"Twins?" Ellie asked, dumbfounded when Ashley came over to her house later that night. "You're having twins?"

"Yeah," Ashley said. "JT wouldn't stop talking about it on the way home." Ashley opened her tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream as Ellie plugged in a tape.

"You know why he's excited," Ellie said. "He doesn't have to pop them out."

"He wouldn't be able to handle monthly cramping," Ashley replied, digging into her ice cream. "Where's your Mom by the way?"

"Oh, she's keeping herself busy at work," Ellie said. "She said that if she keeps busy she won't have time to sit down and think about missing Dad."

"That's good," Ashley replied, as Ellie fast forwarded through the previews. "At least she's not drinking."

Ellie shrugged. "It gave me more time to hang out with Sean."

"How are you and Sean?" Ashley asked.

Ellie shrugged. "Ok, I guess."

Ashley smiled as Ellie pressed play and they sat through the movie and Ellie suggesting every female characters' name for Ashley to use.


To be continued…

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