Ashley's Destiny
Original and fun to read, it blows the mind! Oh ya I don't own pokemon and No Ashley isn't anywhere relanted to Ash Catchem.

Doctors gathered around in excitement and nervousness as their eyes laid apon what had just caused a huge commotion a second ago. "Quiet everyone. Let us hear it's awesome psychic powers" one of the doctors' remarked. "Psychic powers?" the huge cat pokemon asked. "Yes you are Mewtwo, we......" the rest of the words seemed to fade out as Mewtwo looked down at himself in wonder. Finally he drew his attention back to the doctor and asked "What becomes of me now that your experiment is finished?"

The doctor seemingly laughed then replied "Oh our experiment is just beginning....." Once again Mewtwo did not like this answer and he looked down at himself in anger.

Suddenly Mewtwo saw something being held up to him. He looked over to see a small girl holding him up a towel, weakly smiling at him she replied "Here, I know that you might be mad right now but, let me help you". The cat took the towel and dried off the water that clung to his fur. The young girl looked at the doctors angrily. "They don't care how you feel, they just care about themselves and whether or not they make a discovery. I should know. To them I'm just an experiment as well"

The words from this little girl's mouth shocked Mewtwo 'why would they experiment on their own kind?' he thought. He looked down at the little girl, she was no more than six years of age. She wore an old dark blue sweat shirt, and small blue jeans. They were dirty and hadn't been washed in a while. Her long copper hair was a bit messy as well. She wasn't properly taken care of, that was all Mewtwo could tell from looks. But he sensed something else, something only few knew about. This girl had a kind heart, and she certainly didn't belong here.

"Why do they keep you here?" Mewtwo asked. The little girl looked down at the floor sadly and answered "They say there's something special about me. From the time I was born, they said..." "What did they say?" Mewtwo asked. "They said..they said" at that point tears began to roll from the child's eyes as she continued "They said I was different. That I didn't belong, and because of that I can never be a regular kid."

Mewtwo was blown away, but the child continued "They tell me not to cry when they do their tests, but I can't help it. They hurt, they hurt a lot. And worst of all is that they don't care, they won't stop." at that point the child broke down in tears. Mewtwo didn't know what to do. He looked at the child, then his tail. As the the little girl continued to cry, she felt something start tickling her under her chin.

Her tears instantly turned into giggles of joy. She looked back up at the big cat pokemon who had used its tail to tickle the little girl. She stood up and happily looked up at the pokemon. She reached out her hand, and with a smile on her face "You want to be friends? I don't get to say this a lot and since I don't really hang around other kids, I figure that maybe you and me could be..."

Mewtwo was more than happy to accept the child's offer. He reached down and they shook hand/paw. They were both content, suddenly a doctor snatched the child away and brought the screaming child to the other side of the lab. Mewtwo watched in wonder as the Doctor's assistant held the panicking child, meanwhile the Doctor was preparing something at a counter. Just then he turned to reveal a syringe, and instantly the girl went into more of a panic. Mewtwo watched as the doctor neared the girl and he could hear her pleas "No!,Please don't!, I'll be good!, I'll be good!" at that point the girl screamed as the needle went in and the Doctor injected the medicine.

Tears rolled down the child's face as instantly she began to calm and relax. The child went limp in the assistant's arms. The child looked over towards Mewtwo with tired eyes, suddenly the voice of the child spoke in his mind. "See what I mean, it never stops. Please Mewtwo, get away before they do this to you too."

Mewtwo drew his attention back to the Doctors that were still congratulating themselves. He could hear various comments coming from the Doctors. "Should we make a new tank?" "No we'll put him in a cage", "What should we do if he gets out of hand?" "Do the same that we do to that Ashley girl", "When should we feed him", "Lets see if he eats at all".

Mewtwo felt enraged. They were going to treat him like the girl. The child was right, he had to get out of here, this isn't were he belonged...just like the girl. He stared at his creators in rage "These humans care nothing for me, this can not be my destiny" at that point Mewtwo awoke his psychic powers and rose up into the air,and with that he let his rage fly and the lab began to fall to the power of the mighty Mewtwo.

Mewtwo could hear the painful screams, that filled his heart with pleasure, suddenly a Doctor's voice rang out "Quick, someone grab Ashley!"

"The little girl...Ashley!" Mewtwo thought, he didn't want to hurt her, she opened his eyes to what was happening around him. Mewtwo didn't have to look far for her. He saw a bunch of Doctors running out of the lab to escape, and in the arms of the Doctor that Mewtwo was first talking to, was a sleeping little girl, not aware of what was happening around her.

Mewtwo flew over and used his psychic powers to create a wall of fire that blocked off their exit. At that point Mewtwo used his psychic powers to remove the girl from the Doctor's arms and made the sleeping girl float next to him. The Doctors tried to reach for her but their efforts were in vein.

"What do you plan to do with her?" the Doctor asked, worried for his safety and hers. "The child will remain with me, were she needs not to suffer any more" Mewtwo said, "But I wish I could say the same for you pitiful fools" Mewtwo finished, and at that point the flames engulfed the poor clumsy Doctors and the nauseating smell of burnt flesh clung to the air.

Finally in one big blast of power from the angry pokemon, the lab blew to pieces. Mewtwo looked at his finished product with satisfaction. He chuckled, then he looked over next to him to see the floating child just awakening. At that point a helicopter landed at the site, the door opened and out stepped a well dressed business man and his Persian. Geovonni.

Geovonni and Mewtwo talked for a second and young Ashley could hear every word. "They thought you were a science experiment, but I see you as a valuable business partner. Together you and I can rule the world." Geovonni said. Mewtwo seemed to like this, but then something got him but the tail, literally. Mewtwo turned to see the girl trying to grab his swishing tail for simple amusement. Geovonni also saw her and was shocked. "Ashley?", the little girl looked up and answered "yes?"

"What about the girl?" Mewtwo asked. "I spared her because she suffered more". Geovonni now remembered that this lab was also the same one that the research experiment, file name pokemonX20, was being held. Geovonni saw an excellent opportunity. "The girl can come as well. She can be very valuable to me as well."

"On one condition" Mewtwo said. Geovonni was a little shocked that Mewtwo was only born an hour ago and now it was compromising. "What condition?" Geovonni asked.

"The girl doesn't suffer anymore" Mewtwo replied. Geovonni looked at Mewtwo with an evil grin and answered "very well", and so they all climbed in to the copter and it took off.

It had been about four hours and young Ashley was playing in the back field of T.R. headquarters. She was cleaned up and was wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt with with a character on it, and in her hair was a head band. Ashley now looked like a normal child.

Ashley ran about happily chasing a butterfly, when suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw a few men in white coats. "Gasp, Doctors!" she whispered in shock. Ashley wasted no time to scram and hide. Ashley climbed up a tree and watched as the doctors passed by. Suddenly "Who are you?" a small voice said. Ashley looked up in fright only to see an Eevee sitting in the branch above her.

"I'm Ashley, What are you doing up here?" Ashley replied. "I'm hiding from the people in white coats" the little Eevee said. "That's what I'm doing" Ashley remarked. "Hey" the little Eevee replied "You're different, you can understand me" "Hey you're right" Ashley said.

The little Eevee jumped down into Ashley's lap. "Be my friend, since we seem to have something in common?" "Okay" Ashley replied.

"Do you have a name?" Ashley asked. "The little Eevee nodded. "Yep, Eevee 6754012" "Eevee 6754012?, what kind of name is that?" Ashley asked. "I don't know?" the Eevee commented. "Well then lets give you a new name, how about Noel" Ashley suggested, "It means father Christmas" "Okay!" the little Eevee said over joyfully. The little Eevee reached up and started to give Ashley small kisses, and Ashley giggled out in joy.

"Her she is!" one of the doctors yelled. He had heard Ashley up in the tree. Ashley freaked and Noel jumped up to the next highest branch, then continued to jump, but Ashley wasn't as lucky because the doctor that had spotted her had grabbed on to her ankle. Ashley shrieked in terror, suddenly the doctor yelled out in pain and let go of Ashley only to cradle his own hand.

Noel had seen that his new friend was in danger and had bravely climbed down the tree and with all his little Eevee might, bit the Doctor's hand. Noel shot back up to the branch that Ashley had just reached and climbed up onto her shoulder. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Noel cried out happily, at least that's what the Doctors heard, Ashley on the other hand heard "Take that you morons"

Ashley giggled and cheered Noel on as he continued to insult the Doctors below. Ashley hugged the Eevee in gratitude and praised it. "Thank you Noel, thank you" "Welcome" Noel replied. But their fun didn't last because soon reinforcements arrived. Two T.R. members climbed up the tree and chased the little girl and the stray Eevee down. The Doctors soon caught the girl, but then realized what Eevee they were dealing with. Ashley watched as what she knew to be a happy, calm, playful little creature turn mean, nasty, and completely wild. It took some doing but they finally restrained the little tiger.

(Oh no Ashley's caught, did Geovonni keep his promise, what's up with Mewtwo, and will Ashley survive tommorow? Find out in Part 2, it gets better)
To be continued.