One night, Raven can't sleep... so she decides to make some tea, but when she runs into Beast boy, something will happen that the two can never forget...

Taking Over Me

Chapter 10: Secret Confession

Starfire moved through the dark hallways, hoping to find where Raven had gone to. About to head towards her room, she heard a faint noise that made her stop. Perking her head up a little, she followed the noise until it reached the foot of a staircase. On the stop of the stairs, sat Raven... sobbing. Her face buried in her knees as she drew her legs close to her body.

Slowly, she made her way up the stairs and sat, quietly besides Raven. Hesitantly, she reached out and placed her arm around Raven's shoulder and then rested her head on hers. She could feel her shaking a little as she continued to sob.

Starfire had never seen Raven like this. So broken down. So fragile. Raven was suppose to be the strong one. The one, who never let anyone see her like this. However, Starfire was no fool. She knew that a heart had been broken by harsh words that cut so deep, it could have drawn blood.

"Go away, Star," a muffled voice echoed through the empty hallways. "I'm a horrible friend and you should go find a better one..."

Starfire lifted her head up and looked down at her. "What?" she asked in a low voice. "How could you say that?"

Raven lifted her head up, wiping the tears from her cheeks with one hand. "I ruined your birthday, because of something going on between Beast boy and I. That's a selfish thing a friend could ever do... I'm sorry..."

"Raven... you have not ruined my day of birth," Starfire assured as she placed her hands on Raven's cheeks. "I am your friend. And, a friend stays by their friends sides no matter what."

She could feel more tears fill up her eyes as she leaned over and buried her face in Starfire's shoulder. "I'm so sorry..." she began telling her over and over.

"Do not fret," Starfire smiled as she placed a hand on her head and continued to comfort her. "Now, what is this new situation?" she began to ask. "Beast boy and you engaged in lip contact?"

Raven couldn't help, but smile as she pulled away and felt a recovery on its way. Nodding a little, she felt herself blush. "Just once," she answered, surprised at how raspy her voice sounded.

"And, this has changed your friendship?" Starfire asked with uncertainly.

She shrugged and looked on, finding a interesting spot on the wall and stared at it. "The day after it happened... I wanted to stay away from him, but then when I started thinking more and more about what happened, I felt whole."

"I do not comprehend," Starfire began with a troubled look. "You felt whole... like you had just eaten large amounts of food?"

She shook her head. "No, like my life was actually going somewhere... like I was becoming important to someone," she gave a glance towards Starfire before adding, "You know, in that special way..."

"But, your emotions-" she began.

Raven nodded and looked over at Starfire. "I know..." she began with a sad look in her eyes. "That's what I kept telling myself after that night. I mean... me of all people," she began with a short laugh. "In love! It's just crazy," she shook her head again, before running a hand through her hair.

"Perhaps, it's right," Starfire began with a shrug. "Raven, love cannot be contained. Not even by you."

"Starfire," Raven began. "I can't love him, because of Terra. I mean, I'd be the rebound!" she sighed and looked away. "I never should have kissed him back."

"Do you love Beast boy, Raven?" Starfire suddenly asked.

This question took Raven off guard. Jumping a little, before falling into a deep thought she looked on for a moment. "Love?" she asked, uncertainly.

"Yes, do you love him?" Starfire asked, watching as she continued to think over the question. "I ask a simple question."

"Simple?" Raven repeated with a snort. "That's not a simple question, Starfire. That's a very complicated question and I don't think I can answer it."

"Why not?" she asked, continuing to study her friend's movements. "You either love him or you do not love him."

Raven shifted her weight as she sat at the top of the stairs. "It's not that simple," she repeated to herself.

"Raven, it is not simple, because you have complicated it," Starfire reasoned as she looked away from her friend.

Nodding slowly, she let her head rest upon the railing of the stairs. She could feel tears fill her eyes before spilling over down her cheeks.

Things didn't seem to change the next morning. Raven walked around like a ghostly figure into the kitchen. Slowly, she took a seat in her usual place at the table. Her eyes fixed on the empty plate in front of her.

Robin and Cyborg prepared everyone's breakfast in silence. Neither wanted to provoke Raven. Cyborg had a hunch that Beast boy had hurt Raven pretty badly the day before. And, even as she sat there in front of him, the pain was slowly picking her apart piece by piece.

"Uh, where's Beast boy at?" Cyborg found himself asking. He regretted his question immediately when he noticed the changed expression on Raven's face.

"Beast boy has decided to skip breakfast," Starfire replied in a low voice as she entered the kitchen. "He said he will be in town for the remainder of the day."

Raven didn't bother to look up as Starfire sat down in front of her. Still having it in her mind that she had ruined her friend's birthday, the guilt began to swell in and make a home deep within her. Sighing, she stood up and left the room without a word to the others.

"Man, I don't think I've ever seen her so hurt," Robin commented as he stuffed a forkful of eggs into his mouth. "She's like a zombie today."

Cyborg sighed and stopped eating. "Can you blame her?" he asked him with a frown on his lips. "She fell pretty hard for Beast boy, but he just turned around and hurt her."

"I hope they can repair their relationship," Starfire told her friends with a tint of hope in her voice.

Raven couldn't help, but let out a small sniffle as she closed the door to her room. Here was where she felt safer in the dark room. Isolated from the others, she could vent out and ease her mind. Leaning against the door, she trembled.

Damn you, Beast boy! she thought to herself.

Dazed, she looked over at her book shelf. Reading would do wonders for her right now. Reading will definitely bring her mind away from Beast boy.

Slowly, she ran her finger along the bindings, reading each book title carefully. Puzzled, she took a step back. "Odd," she calmly remarked as she looked over at her bed. "The book of Azar isn't where I usually keep it."

Thinking it over, she decide to head down to the livingroom. She quickly walked down the hallways and made it within minutes into the livingroom. Gazing around, a puzzled look continued to dominate her features.

I know for sure I left it in here, she thought as she overturned the couch paddings and looked under the tables. "Now, where did I put it?"

"Put what?" a soothing voice asked from behind.

Raven perked her head up and watched as Robin walked up to the couch. "My book," Raven explained as she started to panic. "I think I misplaced it."

"Raven misplace something?" Robin asked as he aimlessly moved the couch's padding to look under it. "That's a new one."

"Robin, I'm not in the mood for jokes," Raven told him in a stern voice as she placed her hands on her hips. "I really need to find my book..."

"Hmm," Robin began as he placed a hand on his chin. "Was it kind of thick?" he asked. "Hardcovered? Gray?"

Raven nodded with a sigh. "You've seen it?" she asked in high hopes.

"Not lately," Robin answered, truthfully. "The last I saw it... Beast boy was sneaking off with it to his room," he began as he sat down on the couch and reached for the remote. "He seemed secretive about it, so I didn't bother to ask why he had a book."

Raven looked on for a moment. A look of anger filling her features. "That idiot!" she shouted as she ran from the livingroom.

Robin smiled as he turned the television on. With a chuckle, he kicked back and began to watch.

Raven opened the door to Beast boy's room. Slowly, she looked over at this desk. Moving her eyes around, she began to flip through the papers and other various things she found on top of his desk. Finding nothing, she looked over at his bunk bed.

It was there that the sight of her book caught her eye. Smirking, she walked over to it and grabbed the book that lay on top of it before she lifted her book in the other hand.

"I'll kill that Beast boy if he ever touches my things again," Raven growled as she looked at her book. Finally, she looked at the thinner book she held in her other hand. "Wait," she began as she set down her book on his lower bunk bed. "This is the book from the store..."

Glancing around her and then at the closed door, she opened the book to the first page. Finding the whole page filled with words, Raven's eyes widen. Silently, she began to read as she sat down on the bed with a hand on her chest and the other holding up the book.

'Once there was a boy.'

Raven perked her head up with a mused smile playing attached to her lips. "Wow, I'm interested already," she replied in a dry voice as she looked up and around as if to check and see if anyone was watching. Exhaling, she leaned foward and continued to read through the messy penmenship.

'You could call him foolish or immature, but he tried his best to be a great friend. Proud of who he was... was a lingering question within him. He had many reasons to be proud... but, the look on the faces of, who he hurt, because of a single and harmless joke continued to bring in doubts of his nobility.'

Raven lifted her head up once more. "I didn't even know Beast boy knew the word 'nobility' existed," she scuffed as she continued on reading.

'Supposedly, his life really didn't begin for him until the day he met her. Or so he thought. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. A heaven's light in his view. Since that day their paths cross, he thought nothing could go wrong. They spent all of their free time together, laughing and sharing views on the world around them. Funny, though, no matter how close they were, she never seemed to trust him enough to tell him her deepest, darkest secrets. And, when she finally did, it was too late.'

'He couldn't believe it at first. He wouldn't. Not after all they had been through. How could she? How could she throw him away like that without any regards to his feelings? How could she sell him out to his worst enemy and betray her only friends, who really cared about her.'

'The boy didn't see any side to the world after that. Even after his only love sacrificed her life for him, he still felt betrayed and alone. It was as if a hole had been cut into him and all emotions were escaping through there away from him. He began repiecing his life... trying to forget all the bad the happened and remember the good.'

'Only one good came back to him. The day he met Raven.'

Raven sat straight up with a shocked look sweeping through her features. "He's writing about me?" she wondered with a inhaled breathe. Quietly, she leaned back toward the book and continued to become absorbed by her team mate's words.

'A day that he would never forget. Everything about her screamed to him, telling him to push towards her. To open her up, to find out who she really was. And, he did just that. Slowly, he began to learn bits and bits about her. Slowly, he got her to open up in a way she never thought she would. In his own mind, he had doubts she even knew she opened up.'

'For a short while, the boy had nearly forgotten about his feelings for the Raven. He had begun to fall in love with a much more lively girl. One, he thought he could trust. One, he thought would never hurt him. One, he was sure of being able to spent the rest of his life with. He was wrong.'

'This new girl ended up turning on him. She ended up running away, again. And, that's when the irony hit. The girl he did doubt stayed and the other, who he trusted; didn't. He didn't know what to do. Or, who to trust. For some reason, he began to blame Raven.'

'All it took for them was one kiss. Only one kiss changed their entire friendship. The boy forgot about Terra, about fighting, about everything else. For a split second, he was happy... happy with Raven. And, it was a very wrong thing to do. Kiss this Dark Girl. She wasn't suppose to feel anything. She wasn't suppose to live a normal life. And, that wasn't her fault. Yet, there she stood, kissing him back and actually letting something in her feel. And, though it didn't last long... it was the most wonderful expirence.'

'This boy, being who he was, took him an awful long time to realize what he truely felt. He loved her. He loved her in a way that couldn't be described in words. He, Beast boy loved Raven...'

Raven looked up. She felt her body freeze and all the color drain from her face. She closed the book and held it in her hands. Her eyes were wide and staring off into space as if she were struck by lightening. Suddenly, she brushed her hand over her cheek and felt it wet with tears.

He loves me... She realized as she looked down at the book. He loves me for me...

Suddenly, she jumped up and headed out the door. She forgotten about her book. She forgotten about Terra. All she wanted to do was find Beast boy. Skipping over the last three stairs, she headed into the livingroom.

Robin yawned as he continued to flip through channels. "What's up Raven?" he asked as he noticed her at the door way. "Something wrong?"

Raven looked around before stopping. "Where's Beast boy? I need to talk to him..." she breathed out as she continued to look around.

"I'm not sure," Robin shrugged. "You check the kitchen?"

Before he could ask anything, Raven was already out the door. She ran from the living room and into the kitchen, where Cyborg and Starfire were preparing some food for dinner.

"You guys seen Beast boy?" Raven asked in a quick manner. "I really need to find him..."

Cyborg's eyes wandered over the ceiling. "I'm pretty sure he said he was heading out for the night. Wouldn't be back till later..."

"I do wish he reconsidered," Starfire said as she folded her hands in front of her chest. "It seems it will storm will thunder here."

Cyborg shook his head and looked back at Raven. "Why you need to find him?" he asked with a grin.

Raven eyed the door and in a quick motion, ran to it. "Can't explain now," she told them as she disappeared outside. "I just need to find him..."

Cyborg and Starfire gave eachother a puzzled look. "Cyborg, do you have any idea as to why she seems so rushed?" Starfire asked him with a worried look on her face.

"Beats me," Cyborg shrugged as he continued to prepare the food.

Raven glided into the air with ease. The wind was starting to pick up and the faint smell of rain lingered in the air. She quickly moved all over town with a desperate look on her face, searching in all of Beast boy's favorite places. Yet, the search came up with nothing.

She stopped in front of the Titan's favorite pizza place and sat down on the curb. She looked down at her book and suddenly thought of something. Smacking her head, she floated into the air and disappeared into the night air.

Beast boy looked up at the store sign. It was the place where he had bought his book. Sighing, he remembered that day to be the best day since their incident. Sighing, he walked up to the bench that stood in front of it and sat down.

I blew it... he thought to himself. Why the hell did I say all that to her? She doesn't deserve that pain. I don't deserve her and she shouldn't be stuck with a loser like me...

The faint smell of rain moved around his nose as he toyed with the idea of going back to the tower. But, going back to the tower meant seeing Raven since she seemed to be accustomed to hanging around the group more when storms were around. Sighing, he leaned back against the bench.

He could have sworn he heard the swish of wind behind. Turning his head around, he caught sight of a figure that couldn't be seen well with the lack of light. Standing up, he took a few steps back. As he did, the figure took a few steps forward.

"Stay back," he hissed, but then realized, who it was.

Raven moved into the light. Her hood was down, which was a very unusual thing for her to do when she was in town. Her eyes were down cast as she held something in her arms.

Beast boy's eyes fell onto the object she held. "Is that my book?" he asked with a choked voice. He looked back down at her face with a nervous look on his face.

Nodding, she looked away and bit her lower lip. She could feel the hundred drops of rain fall upon her as she looked back over at Beast boy, who had his eyes on the book in her hand. Slowly and hesitantly, he made his way towards her.

"You didn't read it, did you?" he asked in a low voice that was filled with fear.

She looked down at the book in her hand then back up at him. "You wrote it, didn't you?" she began with a chuckle. "This book from the store... you found your story..."

He continued take slow steps toward her as the rain continued to fall upon the two. Silently, he nodded as he moved his eyes from her face to the book. "So, I'm taking that as a yes?"

She nodded, slowly. "I did read it..." she began, feeling the strain in her eyes as they filled up with tears.

Beast boy looked on, unsure if the tears fell for happiness or out of a broken heart. Slowly, he dropped his hands and moved towards her. "Raven, I'm sorry..." he softly whispered into the night air as the rain continued to pour down. Raven looked away, seemingly not interested in the apology. Sighing, Beast boy hung his head down. "I haven't been able to come up with an ending," he admitted with a shrug as he stopped walking when he reached her. "I kind of got writers block..."

"Maybe you need some inspiration?" Raven asked, feeling some courage build up in her eyes. A smile filled his lips as he nodded a little towards her. Raven lowered her eyes and felt her own smile form. "And, a proof reader..."

He couldn't help, but chuckle. "What?" he laughed out as he noticed how close they were to each other.

"Your spelling and grammer is horrible," Raven explained as she looked up at him.

"Let's figure out an ending first," Beast boy began with a smile.

Tilting her head a little, she looked at him with a thoughtful look. "And, he looked down at her, wondering if he should say what he really wanted to say..."

Beast boy frowned as his expression became serious. "Rae?" he began, again. "I'm sorry..."

She stopped her telling of how the story should ending and looked up at him. Nodding, she frowned and looked away. "Yeah. Me, too," she replied in a low voice.

"I couldn't believe that one kiss could change my entire world like it did," he continued as he watched her keep her eyes away from his. "Or, that it could change what I felt about life and you..."

She looked up at him and for once, her eyes met with his. "And?" she urged. "What do you feel?"

"I don't know," he shrugged with a smile. "That's the twisted part. I feel all these emotions and I can't explain them."

She titled her head again and looked on. "Well, are these emotions good?" she asked, feeling a little awkward.

He paused for a moment, thinking over her question before smiling a little. "They are more than what I felt with Terra," he admitted, before looking over at the bench close to them. "Raven, come here..." he beckoned as he hook her hands and lead her to the bench.

By now, the rain had stopped and Raven could smell the wet grass as they sat on the soaked bench. Facing Beast boy, she waited as he made himself comfortable.

"I loved Terra," he admitted as he looked straight into her eyes. "But, I was never in love with her."

She nodded a little. "You were with her for a short period of time," she pointed out. "There wasn't much time for you two to actually fall in love."

"Time doesn't matter, Rae," Beast boy countered with a pointed stare. "Only your feelings count."

"That's as deep as your book," Raven stated as she motioned to the book in her hands. "But, you wrote about your feelings in this book. Your feelings about the kiss... and me."

He nodded as he looked into her eyes. "But, I never actually stated those feelings out loud," he replied. "I wrote that without thinking one night and now... everything is clear..."

"I admit," Raven began as she could no longer stand sitting down. "I hate the way you make me feel," she began as she began to circle the bench. "I hate your jokes. I hate your video games! I hate the way you love tofu," she began as she stopped in front of him. "I hate you..."

He looked down, feeling a little hurt at what she said. "I'm sorry if I made you feel that-"

He stopped as she bent over and placed her lips on his. His head began to spin as Raven knelt in front of him and placed her hands behind his neck. Finally, they parted and Raven looked up at him.

"And, most of all," she began in a low voice. "I hate how I fell in love with you..."

He couldn't help, but stare at her for a moment. He was shocked behind belief. At a loss for words as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

"Its going to be a great book," Raven told him as she wrapped her own arms around him. "A great one..."

He pulled away and looked down at her. "You are soak and wet," he noticed with a smile.

"So are you," Raven retorted in a playful way. "Did you want to head back to the tower, then?"

He shook his head. "No..." he began with a smile. "I just want to sit here with you."

Nodding a little, she stood up and sat down beside him. Finally, everything was fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. They were together at last and felt the need to spend time with each other.

"Raven?" Beast boy began in a hesitant voice. "About that ending..."

"I'm sure we can work out something," Raven answered without letting himself finish.


After Notes

Sorry it took me so long! Finally! This story is COMPLETE!

I kind of feel empty and lonely now. I really loved this story out of all the ones I have written so far. I really would like to thank everyone who supported me with this story and my past ones.

Beast boy's story... yeah... It was lame. Actually, think of it this way; that was just a summary of what he was really going to write. Haha. I tried my best with that.

For those who are completely lost, yes... this is the last chapter to this story. Sad, I know. A lot has happened since I started to write this story. I mean... my dog bit a girl, we went to court, and then my dog died since Chapter 1. Jesus Christ. Then I got sick and barely got Chapter 9 up. I'm glad that I'm better. Well... that's a wrap!

I hope you guys are around to read my next story, which ever that is. I'm still working on it.

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