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Yugi woke up and regretted leaving dreams for a lonely physical bed. Yami was in his soul room but not in his body.

It was only for a few more days, he told himself as he dressed. Just until his parents left on another business trip.

"Yugi!" his mother called and opened the door. "You need to… oh, you're already ready?"

"Yes, Mom." Yugi nodded. This was always how it went. Whenever she was home she tried to act like she was never absent, mothering him, disciplining him.

He couldn't have Yami manifest at all because she might burst into his room instead of knocking, like she just had, and see him. Grandpa was Grandpa, but his parents didn't have that belief in games and magic, everything. They'd come up with some reasonable explanation and he didn't want to explain the truth to them.

"At least you're not playing a game like last time, but you should be looking over your notes when you get up in the mornings. If you paid more attention to classes… I know you're intelligent, you're your father's son, but you're always at the bottom of the class rankings." She sighed and shook her head.

"I placed sixth on the last exam, Mom." He headed for the door. She had probably made him a lunch. It wouldn't be as good as Yami's lunches.

He was a bad son, he should love his mother. But he just wanted her gone, so things would go back to the way they should be, just him and Grandpa. And Yami, now.

"You did? Well… You should have placed first."

He should have, really, but first was Seto's spot. Yami wanted him to do well but Yugi didn't want to waste time working out how to do the complicated problems when he could get a good enough grade just memorizing the textbook by magic.

"Can't you think of it as one of your games?" his mother asked. "If you'd only apply yourself…" She sighed again. "I made you your favorites for lunch."

His old favorites, he bet. No chance of hamburgers. "Thank you, Mom."

"You're welcome. Now get going." She shooed him down the stairs affectionately.

She was going to clean his room. Good thing everything secret was hidden by magic.

She's my Mom, and I love her, but she tries too hard. I don't know the last time we sat down and really talked. Yugi sighed as he went down the stairs to find his father sitting in Grandpa's chair. Yugi received a nod of acknowledgement over the paper.

Yugi smiled back and started to eat his breakfast quickly.

Shouldn't you try to talk to them now? Yami prodded.

I don't know what to say to them. I'm not a very good son.

You are a wonderful grandson, you make Sugoroku very happy.

I've got more practice at that. It's not that I resent that they're always gone, but…

Do not lie to yourself.

It's not just their fault I can't talk to them, it's partly my fault too. I should try harder, or something. He realized that this was the new Yugi talking. The old Yugi hid in games and didn't think about the outside world.

The outside world included his own parents. Before, Grandpa and Anzu had been the only ones he let close. Now he had more friends.

He should ask Honda and Anzu about their parents. Ask their advice.

They are the elders, it is their responsibility. I am sure my…

A memory?

it is gone.

Still, it's a good sign. "Tell Mom thanks for the food! I'm going!" He met up with the others in the classroom before class to talk, that was why he was getting up earlier now.

"Have a good day at school." His father waved goodbye.

On the bus, Yugi let his eyes gaze aimlessly out the window while he embraced Yami. I'm sure your parents loved you very much.

I wish I remembered them. I think that you are right, Yugi. Yami's breath ruffled Yugi's spirit's hair.

His parents had imposed a curfew on him that Grandpa cheerfully ignored but Yugi had to observe while they were home. That was why he found himself going to bed early, right after an excellent dinner out at a restaurant with his parents and Grandpa.

He closed his eyes and found his soul room.

After all, he couldn't expect everything to be perfect.

Eventually… surely Yami could teach him how to get through to his parents. Provided they defeated Zorc, provided… but he wouldn't think of the things that could go wrong here, in Yami's arms.

Warm, dark shadows wrapping around his light to shelter it, love and worship tangled together. He wanted Yami whole, proud and free but he couldn't expect an infinite amount of miracles. Yami himself was miracle enough. What if being greedy jinxed this?

If he ever lost Yami he wouldn't mourn. He would do his best to get him back, but if not he would live for him, be proud and strong and happy as Yami wanted him to be. Always holding the memory of love, perfect love, in his heart.

As Yami nuzzled his cheek before kissing the side of his jaw Yugi thought of the calm before the storm. No, the eye of the hurricane. The future was so uncertain and it would probably be even more dangerous than what had already happened. The Items wouldn't have caged Yami to defeat Zorc if he was easy to defeat.

And after?

He wanted Yami freed. Then, even if they died facing Zorc they would be together forever, in the afterlife and other lives. Their soul… why had he thought soul singular? They knew each other, now and forever bonded.

Yami lived in his soul, after all. And Yugi welcomed him here. Even when he slept he dreamed of him, not wanting to ever part, even for an instant. Not if they could help it.

Yami's hands drifted lower. Was he in the mood for sex? They'd done it, but rarely. Just touching, hands on each other, was so soothing, so right, he felt so complete, that sexual desire seemed to cheapen it somehow. Though it was another way of making each other feel good, and they each wanted to give the other everything they could. Yami wanted to please him in every way, teaching him things… though Yami would never take him.

Yugi didn't press him on that. When he did, that would be a sign that he had recovered more. But as long as Yami saw him as his beloved master he would not unless Yugi ordered him (a request was as good as an order), and Yugi didn't want Yami to do anything that made him uncomfortable.

When they did have sex, they were so desperate for each other it was almost impossible to keep it slow.

Maybe that was what truly made Yugi uncomfortable with it. Desperation wasn't something he wanted to think about. He needed Yami, loved him more than could possibly be healthy. If Yami died, and he knew he could join him right away… Yami being unhappy if Yugi killed himself over Yami would be the only thing keeping him from calling the light until he burnt out.

Desperate battles… Yami desperate to reclaim Yugi's soul after Yugi had lost to Imori.

He didn't want to think of that now, and Yami was an excellent distraction, kisses drifting down his sides.

If his parents weren't home Yami would be out there giving him a back massage. But it still felt good and helped him to relax in his soul.

Yami's presence made him relax. So complete it was almost scary. How had he survived before Yami? Had he really been so ignorant not to realize… now he knew what could be could he ever go back? He had thought he liked Anzu once, but next to this? No normal love could compare. He was in love, desperately so, with a ghost. "I love you, Yami."

"I love you, Yugi." Another kiss, as Yami carefully rolled Yugi onto his stomach so he could reach his back for the massage. Yugi had gotten used to this.

"I know. You show it a lot… It's kind of unfair. I do one thing for you and you do millions of things for me."

"Every second you give me such joy. I am the one always in your debt, bright one."

Better than Master. But the title he wanted was Yugi. "It's Yugi, dark one." He smiled so the gentle chiding was clearly without rancor.

"The avatar of games." A kiss to the side of his neck, and he knew what Yami's face looked like now without turning to see. Gentle satisfied adoration. "Everything worth striving for."

"You make me happy every second too, Yami. So we're even that way."

"I am glad." And he was, Yugi could feel the warmth in the shadows as Yami could feel Yugi's emotions. He had taught Yugi to shield but he never did. What closer communion than this? Though now he was awake Yami had at first shielded some of his remembered pain until Yugi had made him share it, share the burden so Yugi could comfort him, and Yami had worshipped him even more, his strong savior. Beyond measure in his light and kindness.

Yugi smiled, sent his light to caress Yami as Yami's strong hands caressed him. No words were needed between them, but still, he said it. "I love you, Yami." He could have said, " Whatever happens I'm glad I met you," but he didn't want to think of things like that. Didn't want to feel desperate for the good times to stay, for Yami to stay, because that would make him unhappy and that would make Yami unhappy and he wanted things to stay perfect and peaceful.

His soul's body was a manifestation of his mind, and Yami felt the tension, soothed it away, and Yugi sighed and loved him.

Loved him so much it felt like the love would burst out of his heart, his heart was too small to contain it all. Overjoyed. Too much, too perfect. If there wasn't the thread of Zorc, it wouldn't seem real in a way.

The danger made him appreciate this more. He would get strong, to protect Yami as Yami protected him.

Yugi pushed himself up when Yami was finished and pushed Yami onto his stomach. He'd learned to do this from Yami doing it to him.

He wanted everything to be fair. If Yami did it for him, then he'd learn to do it for Yami.

He could feel Yami's eyes drift shut and the circling of the shadows slow, though they still rubbed against his light. Both to reassure Yami that Yugi was there in all ways, and to make Yugi feel good. It felt wonderful. Yugi arched his neck as a tendril slid against him and his power rose to echo it.

Yami had more control. He was less tense, though Yugi could sense that same fear that was always there, fear of being taken back to the Puzzle, fear of failing Yugi. He wished he could take those fears away.

Whatever they faced, they would face it together, he willed Yami to know as he squeezed his shoulder. And not just the two of them, but all their friends as well.

They would win. Because losing was unthinkable.

He. Would. Not. Lose. Yami.

And even if he did… no.

They would love and support each other forever. They would always play together, be together, happy.

Yami relaxed even further and Yugi kissed the back of his neck, then lay down. Yami's arms opened wide and Yugi squirmed into place, held, warm and secure. Together.

He kissed Yami on the lips once, their eyes met and then drifted shut.

They didn't have to say sweet dreams.

Of course their dreams would be sweet.

They would dream of each other.