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Summary: The deadly streets of downtown Tokyo are home to many gangs. But one day, a new girl arrives. Kamiya Kaoru. How will she fit in amongst the gang life? Especially when she becomes of interest to a few top gang leaders...What is this innocent girl going to do about the not-so-innocent gang members? Enishi x Kaoru

Warnings: Language, Violence, Blood/Gore, Lemon, Lime, Realism, Rape (Still thinking on that one...)

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Blood Red Love

Chapter One

This Yours?

I sighed as I ran a hand through my long raven locks, gazing around the area.

"So this is where I live now, huh?" I murmured as I took in the beaten up area, that strongly smelled of alcohol.

"Well, if I clean it up a bit, I might be able to actually make it livable. Then Yahiko will have nothing to complain about except my cooking..." I said to myself as I started to wander through the small apartment. Jeez, what kind of people had lived here before? I could guess, though.

I had moved from the quiet country life of Kyoto to downtown Tokyo with my little brother Yahiko, for my job. I was (currently) a forensic scientist with a part time job as a Kendo instructor on the weekends to different places around Tokyo, and even a few out in the country. My father had taught me the family sword style, Kamiya Kasshin Ryu. My father has recently died of an illness, so Yahiko and I have to survive on our own. My mother was killed shortly after Yahiko was born by a group of thugs. My lip curled in disgust. Those bastards had raped my mother, then slit her throat open, leaving her to bleed to death in the snowy alley. I guess that's why I am always cold to people who look, or are, in gangs. They were the ones that killed my mother and caused my father to go into that deadly illness.

I was brought out of my painful reverie when a sharp knock echoed throughout the small apartment. I rushed over to the door, smoothing down my hair.

"Yes?" I asked politely as I cracked open the door. Previous experiences had taught me to be cautious. I yelped in surprise when an arm came through the door, Yahiko attached to the end of it.

"This yours?" A deep, masculine voice asked. I stared at the man before me as I opened the door wider. He was tall, and had the weirdest gravity defying hair I had ever seen. He almost looked like a rooster.

"I found him digging around outside. Shouldn't leave a little kid like this alone on the streets after dark." The man said.

"I'm not little!" Yahiko yelled in rage at the man as he bit into his arm. The man didn't seem fazed. My temper flared up as I snapped my head around to Yahiko.

"What did I tell you about that!? And let go of him!" I snarled as I whapped Yahiko on the head. He dropped to the ground.

"Ouch..." He mumbled as he rubbed the top of his head, where a fairly large bump was now rising. I turned back to the man, an apologetic smile on my face.

"Sorry 'bout that. Thank you for bringing him in, though." The man shrugged.

"No problem. Hey, you the new neighbors moving in this old dump? Glad the last ones left. They were so annoying. Anyways, the name's Sagara. Sanosuke Sagara. But you can just call me Sano. I live next door to you." Sano said as he twisted a fishbone around in his mouth. I smiled and nodded slightly.

"Yes. I am Kamiya Kaoru and this brat is my little brother Yahiko. It's nice to meet you." Sano smiled.

"Yeah, well, most of the people around here are pretty nice if you get to know them. I'm sure you'll get along with Tae, Megumi, and Misao. I'll have to introduce you to the whole gang tomorrow. What time's good for you?" I blinked, not expecting him to invite me somewhere, though I quickly got over the shock.

"Well, anytime is fine with me, as long as it's after breakfast. And thank you for inviting me." I said and smiled. He smiled back.

"Well, I'll leave you to your 'cleaning'. If you need any help, just ask. Ja!" He said and waved before walking out of the door. I smiled at him and shut the door. He really was a nice man. But from his clothes and the way he acts, I can definitely tell he is, or was, a gangster. I sighed slightly, and ignored the look Yahiko gave me as I lay down on the temporary futon. Maybe I should give people like him a second chance...after all, he had nothing to do with mama's murder. Besides, he was really nice. And cute. I blushed slightly at that thought. But I could not deny it. That rooster head sure was cute. But I figured he was already taken. I yawned and turned to Yahiko.

"Go to sleep. We have places to go, people to meet tomorrow, and I don't want you half asleep." I mumbled as I turned the light off. Yahiko grumbled something that I pretended I did not hear, and shuffled into his own futon. And then slumber overtook us.


Shiroi Hikari: Well, fairly boring chapter. It just explains how Kaoru ended up in Tokyo with Yahiko, and how she met Sano. Enishi will probably show up somewhere in chapter three. I have to get the introductions in first. And Kaoru's job as a forensic scientist was a spur-of-the-moment idea. Her job will become very important in later chapters.

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