One night, Raven can't sleep... so she decides to make some tea, but when she runs into Beast boy, something will happen that the two can never forget...

Taking Over Me

Chapter 1: Midnight Chat

The wind howled, softly, as it roamed through the streets and into people's windows like a bandit looking to steal. The moon was the friend of any and all who couldn't sleep.

Like one particular young lady, who tossed and turned several times in her bed. Laying on her back and giving out a final sigh, she sat up. It was for certain that sleep would not be granted in any such way. She rubbed her temples and looked out the large window next to her bed. The night was calming and relaxing, yet why was she deprived from sleep?

Shaking her head and forgetting sleep all together, she climbed out of bed. Her beautiful blue night gown swayed as she walked closer to the window. Her mind was troubled by the last events of the month and it seemed to have taken a deeper effect on her than she had thought it would.

Particularly those concerning Terra and Beast boy.

Raven groaned as the thoughts of the two began to cloud her mind once more. Sitting back into a chair nearby the window, she continued to gaze out at the lake, but more at the moon that sat in the sky all alone.

"Why do such thoughts haunt me?" she began to wonder as she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. "Beast boy should mean nothing to me, yet I feel that I should be with him right now. Comforting him..."

Sighing, she thought back to the look Beast boy gave her when he walked into the room that night. That night when her and the other Titans had defeated all the of the Slade 'robots' with all the effort they had. The night they found out the truth.

"Beast boy?" Starfire called out to the changeling as he walked in.

Everyone looked up from their mental battles and at the green Titan. He was different. His goofy smile, which Raven had hated for so long, was no where to be found. His eyes were sunken. Full of pain and anger, making Raven a little afraid to go near him.

Raven bit her lip as she thought back to that look he gave her, especially. And, what he said to her only wished she would crawl into a hole and wait for death to arrive.

"You got your wish, Rae," he said softly as tears seemed to glisten in his soft green eyes. "Terra sold us out to Slade," he replied as he narrowed his eyes and swallowed back tears. "You were right... I hope you are happy, now."

Why he had said her wish was received, Raven was not sure. She only wished that she could heal his pain and have the old Beast boy back. The one who constantly told jokes and tried desperately to make her, at least, smile.

Things finally were coming back together, it seemed. It only took a week or so for Beast boy to never mention Terra or frown. One time in particular stuck out in her mind.

They were driving to their favorite pizza place; the whole gang. Beast boy seemed happy as ever, though Raven could see right through him. To see the pain he hid under his mask of jokes and smiles. It reminded her of herself, hiding all she felt under a thin line of covering that she knew everyone could see though. His last joke was nearly bringing Raven over the edge of insanity.

Cringing at punch line, Raven looked out the window. "Pull over," she suddenly ordered in a dry wit voice. "I think I'm going to be sick."

She couldn't help, but smile now at the look of desperation Beast boy gave her.

"Come on, Raven!" Beast boy pleaded with puppy dog eyes. "You know, I'm hilarious! And, I'm not going to stop until I get you to smile!"

Raven sighed and looked back out the window. "He really cares that much about getting me to smile?" she wondered as she rubbed her eyes. "Why?" she began to ask herself.

Of course, Raven would tell him over and over that she couldn't feel such emotions. Happiness, pain, or fear, but the more she seemed to tell him, the harder he seemed to try. Perhaps, it was because Beast boy took the front seat and witnessed what no one else witnessed; her mind.

That day was so perfect in Raven's mind. To her, everything felt as if life was getting back on the right track in the very moment. Yet, of course, she had to destroy it like she always did.

Raven's only concern then was not letting Beast boy fall into the same trap. She, herself, was shocked to find him by her side when Terra, the one he cared about more than life itself, attacked her. Everything from then on became a blur. And, the blur didn't seem to clear until Raven approached the statue of Terra.

She felt angry and sick. Angry, because she had run instead of helping Terra and sick with herself for thinking there was something she could have done. More emotions seemed to surface when seeing Beast boy's face as he placed the plague under Terra. She felt more sorry for him than anything else.

If only she could bring herself to feel. Then, it seemed, that everything would be all right for her. This pain would subside instead of hide within her, waiting and wanting to escape. Sighing once more, she stood up and decided to get a early start on the day.

She groaned when realizing that it was only three in the morning. "Some early start," she muttered, plainly as she walked over to her closet and grabbed a robe.

Lazily, she wrapped her body into the robe and tied it securely at the waist. It was a dark blue, much like her night gown; her favorite color. Stretching a little big more and moving her neck to get rid of the stiffness in it, she walked out of her room.

These halls brought back much memory. One memory of when Cyborg and Beast boy had exited her mind and joined Robin and Starfire in the hallway. One of the rare chances of seeing Beast boy with that happy sparkle in his eyes. That sparkle that Raven could not see any longer since the 'death' of Terra.

Whether it was a compulsive need to reflect on the past or just subconscious thinking, something caused Raven to stop in front of a particular door. Turning her body fully towards the door, she looked up and read the name inscribed on the front. Terra's name in big bold letters, much like how Raven's name was in her door.

Her mind leaped back to when Raven first took Terra to this room. How naive she was to have trusted her. In her home. Sighing, she shook her head and followed the hallway further down until she reached a large door. As she reached this door, it slid opened, revealing a new room.

The kitchen was dark. The only light provided was the little light above the stove. Raven made her way through the darkness. She loved the dark. It provided a safe haven for her. A easier way to live, keeping her hidden from the outside world. As she reached the stove, where she usually kept her kettle at, she noticed she wasn't alone.

Looking over her shoulder, she could make out someone at the kitchen table. Their body was slumped over the table, itself, seeming to rest their head on their hands. From the bad hair cut and purple shirt, Raven's best guess was that it was Beast boy.

At first, she didn't acknowledge him. Seemingly to go about her business as she filled up the kettle and placed it over the stove. Finally, his head lifted up and he peered over at her as if noticing her for the first time.

"Couldn't sleep?" he guessed; his voice was dry and stoic, reminding her of the way she talked.

She kept a straight face as she turned around and gave him a soft look. This was a look that no one saw. And, that no one will ever see besides him. "Guilty," she muttered, resuming a unemotional expression as she turned back around to wander about for a cup. "What about you? Dreaming of Terra, again?"

His ears perked up, the way they always do when something interesting was happening. "How'd you know?" he asked in surprise in shock, waking him up from his mild state.

"You are talking to a empathy here," she pointed out as she found a suitable cup. Sighing, she placed the cup down on the counter and turned to face him. "Do you wish to talk about it?" she offered as she neared the table, hesitant.

"Talk?" he repeated as if the word were all so new to him. "You mean, with you?"

"Look, Beast boy," she suddenly snapped, seeming to lose the patience she had little of. "This is hard enough as it is! Why are you making it worse?"

Beast boy gave her a look of mild shock. As she turned around, he stood up and slammed his hand on the table. Raven jumped at the sudden sound and immediately gave Beast boy a look of fear. Noticing what he had done, he looked up at her, ashamed and guilty.

"I'm sorry," he finally replied in a low voice. "I've just been... out of it, lately."

Giving him a stern look, she folded her hands over her chest and looked on. "I've noticed," she spat out, but finally gave in. "I know, you've been under a lot of stress and everything, but don't forget that you still have us."

Beast boy looked down at the table and nodded. "I know," he replied. "I just don't know what I want anymore."

Raven gave him a confused look. Before she could respond, the kettle began to whistle. Turning her head and immediately going for the small tea pot, she turned back to him. "Do you want some?" she asked, gesturing to the tea.

"I'm not sure I'll like it," he admitted, meekly as he sat back down at the table.

"Don't matter," she responded as she reached for another cup.

As she prepared a cup of tea for the both of them, Raven was having a inner battle. She couldn't understand why she was so nervous while talking to Beast boy. He had been her friend long enough. What was so different about it now? What changed that made Raven weak at the knees each time he looked at her with those piercing green eyes.

Shaking her head and seeming to want to avoid any more battles with herself, she placed the kettle back on the stove. Looking back to make sure he hadn't left before grabbing the cups, carefully and balancing them as she walked over to the table.

Silently, she set down his cup in front of him before talking a seat across the table. "Thanks," he muttered as he eyed the tea, suspiciously.

He continued to study Raven as she took the cup in her hands and brought it near her lips. Prior to sipping from it, she blew lightly across the liquid. Beast boy looked down as he took the cup into his hands. Mimicking Raven, he blew across the cup and took a sip from it. As he lifted his head up, he found Raven staring at him as if waiting for a evaluation of the tea.

He attempted to laugh as he placed the cup down and pointed to it. "Not bad," he lied as he grinned for the first time in a month. "Going to take some getting use to, though."

Raven closed her eyes and shrugged. "Suit yourself," she replied with a small smile.

"So, um," he began with a short cough. "Why couldn't you sleep?"

Raven froze, wanting to ask herself the very same question. "Too much on my mind," she guessed with a shrug. As she placed the cup back down on the table, she began to study the steam that lifted up from the liquid and disappeared into the air.

"Pretty much explains my life nowadays," Beast boy replied as he drifted off into thought.

In the old days, Raven would usually crack a cynical remark about Beast boy not having a brain or such when he said such a comment. Now, all she could find herself doing was studying his sad and longing expression as she played with her tea.

"I wish we could all go back to the way things were before this all happened," Raven suddenly said as she leaned back into her chair. "There's too much drama here for me to deal with."

"You're emotions," Beast boy breathed out, knowing full well what haunted Raven. "I just wish Terra was here."

"Look, I know you and I haven't been the closest of friends, but-" Raven began, but stopped as Beast boy gave her a strange look.

"What?" he asked, suddenly interrupted her from what she was saying. "What do you mean by that? I've always thought of you as one of my closest friends here."

"What?" Raven found herself asking in shock. "I thought you didn't care about me."

"Well, Rae," he began as he leaned back a little in his chair. "I always had it in my mind that you thought of me as a little green vegetable, who can't tell a joke if his life depended on it."

"I do think of you as that," Raven found herself saying in a rather joking way.

They paused for a moment and stared. Suddenly, Beast boy began to chuckle, causing Raven to laugh softly. He paused once more and pointed towards her with a knowing look across his face.

"See, told you I'd make you to laugh one day," he reminded her as he winked at her.

Suddenly realizing what he meant, she shook her head and smiled. "Does that mean you are going to stop trying to make me laugh?"

He paused for a moment as if searching for the answer inside of himself. "Of course not," Beast boy replied as he shook his head. "That's how our relationship works. I try and make you laugh and you make your sarcastic remarks about me."

The fact that they even shared a connection at the moment made Raven smile for no reason. For a split second, she actually found meaning in her life. And, all she could do was continue to watch him as he took a few more sips of tea.

"Beast boy," Raven began, feeling as if there was more she had to say to him. "I know Terra and you were really close and... I'm sorry about everything..."

"Don't be," he shook his head as he closed his eyes. "She chose her own path. I still have to chose mine."

"As do I," Raven breathed out as she felt a shiver run through her body. "I feel like I could have done something to help her."

"Don't feel like that," Beast boy interrupted. "It was something she felt she had to do. And, only she alone could have done it."

"When did you get so wise on us?" Raven suddenly asked out of nowhere. "You seem so mature now."

"Do I?" Beast boy laughed out as he placed a hand behind his head. "Guess that's what happens when dealing with death and all..."

"She's not really dead," Raven pointed out. "Just turned to stone and I meant what I said before. We will find a way to reverse the effect on her."

"Why?" Beast boy asked after a moment. "I mean, I thought you didn't like her. Remember? She was evil."

She frowned and looked down at her tea once more. "Yeah, but if it will make you happy then I will do all I can to bring her back," she replied before looking up at him. "For you."

He placed a hand behind his neck and laughed, suddenly. "Gee, Rae... you really care that much?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Raven suddenly found herself retorting in a rather low and offended voice. Her eyes moved from the tea in her cup to his face.

He had grown quiet and puzzled as he relaxed back into his chair. His eyes were glued to his cup as he seemed to afraid to answer or look back up at her pale face. "I'm sorry," he quietly responded.

"For what?" she asked, quietly.

It was clear to him that Raven didn't want to start any more conversations about Terra or what had happened. So, deciding to withdraw from it all entirely, he looked away.

"Nothing," he answered as he kept his gaze away from her. "Never mind..."

Raven decided not to push him. Instead, she found herself very interested in knowing what the time was. Gazing over, lazily, she found the digital clock hanging on the wall nearby and sighed. "It's almost four," she observed, softly.

Beast boy took this time to gaze over at the clock, as well. Shrugging as if not really caring about the time, he looked back down at tea. "Great," he replied, sternly. "The others will get up soon and then we can have a big day of training..."

"That's our job, remember?" Raven replied in a stale voice. She stood up, feeling that there was nothing more she could do sitting down. She sighed as she took her cup and headed over to the sink.

"I know it's our job," Beast boy retorted in a defensive manner. "I just don't really want to right now..."

"What do you want to quit the team or something?" Raven asked as she turned from the sink to look at him. "Is that what will make you happy?"

Beast boy looked away. Part of him was hurt by the way she quickly dismissed any effort to stop him from making a decision on leaving the team. "No," he hesitantly answered. "That wouldn't..."

"Then stop feeling sorry for yourself and about Terra!" she quickly snapped, feeling all control slip away from her. "Move on!"

She stopped in realization. How could she talk to him like that? She hadn't come in here looking for a fight, yet here she was practically asking for a bout with him. And, that is what she got for Beast boy looked up in anger as he stood up and approached her.

"Move on?!" he repeated in hurt and hatred. He felt torn by her words. "I'm not you, Raven!" he found himself yelling at her as he approached her with ease. "I can't just forget about someone without another thought about it! I, unlike you, can feel! Maybe you should open up from time to time and then you could actually see that..."

He trailed off, noticing the hurt look reflecting in her eyes. Sighing, he looked away in shame. Raven, however, could only continue to stare at his green face. A look of pain and anger casting over her face. He had hit the soft spot. The area that she tried to avoid, because it pained her too much to even think about it. Swallowing hard, she looked down and nodded.

"So, is that what you think of me?" Raven asked, suddenly in a calm and low voice. "A freak?"

"What?" he gasped out in surprise. Looking over at her, he shook his head. "I never said that..."

"You didn't have to," she whispered, finally noticing how close they stood to each other. "I could see it in your eyes."

Moving away from him, she took two steps forward, but was stopped by him. He had grabbed her wrist and held her back, pushing her slightly toward the counter. He gazed into her eyes, looking deeper than anyone had ever looked. As if trying to find something she was hiding behind those pupils.

"Beast boy?" she called out to him, feeling powerless to stop him from whatever he was planning to do. Her attention was draw to his perfect lips. Looking down and watching as they parted from each one another, she sighed and settled back. "What are you doing?" she wondered as she looked up into his eyes, finding his gaze had not left her.

Not answering her, he leaned forward and brushed his lips against her. She felt lost for a moment, not knowing where she was or what she was doing. Suddenly, she found herself closing her eyes and settling into the kiss with ease. Responding, slowly, she parted her lips, giving him more access to her mouth and letting out a sigh at the same time.

For a moment, he could feel her tense up as he leaned in to kiss her. It was a bold move and he had thought when he did that she would have sent him into another dimension. Or worse, into her mind. His confidence was regained when he felt her part her lips and breath into the kiss with satisfaction.

After another long moment of this, Raven slipped both her arms up his chest and then locked them into place behind his neck. His hands found her waist, where he pulled her closer to him and continued the kiss with eagerness. He could feel her quiver for a moment in surprise at this, but like before, she quickly settled into his touch.

The moment didn't last long. Thanks to Raven's uncontrollable emotions. For one of the cups in the sink glowed a black color and then exploded, causing the two to break apart. Sighing and looking away, Beast boy turned his head away from her. Raven could only look on in silence, watching him as he pulled away from her.

He kept his close for a moment, still reliving the moments they shared in his mind. A death like silence filled the air around them. Beast boy slowly turned back to look at her, seeing her confused and dazed look. He shook his head and reached out for her, only to drop his arms to his side and turned away. Half disappointed and ashamed, he sighed.

"I'm sorry," he breathed out, afraid to look at her. Afraid to even move. Shaking his head a little more, he turned fully around and headed out of the kitchen without another word.

Raven watched as he pulled away and disappeared into the darkness of the kitchen. Wide eyed and still hanging on the moment they shared, she leaned against the counter and sighed. Lifting up her fingers, she touched her lips with care. "So am I," she suddenly whispered out, knowing that he had left the room. "So am I..."

End Chapter

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