn.  In addition to learning all these vital aspects of being a ninja, I have also learned a lot about flower arrangement and other talents that are essential for a female ninja.  When I first entered the academy, I could not perform any of these tasks but now I feel as though I am strong in most of them.  For example, the other day when I was arranging flowers for—"

This continued.  On and on and on.  Might we add that she was writing incredibly fast and intensely?

Shino was on question nine.  "Do you feel you have improved as a person in your years at the academy?"

Shino thought long and hard on that one.

Finally, he picked up his pencil.  "No." he wrote.  Just when he was about to put his pencil down for good, Iruka came by.

"You have to write more than one word answers!" he instructed, pointing to all the questions that were all answered with only a few words.  Shino stared at Iruka blankly.  So Iruka decided that he would just leave Shino alone and quickly run away to hide.

Sasuke was still on question one.  "I enjoyed the—" He had gotten one word further.  But now he was still stuck.  He had to say something so he could keep his cool.

Kiba went on to the next questions, continuing to insult Iruka in any way he possibly could.  Whether it be his arm or the crazy state of his forehead protector, he could not stop finding small things about Iruka that just tweaked him.  Or at least, tweaked Akamaru.

Chouji had put his pencil down a little while ago because he had suddenly gotten hungry and needed to fill his belly.

Hinata continued to answer truthfully and honestly… in the best way she could so she wouldn't hurt Iruka's feelings.  So some of them weren't answered quite as truthfully as the others but at least no one's feelings would be hurt!

Naruto was…er…trying to act all cool.

Shikamaru was still sleeping.  His paper was blank.  Iruka sighed and picked up Shikamaru's paper, not even bothering to push him.

Sakura put the last word down her paper and dotted a nice little period at the end.  The pencil was steaming and sharpened down the eraser and her hand hurt quite a bit.

Shino had finished a while ago so he was sitting idly by for Iruka to collect his paper.

"Thank you all for your wonderful feedback!" said Iruka as he collected the rest of the papers.  "Hopefully, I will be able to improve my teaching based on the answers I have received from all of you!"

He put the papers on his desk.

"All right." He said, getting serious.  "NOW it's time for the test."