Disclaimer: BVE owns PRNS. I think we're all pretty clear on that. :P

Note: So the story goes, I couldn't write Legends Of Animaria, so I asked tptigger for a challenge. She gave me a challenge about Ashley/Andros and cookie baking. Two problems: one, I can't write Ashley well, and two, I don't know how to make cookies. laughs So I went off to lunch and asked for a three-word challenge by the time I came back. I came back and this is what I got:

snowman, merry-go-round, skull and crossbones (PRNS)

And this is what resulted. :)

Written By: WhiteZeo

"…and that's a snowman."

"Dude, look again. It's the blobby marshmellow thing from Ghostbusters."

"But it could also be a snowman."

"Blobby marshmellow thing."


"Blobby marshmellow man!"



"What are you guys arguing about?"

"Dude, Tor. Your boyfriend is going blind."

"Lay down next to me, Tori."

"Okay. So what, Blake?"

"Does that cloud look like the marshmellow man from Ghostbusters or does it look like a snowman?"

"Actually, it kind of looks like the marshmellow man."

"SEE! Dude, I knew I was right!"

"Two out of three. What's that one look like?"

"You know, that sign on barrels of toxic waste and on the back RAID? That's what that is."

"You're talking about the skull and crossbones symbol, right Dustin?"

"Yeah! That's it! I totally blanked on what it was called. Thanks, Tor!"

"Dude…I totally see that."

"Mom made me use RAID on the kitchen yesterday, and MAN, does that stuff reek! But I ended staring at that thing for awhile, so yeah. It was kinda stuck in my head."

"One more. Tori, you pick the cloud."

"Alright. Umm, that one, Blake."

"A circus tent?"

"A circus tent? You don't have anything better that that?"

"Well, it's got the pointy thing going on and the large top thing…"

"That's totally a merry-go-round!"

"How is that a merry-go-round, Dustin?"

"Dude, you just gotta look at it just right. See, like you said it has the pointy thing going on, but it's also got the little poles coming down from it and stuff."

"I see it!"

"You're supposed to be on my side, Tori; I'm your boyfriend!"

"But Dustin's got the better answers."

"Dude, I had fun, but I've got to go to work. Don't you?"

"No, I got today off. Stay for one more round! I know I can get 'em this time!"

"I really gotta go. I'll see ya later, Blake. Bye, Tor!"

"Blake, maybe you should just 'fess up to the fact that there are some things we're not all good at. Maybe clouds aren't your thing."

"Are you saying that sky is allied against me?"

"No. Just that-"

"I'm going to get this! Pick a cloud, Tori."


"Come on, Tori. Pick a cloud."

"Okay. What's that?"


The End. :)