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The Jury decides

The court room was totally quiet, Everyone leaned forward in their seats and held their breath anxiously awaiting the Jury's decision. Yami held onto Yugi tightly and Bakura put his hand on his shoulder to show his support.

"We the jury, find that in the best interest of Yugi Mouto that full custody will be awarded to Mr. Yami Moto." A tremendous cheer came from Yugi's side of the court room. Everyone stood and cheered on the new family. Two guards walked over and secured Mr. Mouto's arms as he growled over the verdict. Yami stood up with Yugi in his arms, he squeezed the boy in a tight hug laughing and crying at the same time. Yugi looked up when he felt the wet tears hit his face and looked at Yami curiously.

When Yami noticed that Yugi finally was watching him, He told the young boy what happened, "Yugi you never have to see that man again. You get to live with me forever."

Yugi wrapped his arms tightly around Yami and started crying, but this time they were tears of joy. He nuzzled in the crook of Yami's neck and tightened his grip even more.

He whispered in Yami's ear, "Th..thank you 'ami." over and over again. Yami smiled, he just held Yugi tighter to show how much he cared for the small boy. When Yugi looked up at him Yami said, "Let's go home Yugi." Yugi returned the smile and nestled into Yami's chest once again.

Bakura and Marik went over to them and put their hand on Yami's shoulder, when he looked at them they smiled and patted Yugi on the back. Then he replied to them, "Guys? Tonight is a celebration, anything you guys want to do, It's your night."

Malik and Ryou walked up to their friend and tapped his shoulder, when he looked at them, Ryou pulled him into a hug along with Malik. Yugi smiled at his friends and returned the hug.

Their loving moment was suddenly interrupted when a loud noise was heard from behind them and before anyone could react, Yugi's father had broken away from the guards and pulled Yugi out of Yami's arms and held a gun to the small boys head. Yugi whimpered and started to cry, his father hit him in the head with the butt end of the gun, but that only made him cry harder.

"SHUT UP YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING BRAT!" He yelled even though he knew Yugi couldn't hear him. He hit Yugi again, this time punching him in the stomach. Yami was furious and tried desperately to think of a way to help Yugi.

"I'm not leaving without my son, make any sudden moves and the kid gets it." He sneered.

Yami was mad but he couldn't risk Yugi getting hurt if he tried anything. So he just growled at the man as he started for the exit. Off to the side, a security officer saw what was happening and tried to help the small boy. She quickly jumped on the man as he neared the exit and struggled to get the gun away from him, in the commotion the gun went off and Yugi slumped to the ground. The security officer took advantage of the gun mans confusion and got him on the ground and in cuffs. Yami immediately ran to Yugi's unmoving body on the ground. He carefully turned Yugi over and saw that he was shot in the lower back and the bullet came out his front side. He also noticed that Yugi was bleeding from his head where his father had hit him with the gun. Yami quickly removed his jacket and placed it gently under Yugi's head then he took off his shirt and held it to the bullet wound to slow down the bleeding. He turned around and saw that Bakura was already on the phone with the ambulance, and Marik was trying to calm down Ryou and Malik.

After what felt like an eternity the ambulance finally arrived. They loaded Yugi onto a stretcher and loaded him into the ambulance. They told Yami only family members were allowed and Yami insisted, "He's my son, I just adopted him." He said frantically. The paramedics agreed to let him come them they quickly drove off to the hospital. Yami held onto Yugi's hand the entire trip but had to let go when they wheeled him into the Emergency Room.

Thirty minutes after they took Yugi away, Bakura and the rest showed up at the hospital. Bakura ran up to Yami, "How's Yugi? Any word yet?" He asked frantically. Yami just shook his head sadly.

"No, no one has come out of there since they wheeled Yugi in." Yami explained as a tear rolled down his face. Bakura put his hand on Yami's shoulder to comfort his friend. Ryou and Malik walked up and embrace Yami in a hug and rubbed his back soothingly. He smiled at all his friends.

About an hour later the doctor came out of the E.R and walked over to the group. "Yami Moto?" He asked. Yami nodded and stood up.

"We were finally able to get Yugi stable. He lost a lot of blood though so we are doing a blood transfusion. The bullet went clean through and luckily it didn't hit a vital organ, so we were able to patch that up nicely. I am concerned with the hit he received to his head though. It appears that he was hit near the temple and that's a delicate spot. Unfortunately, he is still unconscious right now so we won't know anything else until he wakes up."

Yami paled at the doctors words, "Can I see him?" He said quietly.

The doctor nodded his head and told Yami where the room was. Yami walked back to his friends and looked at Bakura, "Why don't you guys take them home, you guys look exhausted. I want to stay with Yugi until he wakes up, I'll call you tomorrow morning."

Bakura was about to say no, but the look in Yami's eyes told him not to. Yami was deeply hurt by what had happened and he wanted to be near Yugi. He felt terrible that he didn't do anything to help the young boy back in the courtroom, and he wanted to be there for him now.

Bakura nodded his head and picked up Ryou, Marik gently grabbed Malik's hand and they left the hospital. Yami headed in the direction that would lead him to Yugi's room.

Yami reached for the door handle and his hand froze. 'I don't know if I can stand seeing him like this,' He thought, 'especially when I did nothing to stop it.' Yami hung his head in shame he opened the door and looked inside. The room was dimly lit and the beeping of machines was heard. Yami walked into the room and closed the door. Yugi looked so small on the huge bed surrounded in blankets and machines. Yugi had a large gauze bandage wrapped around his head, and through the thin hospital gown he could see another bandage wrapped around his middle. Yami chocked back a sob at the sight in front of him. He pulled up a chair and sat beside the bed. He grabbed Yugi's hand and held it gently, rubbing his finger up and down along the smooth surface.

Yami didn't realize he had fallen asleep until he felt someone shake his shoulder, he slowly rose up off the bed and looked up. A nurse was standing there watching him sadly.

"I'm afraid that visiting hours are over now." She said softly.

Yami shook his head, "No, this is my adopted son. I want to be here when he wakes up."

The nurse nodded sympathetically and then said, "I'm not supposed to do this but no one will be in here after I check his vital signs, so I will just pretend that I didn't see you." She winked at Yami and proceeded to check Yugi's vitals. The she went into the closet and grabbed an extra blanket, she handed it to Yami and said goodnight. Yami said thank you then returned his gaze back to Yugi.

The next time Yami awoke the sun was shining into the room and right in his eyes, he grumbled and sat up, wincing at the pain in his back from sleeping leaning over the bed. He glanced up at Yugi and sadly noticed no changes from the night before.

Yami got up and stretched. Then he was about to pick up the phone to call Bakura when a soft moan was heard. Yami quickly set the phone down and sat on the edge of Yugi's bed. He gently held Yugi's hand being careful of his IV and waited for him to wake up. Very slowly Yugi opened his eyes and blinked a few times to focus his vision. Yami reached out and gently tapped Yugi's shoulder, Yugi was scared at first but calmed down immediately when he saw it was Yami.

"Yugi! Thank Ra your okay." Yami exclaimed, "How are you feeling?"

"Yu..Yugi head hu..hurt." Yugi whispered, "Yugi s..side h..hurt." Yami could see the tears beginning to form in Yugi's eyes, he gently sat Yugi up letting the small boy cry on his shoulder.

The nurse walked in and was happy to see Yugi awake, she slowly walked up to him and Yami.

"How are we doing today?" She asked quietly. Yugi looked away and tried to hide in Yami's shirt. Yami tried to coax him to talk but it wasn't working, Yugi would just cry harder and tighten his grip on Yami.

"He told me his head and side hurt." Yami answered for Yugi. She smiled knowingly and left the room briefly. When she returned she had some pain medication for Yugi. Yami once again tried to coax Yugi to respond but he knew that Yugi wouldn't until they were alone. The nurse understood and left the room.

After a few more minutes Yami was finally able to coax Yugi to respond to him and uncover his face. Yami handed him the pills and told him to take them. Yugi did as he was told then laid back down on the bed. When Yugi was asleep again, Yami left the room in search of a doctor. The doctor completed his exam on Yugi and then told Yami his findings.

"He is a very lucky boy," The doctor explained, "If he had been hit any harder it would of affected his sight as well. I need to keep him for one more night for observation, and then when he goes home I want you to call me immediately if he starts complaining of headaches or vision problems."

Yami nodded his head, since Yugi was still asleep he decided to call Bakura and let him know what was going on.

Finally, the next day, Yugi was released and allowed to go home, but he was still on bed rest. Yami carried Yugi out of the car and walked into the house. He went into the living room and saw a banner from the ceiling 'WELCOME HOME YUGI' it said in big letters. Yugi's eyes filled with tears of joy as he saw all the decorations all around. Then Bakura and the others came out of the kitchen.

"Welcome Back Yugi!" They said at the same time.

Yami sat on the couch with Yugi sitting sideways in his lap. Yugi reached behind him and hugged Yami, "Th..thank you, 'ami." He whispered, "Y..you ma..made Yugi ha..happy, Yu..Yugi have 'ami for da..daddy." Yami returned the embrace and then they joined the others in celebrating the new additions to their family. They welcomed Yugi, Ryou and Malik into their lives and into their hearts.

The End

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